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  1. There are many players that Liverpool are looking at but Loic Remy apparently will be made available for loan by chelsea, although would be tough for chelsea to Kia him to Liverpool I think he would do a great job until the end of the season i have watched Liverpool many times this year (as the gf supports them) I think defensively they look a bit weak, although coming back from 3-1 down to win 5-4 against Norwich was a suberb game lets be honest it's just Norwhich and at times Your team looked pretty bad at the back. Firminho the last 2 games has showed what he can actually do and if he continues to play like that and you buy another striker and also with Coutinho coming back you would have a very aggressive attacking 3
  2. Quality read! For me Benteke just isn't cutting the mustard for Liverpool he looks pretty bad, Ings doesn't really get a chance, Origi is still adapting to the premier league and Sturridge is always injured. Pato imo is not the answer I think it would be a very risky transfer if it was to happen and the £12.5 Coukd be spent else where,.
  3. UKFootballScores Legends Database

    When ever I download any content from vibe via a torrent always takes ages to download and most times doesn't download, so I won't be able to play this database and I'm sure other people will encounter the same, I'm just a bit miffed how you charge for this yet the software you use is free to download?? In that case I think Jay should charge for his editor. most people don't want to donate but they feel the will have to as it's the only real way to get these types of "paid" content
  4. Vardy Mahrez Kante Drinkwater all deserve upgrades they have all been world class this season
  5. Lee's Impossible Challenge Tactic

    Check out my career thread to see teams I managed
  6. UKFootballScores Legends Database

    I'm pretty sure someone was going to do this is the making haha, great work tho, Would love to see Milburn,Shearer & Asprilla in there
  7. UKFootballScores Legends Database

    Great work Jack! What a great idea did you think of this on your own ?
  8. You don't need to change anything Was merely just my opinion mate, it is a great read Risheek KIU
  9. Yeah he has started from the right position but he is given the free role position and a lot of times he cuts inside and you see him a lot of the time playing in the hole, imo to replicate this as much as you can I feel that AMC would be the best position, as FMM tactic wise isn't loads in depth it would be hard to see him play on the right but to cut inside to the center. As him and Vardy exchange positions a lot of the time, sometimes Vardy will be out on the wing producing goals and vise versa.
  10. Nice work :), I noticed on your formations you have Mahrez playing as a right winger? For me if you want to recreate what he has done IRL he has to play the number 10 role which is AMC, many might not agree but although Mahrez creates A lot, a lot of the time he is a very greedy player hence why he has so many goals if he was more of a "Ozil" player he would have way more assists, but he averages 4 shots per game although that isn't very high if he has that many he is almost guaranteed to score at least 1 goal
  11. Lee's Impossible Challenge Tactic

    I managed more than 3 teams
  12. Lee's Impossible Challenge Tactic

    I haven't managed to hit deviatating form win my tactic on FMM16
  13. Download Topics in Community

    I didn't say "this is where vibe is going" I said that's how "I felt" you encourage people to have a opinion but when "YOU" don't like there "opinion" you talk to them like shit and shoot them down yeah bye Declan
  14. Download Topics in Community

    You want to know something Declan I am sick and tired of you! Every time I have a opinion you get on your high horse and think it's fine to talk to me like I'm a piece of shit I have had about enough of you so I will say goodbye to vibe thanks everyone it's been enjoyable
  15. Download Topics in Community

    Dec it was merely just my opinion there is no need to get so narky about it is there? Ill leave it at that as this will develop into something that wouldn't be good