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  1. Sunderland always go down the Kermit on my saves, more often then not falling into the lower half of League 2, Crystal Palace and Hull also fall from grace as well
  2. After watching Sutton United go down to Arsenal on Monday, I thought of the following challlenge, just a short one for a laugh. The challenge is to take charge of Sutton United and emulate there run to the 5th Round of the FA Cup. The only not so real part to this challenge is, although he was only a sub keeper, The Roly Poly Goalie himself must feature prominently. I have never seen anything like it a 20 odd stone footballer shoving a pasty down his throat on the Subs Bench No Sugar Daddy No IGE Any tactics can be used Offer Wayne Shaw coaching position, even though it means sacking another coach to make space for the big man...Hopefully he would remain in the First Team Squad... Make any signing you want, free or otherwise Not as simple as it may sound, hope some decide to answer the challenge...If anyone takes the challenge reply to this post rather than create a new career thread
  3. @Kun Aguero 2 questions 1. Going from your original post of making Castilla manageable, does Castilla become a standalone club independent of Real Madrid or are they still part of the Madrid setup hex editing be used to turn a lower league team into your clubs B team... Say for example I am managing Sunderland, could I use hex editor to make Darlington my B team, I have done edits in previous years where I have made lower league teams the Reserves of Top teams???
  4. Become A Fmm Legend!

    That's fine by me...Centre Half's don't score many anyway 😂
  5. @Johnson2017 is it maybe not down to the fact that English Reserves do not play in the same league system as the first teams unlike Spain and Germany where it is common... I'm yet to get my head round the hex editing so I can't give a proper answer
  6. Taking Competitions Seriously

    I agree with the Checkash*t as Bantam so nicely calls it, it is a waste of time in real life, especially since Academy teams were added, but I still like to win it, guess I'm a Trophy Whore lmao. In terms of importance to me, being the old football romantic I am still hold the FA Cup in very high esteem, even in a game, I get a buzz from a giant killing and love to take part in potential Banana skin matches, as that is how I came to support Darlington after I saw them beat Stoke in 2006 at the Brittania... If I rank my faves 1...League =...FA Cup 3...Champions League/Europa League 4...League Cup 5...Club World Championship 6...Euro Super Cup 7...Community Shield If not in Europe or Premier League, then it is FA Trophy and Checkatrade Trophy last
  7. Become A Fmm Legend!

    If using IGE...Stick me down for both, though Keeper will probably be Primary Position...I have sometimes done this in edited games...thanks
  8. Become A Fmm Legend!

    Stick me down for this Name: David Forster Nationality: Northern Irish (Although I am English, N.I is my second team at International Level through family ties) Position: As much as I love the glory in being a star Centre Forward, I want to be different and Unusual...Anywhere across the back, with goalkeeper as a secondary position, that's how I played back in my schooldays Role: Sweeper Keeper or Centre Back 😂😂😂
  9. Fmm Oddities

    Not sure what this thread comes under, a separate thread or funnies, feel free to move if necessary As I have said in the past, I always play what I call an ultimate cheat game where I use the IGE and turning Sugar Daddy on and off, I know a lot of people will condemn cheating, but I spotted an oddity when playing my latest cheat game, In this instance, I made a changes.txt putting Shildon of the Northern League into the National North... I used the IGE to drop the Stadium Capacity to 1000 and topped money out on the editor and sugar daddy... First season I cheated my way to the FA Cup, then the Europa League the year after, the Champions League after that, which is where I picked up on the oddity My 1000 capacity stadium won't host Champions League games My ground is Dean Street, but Champs League games played at Gateshead. Why is this, does the Champs League have minimum requirements, whereas The Football League does not in the game when in reality a club must have at least 4,000/5,000 for promotion from National League Premier Also in reality European Qualifiers do not enter the League Cup till the 3rd Round, this does not happen in this instance. Also in a similar save last year(or year before) a League 1 or League 2 European Entrant would not enter what is now called The Checkatrade Trophy. Anyone else spotted oddities in the game that made us scratch our heads
  10. As we see in real life, certain competitions are not being taken seriously by clubs, namely Premier and Championship Teams in The FA Cup and League Cup, Level 3/4 teams in The Checkatrade Trophy and Level 5 teams in the FA Trophy... In the game, I believe if I can win it, I go for it, I play the strongest team I can, whether it is a Champions League or Cup game against a National League side in the FA Cup...As for bringing youngsters through, I much prefer to send them out on loan, rather than play in the odd cup game here and there to get better experience of 1st team football. Though from what I have noticed, the game takes these competitions quite seriously as I have gone up against the Man Us and City's of the game and they have played the Rooney's and Agueros. What's you guys take on certain competitions?
  11. Who Are Wrockwardine Wood

    Going by my own investigation...Had a look about online last night when I could not sleep ? I found there in the Mercian Regional League, looks like they have quite an impressive setup as with teams ranging from Infants age up to Adult Men and Women. They played in the Shropshire County League until 2012 when that league dissolved and the teams moved to the Mercian Regional League, which sits at Levels 13, 14, 15 in the English Football League System, it does not however lie in the National League System which stops at Level 11(also called Step 7) Mercian League...Mercian Regional Football League...In theory this division would be Step 9 with the League above being in the National League System The overall structure of English Football...English Football League System The National League System...National League System The National League System also known as non-League, governs clubs from Vanarama National right down to the Step 7 County Leagues Took me by surprise they are even included in the games db when many teams above them connected to the National League System are not. I am trying to find a way to see just which teams are included, Wrockwardine is probably the most random team to ever appear in the database ? They are that small, they can't even take part in the FA Cup or FA Vase and most likely play on nothing more than a roped off pitch in a public park where players will most likely have to pay subs to play
  12. The Brazilian League is no longer playable on FMM, I think only the national team is playable
  13. Funny Little Thing I Found In The Ige

    I reckon bug... Interesting one though
  14. Not the lowest of points total, but considering who it is is quite amusing Chelsea in 2027 finishing bottom with 20 points with 3 wins and 11 draws
  15. Rebuilding/investing

    If you want a long term project, check out Vanarama Leagues...Possibly Tranmere or Salford, FC United or Darlington from Vanarama North