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  1. Not available

    Afraid we can't sell the game to Brazil for legal reasons at the moment.
  2. Return of Old Bugs

    It's the case in real life as well to be honest - and it's not something that will affect every young player in the game just as it wouldn't in real life, a very small chance influenced by some of the player's underlying character and physical resilience. As mentioned though, it could also be a bug so an earlier save would be useful.
  3. New Team

    Oldham is a good challenge.
  4. Shaun Wright-Phillips

    This is under review now.
  5. Return of Old Bugs

    If you have an earlier save that would be even better. Players can suffer permanent damage from being overplayed at a young age, would like to see if this is the case.
  6. Please update to the latest version - this was fixed months ago.
  7. Transfer issue!!!

    Not seen this here. Do you have the option to report it please when the crash dialog appears?
  8. Also, if you delete archive database folder, old saves from before the update will not work correctly.
  9. This is a bug that only happens if multiple loan offers are coming in at once, it's a side effect of a combination of two fixes, the later of which was seemingly totally unrelated but proved to have this effect on a deeper level. I've fixed it internally and we're looking to hopefully roll it out once we've collected together the most urgent hotfix candidates.
  10. Can you let me know the date on which it happened and which team you were managing? Would be really useful.
  11. Who Is C.rice?

    P.S. - on FM PC, if you look at the businesses around the stadium if it's located in an urban area you might see a lot of similar stuff.
  12. Who Is C.rice?

    Yeah, C. Rice is Chris who designed the graphics for this feature!
  13. Huge Database Edit

    Maybe one day in the future as devices slowly improve!
  14. FMM17 8.2 Wonderkids List

    I don't have the game in front of me right now, but with England only I think the domestic loans may push him out. He's probably there with background leagues but that's not guaranteed, just my recollection from when we did the squads. Believe he is -8 as stated.
  15. Please see my post in the main feedback thread about this.