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  1. Which what team?

    which the club that you like best to play with? My is SLB <34
  2. SON

    Thanks you very much men :-)
  3. SON

    So if I start other save I they give me other son?
  4. SON

    yes but just happen one time? or if i stat other carrer will give me again one "son" because in my unlockable page doesnt apear nothing
  5. SON

    i got a player who is my "son" but what thas mean? help i got a player who played for me 10 seasons by the way
  6. Tactic SLBenfica

    Hello! Has anyone played with the SLB ?? if so what is the best tactic to use with SLB THANK YOU !!
  7. Replace gotze

    HELLO!! I wanted to sell Gotze, which of this two players in my squad would be better option? Gotze--- Option 1--- Opiton 2---
  8. need help!!

  9. need help!!

    hello!! how can i change my competitions name for example my favourite ligue is the portuguese ligue how can i change it to the reall competition name??? THANKS!!
  10. Customized Startscreen Request

    benfica please
  11. Saves

    i experiment a lot off saves and share my opinion and share on my facebook the best saves and i give my saves too
  12. Saves

    hello...i know the fmh 15 as released but someone want share with me your fmh 14 saves yes fmh 14 please i share mine
  13. My Club Save

    Jose carlos AMC Portugal
  14. Saves YT

    someone would be willing to share saves to show on my Youtube Channel?
  15. Skin

    would love if you can make the skin Prosherry