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  1. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    So yeah, I won't be able to pick my next player due to the problems with my school. Is it possible that I could go last in the list, putting me on 1900-2100? I have no chance of making a 1-3pm pick.
  2. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    I'll take Maicon and Kolarov, thanks.
  3. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    Quick note. On Wednesday I go back to school. Won't be out till 3:10, won't be home till 4. My timeslot is 1-3pm, so I've no chance of making the deadline. Can anything be done about that? I'm fine up until then. (and I should be ok for tomorrow)
  4. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    It's my turn to pick! I'll take Cech I guess since I don't think he's been picked yet? Thanks.
  5. FMH2015 Wonderkids Hurt/Heal

    Hurt: Paul Pogba (6) Heal: Memphis Depay (8)
  6. UKFootballScores FMH2015 FUT Draft!

    Team Name: Danchester United Team Colours:(Home/Away) Red + Black Manager Name: Dan Stripe Number: 2 Wildcard Position: ST Looking forward to getting back into these games!
  7. There's Been A Murder!

    Damn I've just come back to this to find I'm a goalscoring machine!! *sigh* I know I'll probably be next..
  8. Vibe Own a Club

    Voted MK Dons simply because I'm a United fan and I felt I needed to remind myself of the horrors in the Capital One Cup earlier this season..
  9. There's Been A Murder!

    I've scored in every game I've played in... ah.
  10. There's Been A Murder!

    Ugh, the manager isn't even letting me on the subs bench.. I have an idea..
  11. There's Been A Murder!

    Public statement: I did not and would never attempt to murder anyone. The thought of it disgusts me. I refuse to point the finger at any individual until further proof is found.
  12. There's Been A Murder!

    I apologise for not speaking my opinions for the last few days..let's just say, I was "busy"...
  13. There's Been A Murder!

    His presents are requested here? I hope he got me an alarm clock..
  14. There's Been A Murder!

    We're all playing Cluedo together?
  15. There's Been A Murder!

    Making up the numbers!!