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  1. Most versatile player

    Surely not GK as well? I'll be using them more often if so No They retrained all positions except GK,SW,ST
  2. Most versatile player

    Refael (MAN UTD) and David Alaba (FC BAYERN) were in my team and retrained in all positions except striker!
  3. ~The Emile Heskey Saga~

    At least 35 goals and 15 Assists! Good Luck!
  4. Careers FMH 2014 Borussia Dortmund

    Good luck man! (I Recommend you to exchange between Sahin and Gundogan)
  5. FMHVibe Legends

    Adriano Garcia DM-CM-AM SPAIN 16
  6. Changes.txt will work with FMH2014?
  7. How to create a changes.txt

    Hi, I trying to rename a team but it doesnt work. "CLUB" "Stevenage" "England" "Top XI" "XI" "7500" "Sky Bet League 1" can you help me plz?