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  1. Large database

    My device is xiaomi redmi 2. After i update the rom i can play with multiple league again. So the problem is from the rom hehe. Thanks for your help kyle?
  2. Large database

    So the problem is from my RAM. That's too bad. Thanks for your help mate
  3. Hello guys, I'm from Indonesia. I just want to ask a question. I downloaded a large data when my first time playing it, and then i can't play with large database, so i only can play with one league. It says "insufficient resources". Is there anyone can help me? Thanks before
  4. FMH 15 tweaked tactic

    Would you please re-upload the picture?
  5. Aangca´s 4-3-1-2 Enhanced Engine

    Can i use this tactic with the old engine? I really want to use this tactic mate haha
  6. My Player: Martin Odegaard

    I'm disappointed he's not joining Liverpool but, it's okay he still a great player i think
  7. The Showdown: Messi vs Ronaldo

    Bloody genius dec! Haha I'm loving this series so far I think Ronaldo will win the next challenge
  8. Transfer Strategy Guide by Alif

    Ooh i see. So, if i use 2 DC, i should have 4 senior players and 1 youth players? I understand now Thanks LeeRoy, terima kasih Alif
  9. Transfer Strategy Guide by Alif

    Alif, so we should have at least 3 players in every position?
  10. I'm sorry for my words dec, I'm so rude. I'm gonna download the torrent by the way
  11. Ashez's are working well with me. Currently playing with inter, and until 1st october only Kuzmanovic that unhappy with the IT. My players got so many injuries in the beginning of the season, luckily it just only short term injuries
  12. So this year i have to donate when i want to download faces megapack? Jeez i don't have a lot of money... In Indonesia poundsterling is so expensive, i can't afford that and i never download anything with torrent
  13. I still don't understand ashez's IT. So the DR, DL, BPD DCs are not in general, but in defending? How about MR and ML? Are they in attacking or general? Sorry for my question and my grammar hehe
  14. Hi prize, what kind of intensive training that you use? Are you using the intensive training for FMH15 that dec has been posted ? Or using the old one in FMH14? Sorry for my bad english haha btw I'm from Indonesia
  15. Hi prize. Whats the different between original game engine and the new one? Can i use this tactic in the new game engine?