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  1. Amazing to see you get an international job so early. Keep up the good work mate.
  2. Looking forward to seeing this - I started the challenge myself over the weekend. Currently at Yeovil and have won all my first 16 games. I'm torn between tying their star players down to long term deals (I've become quite fond of them) and letting their contracts run down so I might be able to pick them up for my next job.
  3. What's your best transfer deal?

    Great profit mate - for someone with such high transfer fees, his average rating is shocking.
  4. Loving this - it's the sort of challenge I could get onboard with myself.
  5. Which Wonderkid Team Should I Pick?

    Fair point, but Leverkusen have Tah, Brandt, Henricks, Bailey and Havertz, and Schalke have Embolo, Goretzka and Meyer. I guess there's a lot of young talent in the Bundesliga!
  6. I'm keen to start a new save with a team full of wonderkids - it's been a while since I've had a German save, so my choice is Leverkusen or Gelsenkirchen (Schalke). Which should I pick?
  7. First Name - PeterSecond Name - MoloneyForum Name - Mollers01Nationality - EnglishDate of Birth (Month and Day only) - 23 MayPreferred Position (from List on main Page) - M/AM LSecondary Position (if main is taken) - GKPreferred Role (it may change due to the game) - Winger
  8. Yep I second this - I wont be online until much later tonight. Don't want to miss out.
  9. Sharing My Goal Of The Game

