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  1. There's been a bit done to this, but really we want to rework it fully which will take a bit of time.
  2. All being looked into here.
  3. How to manage National Team

    If you have a save showing this it would be worth us looking at it.
  4. I like a DLF with IFs personally, but to be honest it depends if you have the right player to fit such a role.
  5. FMM17 Bug List

    Just to note the cup competitions should now be resolved - also #5 on this list should be. The players coming back for one day during the AFCON is known and is a knock-on of a temporary fix for the worst example of #14 which was affecting European finals. We are working on a better fix for the long term.
  6. loading of saved shortlist

    It's a problematic issue - obviously if you were to use unique IDs things would go a bit awry with regens. Maybe there is some way to use a combination of name matching and UID - will investigate.
  7. AI Substitutions

    It's under review, it's a knock-on of the IRL 4 subs in extra time rule that the match isn't handling quite well.
  8. @SaintPaul I don't suppose you saved the match for this one? @Jack could you talk me through the steps by which you managed to get a subbed-off player back on the pitch? I presume it was half-time? There are a few more gameplay bugs than we are happy with this year owing to the competition system revamp which resulted in major rewriting of all the gameplay code to accommodate, but we're working to make it the best yet - and TBH I think the 'feel' of the game is a bit better than last year.
  9. Hi - I've been laid up in bed with a chest infection for a while so sorry if there's been any patchy support, I'm sure the guys have been taking care of things in my absence though. Will try to be around when I can over the remaining holiday period!
  10. How to manage National Team

    One thing to factor is your own manager nationality. Some national teams do not tend to employ foreign managers, Snap!
  11. Reputation does play a part, it could be a little harsh at present (but no more so than previous years). The board do have certain characteristics as well that can influence this.
  12. I know various possibilities are being considered. I'm not sure whether this will be the route taken as costs vary dramatically depending on licensing agreements etc.
  13. Not every stat unofficial tools may show you is necessarily valid or relevant.
  14. Bug that needs to be fixed...

    If you have a save from before the end of season we would like to look into both of these.
  15. Already paid

    Could be your previous purchase was declined by the time it was presented to card issuer? If you bought it recently.