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  1. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    So yeah, I won't be able to pick my next player due to the problems with my school. Is it possible that I could go last in the list, putting me on 1900-2100? I have no chance of making a 1-3pm pick.
  2. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    I'll take Maicon and Kolarov, thanks.
  3. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    Quick note. On Wednesday I go back to school. Won't be out till 3:10, won't be home till 4. My timeslot is 1-3pm, so I've no chance of making the deadline. Can anything be done about that? I'm fine up until then. (and I should be ok for tomorrow)
  4. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    It's my turn to pick! I'll take Cech I guess since I don't think he's been picked yet? Thanks.
  5. FMH2015 Wonderkids Hurt/Heal

    Hurt: Paul Pogba (6) Heal: Memphis Depay (8)
  6. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    Team Name: Danchester United Team Colours:(Home/Away) Red + Black Manager Name: Dan Stripe Number: 2 Wildcard Position: ST Looking forward to getting back into these games!
  7. There's Been A Murder!

    Damn I've just come back to this to find I'm a goalscoring machine!! *sigh* I know I'll probably be next..
  8. Vibe Own a Club

    Voted MK Dons simply because I'm a United fan and I felt I needed to remind myself of the horrors in the Capital One Cup earlier this season..
  9. There's Been A Murder!

    I've scored in every game I've played in... ah.
  10. There's Been A Murder!

    Ugh, the manager isn't even letting me on the subs bench.. I have an idea..
  11. There's Been A Murder!

    Public statement: I did not and would never attempt to murder anyone. The thought of it disgusts me. I refuse to point the finger at any individual until further proof is found.
  12. English football

    United playing terrible against Hull. We still got top 4 because Liverpool completely blew the last quarter of the season. This is my interpretation of what should have happened for United. We should have got top 4 under Moyes, then this year proceeded to challenge for the title under LvG. Unfortunately, Moyes pushed us back one step, and top 4 was priority this season. United have to be challenging for the title next year. We've already signed Depay, which is the first step for us. We need another quality striker, and definitely a shake-up at the back. God help us if Dave leaves.
  13. There's Been A Murder!

    I apologise for not speaking my opinions for the last few days..let's just say, I was "busy"...
  14. There's Been A Murder!

    His presents are requested here? I hope he got me an alarm clock..
  15. There's Been A Murder!

    We're all playing Cluedo together?