    Never seen anything like that before. Superb.
  10. FMM17 8.2 Wonderkids List

    I find that certain players on this list always perform for me no matter what save I play. Rajkovic, Donnarumma, Goretzka, Embolo are always hits, while others - Lewis Cook, Barbosa, Origi, never live up to the hype.
  11. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Just read this from start to finish - keep up the good work!
  12. Having written a piece about the best teams to manage, I guess I have to start with one of them!
  13. A fellow Reading fan! Bamford and Begovic are great signings - especially the £2mil for Begovic.
  14. Wonderkids - the game wouldn't be complete without them. And with an updated game, comes updated wonderkids, so prepare yourself to build a whole new team around them all over again. As per previous updates, we've created a list of all the wonderkids with the best potential and stuck them all in one place for you. We've done the hard work so you don't have to. For those of you unfamiliar with potential ratings in Football Manager, here is how they work: Each player is given a PA. PA stands for potential ability, the highest ability they can achieve during their careers. However, just because they have a PA of 175 doesn't mean you don't have to nurture them. It's very possible that a player doesn't reach his full potential because he hasn't been played or trained properly. Injuries can massively influence whether a player reaches their PA too. Credit to @Dec for the graphics and help, and @Chelsea8 for the original article (which I have shamelessly stolen from!) Name Nation Club Age Position Potential Ability Star Rating Sane, Leroy Germany Manchester City 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 176 Bernardo Silva Portugal AS Monaco Football Club 21 M (C), AM (RLC) 175 Tah, Jonathan Germany Leverkusen 20 D (RC) 175 Sanches, Renato Portugal Bayern 18 DM, M/AM (C) 175 Donnarumma, Gianluigi Italy A.C. Milan 17 GK 170-200 Romagnoli, Alessio Italy A.C. Milan 21 D (C) 173 Goretzka, Leon Germany Gelsenkirchen 21 DM, M/AM (C) 173 Brandt, Julian Germany Leverkusen 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 172 Giminez, Jose Uruguay A. Madrid 21 D (C) 171 Asensio, Marco Spain R. Madrid 20 M/AM (RLC) 171 Christensen, Andreas Denmark Chelsea 20 D (C), DM, M (C) 171 Coman, Kingsley France Juventus 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 171 Rajkovic, Pedrag Serbia Maccabi Tel-Aviv 20 GK 170 Lemar, Thomas France AS Monaco Football Club 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 170 Keita, Naby Guinea RBL 21 DM, M/AM (C) 170 Alli, Dele England Tottenham Hotspur 20 M/AM (C) 170 Mbappe, Kylian France AS Monaco Football Club 17 AM (RL) 160-190 Gabriel Jesus Brazil Manchester City 19 AM (RL), ST (C) 160-190 Dembele, Ousmane France Dortmund 19 M (RL), AM (RLC) 160-190 Martial, Anthony France Manchester United 20 M (L), AM (RL), ST (C) 160-190 Balde, Keita Senegal S.S. Lazio 21 AM (RL), ST (C) 169 Rabiot, Adrien France Paris Saint-Germain 21 DM, M (C) 169 Kimmich, Joshua Germany Bayern 21 D (RC), W (R), DM, M (C) 169 Saul Spain A. Madrid 21 D (C), DM, M/AM (C) 169 Sule, Niklas Germany Hoffenheim 20 D (C) 168 Neves, Ruben Portugal FCP 20 DM, M (C) 168 Shaw, Luke England Manchester United 21 D/WB (L) 168 Pjaca, Marko Croatia Juventus 21 AM (RL), ST (C) 167 Guedes, Goncalo Portugal Paris Saint-Germain 19 M (R), AM (RL), ST (C) 167 Henrichs, Benjamin Germany Leverkusen 19 D (RL), WB (R), M (C) 167 Cook, Lewis England AFC Bournemouth 19 DM, M (C) 166 Bellerin, Hector Spain Arsenal 21 D (R) 165 Meyer, Maximillian Germany Gelsenkirchen 20 M (RL), AM (RLC) 165 Grimaldo, Alex Spain SLB B 20 D/WB/M (L) 165 Geraldes, Francisco Portugal Sporting 21 M/AM (C) 150-180 Meret, Alex Italy Udinese 19 GK 150-180 Woodburn, Ben Wales Liverpool 16 AM (RLC), ST (C) 150-180 Rashford, Marcus England Manchester United 18 AM (L), ST (C) 150-180 Embolo, Breel Switzerland Gelsenkirchen 19 M/AM (R), ST (C) 150-180 Martins, Gelson Portugal Sporting 21 AM (RL) 150-180 Odegaard, Martin Denmark R. Madrid B 17 M (R), AM (RC) 150-180 Melegoni, Filippo Italy Atalanta 17 M (C) 150-180 Thiago Maia Brazil SAN 19 DM 150-180 Tielemans, Youri Belgium RSC Anderlecht 19 DM, M/AM (C) 150-180 Kuki Spain Malaga B 18 AM (RLC), ST (C) 150-180 Mere, Jorge Spain S. Gijon 19 D (C) 150-180 Kean, Moise Italy Juventus 16 AM (L), ST (C) 150-180 Ndidi, Wilfred Nigeria Leicester City 19 D (C), DM, M (C) 150-180 Bailey, Leon Jamaica Leverkusen 18 M/AM (RL) 150-180 Origi, Divock Belgium Liverpool 21 AM (L), ST (C) 150-180 Lo Celso, Giovani Argentina Paris Saint-Germain 20 M (LC), AM (C) 150-180 Pulisic, Christian U.S.A. Dortmund 17 M (RL), AM (RLC) 150-180 Fruchtl, Christian Germany Bayern 16 GK 150-180 Zouma, Kurt France Chelsea 21 D (RC) 150-180 Hernandez, Theo France A. Madrid B 18 D/WB/M/AM (L) 150-180 Lirola, Pol Spain Juventus 18 D/WB/M (R) 150-180 Vallejo, Jesus Spain R. Madrid 19 D (C) 150-180 Gomes, Ze Portugal SLB B 17 ST (C) 150-180 Diawara, Amadou Guinea Napoli 19 DM, M (C) 150-180 Isak, Alexander Sweden Dortmund 16 ST (C) 150-180 Eggestein, Johanes Germany Bremen 18 ST (C) 150-180 Sousa, Afonso Portugal FCP 16 M/AM (C) 150-180 Oliver Spain A. Madrid 21 M (RLC), AM (C) 150-180 Lafont, Alban France Tolouse Football Club 17 GK 150-180 Pinamonti, Andrea Italy F.C. Internazionale 17 ST (C) 150-180 Bazoer, Riechedly Holland Wolfsburg 19 DM, M (C) 150-180 Gabriel Barbosa Brazil F.C. Internazionale 19 AM (R), ST (C) 150-180 Iheanacho, Kelechi Nigeria Manchester City 19 ST (C) 150-180 Ceballos, Dani Spain Real Hispalis 19 M/AM (C) 150-180 Lucas France A. Madrid 20 D (LC), WB (L) 150-180 Lozano, Hirving Mexico Pachuca CF 21 M (L), AM (RL) 150-180 Havertz, Kai Germany Leverkusen 17 M/AM (RC) 150-180 Soler, Carlos Spain Valencia 19 DM, M (C) 150-180