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  1. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    @danovic78 I've packed in the season and decided to try something else, I only ever did this for the 1000 and haven't played it much in 2 weeks and going to try something new, I liked woodburn but his stamina makes it more annoying Instead of fun anymore so I'll post his final tally below added 0 minutes later If you want a copy of the save to check anything let me know
  2. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    Ah well Chris Coleman never seems to get sacked even after wales dropped from rank 10th to 90th so who knows if I ever will get a shot. I will post my tactic though for anyone who wants to try it, OME is what I use and I have never tried it on enhanced so not sure about that.
  3. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    Well I've just hit 1100 and he's about to turn 31 in a few months I think but I'm not sure if his welsh goals count (90 of them) because I was never wales manager?
  4. The 1000 Goal Challenge

    Can someone let me know if I'll be on the leaderboard or not?
  5. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    I want someone to check it so I can get on the leaderboard but nobody seems to be listening to my comment on the page so
  6. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    Very easy league to score these kinds of amounts in I think especially with a player of his quality and he's only 30 as well
  7. The 1000 Goal Challenge

    He's only just turned 30 anyway so there isn't even an age issue yet with him, but I don't know if they will put me on the leaderboard since I haven't got a topic of his career
  8. The 1000 Goal Challenge

    I'm done man
  9. 1000 goal challenge - Ben woodburn

    And there is your 1000, get the kid on the leaderboards ??
  10. 28 years old and almost at the 1000 already, he's also scored 77 goals for wales but I am not wales manager. He just gets better with age!
  11. Castilla & Barca B Team Save

    This is a brilliant idea but can you increase wage budget for barca b OME? You start of with 0 wage and are instantly 165k in debt and soon to be sacked no doubt

    I download the file but it is not letting me access it. Almost as if file is corrupt?
  13. Football Manager 2016 (PC) Giveaway

    Would love to win a copy of this game, good luck to everyone else
  14. Nope hes happier than most off my players just everyone hates him!
  15. I started a juve season, going great currently unbeaten, but what I've noticed is at least 7 players at my squad all hate llorente? He's my top goalscorer (he's not selfish he chips in with assists as well) he's scoring me goals winning me points hatricks left right and centre. Why do they all hate him? He doesn't want to leave he's happy at the club no problems with him at all?