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  1. Genuinely got no idea how to go about this one...should be fun
  2. mcandrew003's Top 5 Transfer Tips

    An excellent guide mate, I do most of these myself but it took a long while to get into the habit. The 'interested' filter can be a real git sometimes - there are some great players out there who will come to you if you search hard enough!
  3. Submitted - I found that a lot harder than I are others getting on?
  4. Hmmmm - struggling which one to go for!
  5. 500 International BatiGoals

    If you follow the recent International Manager's Guide then I'm sure you'll be just fine
  6. Ahh but who is the Jannetty of the pair? @Ashez for me :-p
  7. @Taff @JustM1kePlays - either of you wanna team up?
  8. Open to taking part - anyone wanna be my partner?
  9. Best Young Forwards

    Excellent list mate, didn't know about a lot of these and will have to try and pick some of them up!
  10. No signings?!? None?!? Bloody hell lads. Challenge accepted
  11. He's the Nigerian striker I mentioned above haha
  12. Thanks for the feedback mate - I never normally use the spoiler function but thought I'd try it out this time. I'm not a fan myself so won't be using again!
  13. Which one is unorthodox? Everton - or Ireland? Or both?!
  14. Count me in for Canada, gents.
  15. I love international management – whether playing solely as an international manager, or combining it with a club job, it really brings an added flavour to the game. If I’m solely playing as an international boss, I spend a lot of my time on holiday, only coming back to pick squads and play games, so it’s interesting to see the game progress without taking an active part in it. If I’m a club manager too, international matches provide a nice break from the norm. Unlike club management, taking on an international team has two main aspects – squad selection, and playing matches. You have no budgets, staff, training or transfers to worry about – this is management in its purest form. Here are my top tips for success in the international arena, using examples from my latest journey with Ireland (and Everton). Picking your squad Playing matches So, what do you think? What stories do you have of international management? Has this inspired you? Let me know!