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  1. Ryan McBride

    @KennyMiller27 I am older than him as well, I have nearly 8 years on him, kinda puts life in perspective for me
  2. Ryan McBride

    Yeah....Happened in real life I would be stunned if SI decided to kill a player off. Poor guy died on Saturday night just hours after leading his team 😣
  3. Ryan McBride

    Signed an Irish lad from Derry City on a pre-contract, not long after I found him and signed up, I saw a news item online and found out he tragically passed away at the weekend... Anyone else have Players who died IRL on there teams, I did a few year back on FMPC when Phill O'Donell In 07 he died IRL life not long after I signed him in the game... Anyway RIP Ryan McBride
  4. Is there a way to sync saves across devices? I am currently playing a game on 3 seperate devices, an S5, Galaxy Tab 3 and Lenovo Tab. I have a dedicated google account and space on Google Drive to move FMM files about, but there is only so much I can move about before it gets confusing. Would it ever be worth SI offering a small amount of cloud space, so when you get the game, you sign up to the game and get a little bit space which you could use when playing on more than 1 device Just a thought 🤔🤔🤔
  5. B Teams

    In reality it seems Reserve Teams in Germany cannot go higher than 3.Liga
  6. Player Asking To Be Retrained.

    Seen it a couple of times in earlier versions of the game and not seen it for years now... In one of my old games, possibly Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes or Wayne Rooney wanted to retrain as a defender to prolong there careers and went on to retire 6 months later...was FMH 12 or 13
  7. Managing Germany

    Since I updated to 8.2, I haven't been able to add myself to International Management. Since I am working a my club save, I didn't have the choice to management at both Club and International Level as I want to to manage Northern Ireland... The licence fix changes file works alright, but I cant get it for me to manage N.Ireland 😕
  8. Managing Germany

    Started messing about with using this trick... Gonna start with San Marino, rather than overwrite loads of players, I am going to to just change the nationalities of the lowest rated players in the game, play for a bit then decide if I want to create the Sammarinese team
  9. Managing Germany

    This opens up some cool challenges using this method to get into International management... Off the top of my head, some of the worst International teams that present a tough challenge would be In Europe... Kosovo Faroe Islands Liechtenstein Gibraltar Malta Luxembourg In Asia... Palestine Syria Mongolia North Korea Pakistan In Africa... Somalia Eritrea Djibouti Well done to @marnixg for sharing this 😀
  10. Managing Germany

    @Dec How to do this??? Should I just overwrite some of the worst players in the game in each position and make them San Marinese, and will San Marinese players regen as my game goes forward??? In future I may try this with teams like Afghanistan and Mongolia, maybe even the mad North Koreans 😁
  11. Managing Germany

    I might give this a go sometime...San Marino, Gibraltar and Kosovo tickles my fancy or even Faroe Islands
  12. Managing Germany

    If you can do it for teams like San Marino, could players be created using the IGE?????
  13. Player Rating Glitch??

    I boils my P*** when a scout comes back saying a player is not worth signing, especially when I have not instructed to look at players I have singled out... When I set a scouting assignment I would prefer it if the reports that come back are for players they believe I should sign
  14. It bugs me when the board slam my transfer policy, when they regard a certain signing as an abberation...More often than not I simply take no notice
  15. I will probably wait till it comes to decide... If I do it will be the MyClub Career I have mentioned recently