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  1. Brenty's Latin Europe Attempt

    Wow, what an end to a glittering Challenge, fantastic @Brenty92 you certainly deserve the Leaderboard with that ending, enjoy your break away mate
  2. congrats @Taff as @AndersJ said try for a decent club as you waste a few seasons building a team, good luck mate
  3. Carapreta attemps Latin Europe Challenge

    Congrats @carapreta on getting past Stage 1, the fun starts now, ignore @taff and @AndersJ they are just showing off
  4. Your right @Ashezbut it is achievable and for that reason I will keep trying until I have my name on the leaderboard, this and many others eventually, I have been playing this game for many years, and I thought the Challenges brought a different feeling from the normal Club management, as I said to @BatiGoal keep them coming, and we will keep trying
  5. Unlucky @Taff thought was a good effort. just a shame to miss out, should smash it next season if you can keep the injuries down, good luck mate
  6. Brenty's Latin Europe Attempt

    Keep it going @Brenty92 you can do it mate, good to see another on the Leaderboard, good luck mate
  7. Cheers @AndersJ, @Brenty92 I'll not let you all sit on the leaderboard alone, I'll get there eventually, that I promise, just not right now as I've other priorities I've have to look at, thanks for the support, they aren't easy challenges as I've seen, but they are achievable as you guys have proved, to @BatiGoal keep them coming mate, it makes the game that more enjoyable rather then the normal winning everything with one club, this actually makes you think, and that's why I will be back and stronger, I'll play around with my tactics more... to be continued...
  8. Sorry to those following my success, but I'm handing the towel in, I've had a brilliant career, but, it's just not happening. In Stage 3, I can win the league easily as you will see, but I think I wasted so much time in the first stage it has made a massive interruption to the whole challenge, I'm not making any excuses, I am simply not good enough currently to challenge the leaderboard, but this is not it, I'm having a break though as it's taking all my spare time, will be back soon and congratulations to all those who complete every challenge, I take my hat off to you all.
  9. Brenty's Latin Europe Attempt

    Going well @Brenty92 a good end to that Stage, good luck for the future stages
  10. Nothing to report on records, but won the league... And my player was well off... To @Brenty92you mentioned a player to look for... Mate I have a wage structure of £450pw, he's on £110,000!!!!!!
  11. Latin Europe Challenge

    Guys apologies I didn't realise I posted on here???
  12. Latin Europe Challenge

    Well my second season over, nothing to report in records again Ok it's an achievement winning the league, but no records won again this season, so try, try again... A good shout from an aging player, but just not good enough... to be continued...
  13. Thanks @Ashez hopefully as you said the team will have matured and I need that good striker to bang the goals in... @AndersJ I play an attacking formation, I honestly think I have a Tactic for all levels that will win you everything, its a 3-2-2-2-1 with a set up you can't imagine, I'll share with you at any time, but right now I don't want to give the game away until I prove it can win me a place on the Leaderboard, including catching you, @Taff and the others on the Latin Board
  14. Simple update, no records to mention, but Season 1 out of the way with Haverfordwest and well, considering I had 2 players on the books I did ok, but the challenge is getting a player worthy of challenging the record, and that is proving to be difficult, I may have to do another season to boost my rep with the club before I get a worthy striker because offering £350pw isn't enticing enough ... To be continued...
  15. Fooking hell @AndersJ that is some Tally, congratulations mate, hat off to you as well