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  1. Wow @Taffdoing really well, this looks like a breeze, good luck for the next few seasons to get this finished in record time
  2. Well done @AndersJ so far so good, keep getting in the 100's each season you should smash this, there won't be as much banter as @Taff due to the way you have done this, England can't be the losers this time (or can they?)
  3. Good luck @Taff it's all eyes on you currently with this Challenge, maybe you setting the benchmark is the future for Vibe followers to then see who can knock you off, I Love your commitment, keep up the good work buddy Latvia all the way then
  4. @Taff This is just an idea to throw out there, how about keeping the letters i.e K & M, but 3 strikers from either of Kosovo. Kenya. Kazakhstan. Kiribati. Kuwait. Kyrgyzstan Macau. Macedonia. Madagascar. Malawi. Malaysia. Maldives. Mali. Malta
  5. Can the fighting Irish conquer the world?

    Hi @johnliew1991 so far doing really well, personally I would of let Treacy go for that kind of money being he is 30 Years old and his Stamina, Pace and Strength is quite low, you would easily of got someone a little younger and better stats with the profits, maybe even brought in a hopeful Regen or Reserve to replace him, but otherwise a very good read and good luck for the next following seasons
  6. Tag Team Challenge

    So do I get a bonus prize for earning the most Meat pies
  7. Hi @Rocket a well structured update, full of information which is enjoyable to read, you are doing excellent in the first stages of your Challenge, remember to read other peoples challenges both previous and ongoing to get tips or even highlighted players that could help you on your road to success, there is no improvement required, everything is detailed really well, look forward to your next update, good luck mate
  8. @Taff there's always Jamaica
  9. Tag Team Challenge

    Seriously @Brenty92 I was so wound up it was killing me, I must of played so many reserves as the first team was twonk as you know, we will see tomorrow what a disaster it was
  10. Tag Team Challenge

    Well I've just finished the challenge and sent @AndersJ my results That has to be the worst bag of BEEP! I have ever played with, and flat 4-3-3 is hideous and just made me want to smash my device and then kill the wife for asking me what's up!!!! Good luck to all, tomorrow will reveal all
  11. Brenty's No National Physio Challenge!

    Congrats @Brenty92 a truly enjoyable read, I wonder if anybody will ever take on a much lower INT team to try this with... should be fun I wonder...
  12. Your smashing this Challenge mate, as mentioned earlier I can see this being a sought after challenge once you complete it and set the benchmark, all the best @Taff as you close in on the magic 1000 What's next Isreal, India or maybe Italy? mmm
  13. 500 International BatiGoals

    Wow doing brilliant @BatiGoal I think Sadiq will reach before iheanacho to be truthful, can't wait it see what happens if you do switch, things will hot up or take a drastic nose dive, good luck mate
  14. Tag Team Challenge

    @Taff what's up, this is a CHALLENGE and it should be CHALLENGING, you will always do well due to the Master Jedi you are, good luck mate what ever the outcome