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  1. I started a career with Colchester, but went to Poland after a season During the 2023/24 season, I joined Watford, and while looking through the leagues, I noticed that Nottingham Forest were 17th in the National league.
  2. Stats for the youth team are great, but then the ability to track a player's performances is lost when he is promoted Once he gets to the reserves, I tend to leave him there for a season, then loan him out, but if I noticed he'd scored, say, 14 goals in 30 games, I'd be more likely to keep a hold of him and give him a shot in early rounds of the cup competitions It'd be the same for a player deemed surplus to requirements, we could see if he bothered to work his way back to the first team squad or not
  3. Marseille could be very interesting (with no first transfer window and the sugar daddy option), because they're underachieving again this season, and hopefully Monaco's attacking power will be reflected in the update, Nice should be vastly improved too, and PSG are PSG, so a save with Marseille could be very true to real life Hull were tempting too, just because of Paul Merson's warm words for the new manager The lad's came from a big club in a yoyo division, you can't be doing that, you can't, you can't, you can't be doing that, you won't find no quality in Turkey, you can't be doing that....
  4. Tiki Takaaa

    It's not just your tactics you need to look at. For the formation you mentioned, you'll need a great ball playing defender, and at least seven players with passing and technique of 16+.its possible to retain a high amount of possession with other tactics, but not on a consistent basis
  5. Scotland, then Italy, Spain and either Germany or Poland
  6. I've really enjoyed this year's edition, but, as you all know, if you buy well, success will follow. I always see people posting pictures showing teams from the bottom leagues being built to champions League contenders I, myself don't always do well in Europe, but domestically, it's never too difficult. I always end up with squads that are too big too, as I buy youngsters who develop, but no one ever bids for my players. I've been told that's because the team is so successful, that AI managers just assume that I won't want to sell anyone.
  7. I liked the ability to loan players to foreign teams being introduced a few years ago. That was a big one for me, because I stick to the Scottish leagues a lot, and players could only develop to a certain level when loaned out domestically. I can't think of anything that would substantially boost the game this year, considering they'll need to keep things aside for FMM 18, but I might be overlooking something. On a side note, I'm really disappointed that more people aren't asking for the winter transfer update now. It always makes me laugh. Someone asked for it in November, and it REALLY amused me, his justification for asking was that managers would have targets in mind.
  8. I had Germany loaded as a third league and had a look at how the league shaped up toward the end of the 2018/19 season. Hertha had only scored 4 goals in 31 games, I can't remember their points tally, it was under 10 though. I've no idea how they managed to be that bad, their squad wasn't the worst I've seen.
  9. Yes, but as I mentioned, youth players have stats, surely it would be more beneficial to see the same for reserves, I'm talking about at the end of each season, not a game by game basis
  10. Annoying

    Why would a rating of 6 be considered bad? That's slightly above average, surely disciplining a player/players for that would lead to poor morale.
  11. I'm sure you've noticed that youth players who are promoted have stats from the previous season, which is great, but wouldn't stats be more useful for the reserves? It would show young players who deserve some first team games, or older players deemed not good enough, but are running riot in the reserve league, and deserve another chance.
  12. Dembele sickener!!!!

    How can you cancel a transfer when a release clause is in the players contact?
  13. I like that prices fall, it's a nice touch that mirrors reality.
  14. Sorry, I didn't. I started a new save, as I wasn't sure if that problem would be a recurring one. That's the first time it happened though.
  15. Hopefully it's a possibility in the future then. I know it'd be hard work, which is why I definitely wouldn't mind paying for each individual area