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  1. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Do I wait, or do I take a chance if A.Bilbao comes up? What do you think...
  2. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Season 3 What a season, where do I start... Begins with my first cup win, this could be a good season, but can it be a winning season pushing me forward to Stage 4. I didn't purchase or sell anybody, I knew my team was covered in all areas, the younger guys would even be maturing to help me push for my goal, or goals in this case. Paolo Correa was a little shy last season, could he better himself with a goal tally beyond 57, he's got it in him definitely, so his season starts well, a few games in he gets World Player of the Year for the second time.. His goals rack up more and more, the team are on fire in every way, we lost the first league game, which was a shock, but from there it was full throttle ahead not loosing a single league game again all season, we pushed for more glory, gaining a couple more trophies along the way... Second trophy came in the shape of the Club World Championship... Third cup, what a season winning the Portuguese League Cup again... We continue to win, and win big, beating everyone we face, even Arsenal, Bayern and then Liverpool... It was a flurry of goals being scored by the whole team, their play was beyond belief to a point that I thought nothing could beat us, so next was the Taca cup... By this stage I forgot how many cups we had won, the league was in our hands long before the end... We still had 5 games not including the other cup games, can we really go in from here and continue to dominate, somebody must put me in my place, Arsenal came next at their place, certainly this must be the end to our winning streak, oh no, it rolls on and on and on until... Another cup, this has to be the best so far, 2 & 1/2 seasons in and I've basically won everything, but you ask did I win the Stage... Hold on... By this stage it is now last day, Liverpool in the Champions Cup, my guy is on 56, you are kidding you say, no 56 needing 2 for me to move on up to the elite Stage 4... we score in the 54 minute, but it's not Correa, helppppppp we are now at 1-1, we score again yyyeeesss Correa get one, but is that it, the winning goal and the end to my attempt... Liverpool score in the 80 minute taking us to extra time, I'm biting my nails by this stage, Correa is at 73% fitness, so what, he young, keep going... First half of extra kicks off, we have chances whooooo, but nothing, is this the end, it can't be, he must get a penalty or something... 104 we score again, come on, it's not him, my mouth is so dry, this is killing me... aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh 116 minute, Correa scores, he's done it 58 goals to beat Iba's record, everyone in the room is looking at me as I run round the room like a kid opening a Christmas present whilst tears trickle down my face, is it real... Not only does he score his 58th goal of the season he has cemented the Champions Cup to add to all other cups, what a season, phew... His goal,tally then... Someone please pinch me, have I really reached the dizzy heights of Stage 4. Final League, not bad can I say... Still a little annoyed loosing the first game, but eh... The team was awesome, my season was complete when we scooped the top awards.. B in Well guys thanks for reading and wish me luck for the next Stage, hopefully I won't wait to long for the dream job in Spain... to be continued...
  3. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Season 2 finished Not what I was hoping for my record was a little away from the needed goal rate, a couple of weeks injuries and many games where we had full control but just couldn't finish, well try try again. Finishing season tally, a little shy of 57 needed. Damn... Did ok domestically though, so my reputation can only get better for that big Spain job eventually. So with that we also won the league easily, can't believe I had no losses until the last 5 games where I lost 2 games, wtf? Final league So I'll move on to Season 3 with the same striker hoping I can keep him injury free to complete the full season with a goal tally of 60+ hopefully to be continued...
  4. Jack Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Eh congrats @Jack.Holt that is some season and fantastic goal scoring record to be proud of, good luck with getting one of the Spanish top jobs, hope to be not far behind you, just missed out on my full season in Portugal, but eh keep at it...
  5. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Hi guys, firstly thanks to all those reading and supporting, this is a truly fun challenge. Season 2 Update... I kicked off my first full season with a few players added to help strengthen my squad, Correa is being put to the task of scoring 60+ goals to make sure I get to Stage 4. Started really well taking a good lead in the Portuguese Premier League which gives me a good feeling that I can reach the goal tally I require, whether it's a single guy doing it still up for debate, but he's doing well. Yes 27 goals in 27 games plus his tally so far earned him World Player of the Year, Wow, what a start!! So my second season so far looks promising... 13 games played without a loss and only conceding 7 goals, and the tally of my guy is very good (no spoiler here), but then I spoke to soon... Yes he's out for a month, this is a massive loss for me as he is really on form, my reserve striker is holding his own, but this doesn't help me with my goal tally , just hope Correa comes back stronger and on fire again. To be continued...
  6. Jack Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Good going @Jack.Holt I also took on Sporting, a few players in and some out and I have built a winning side, the striker has started well and hopefully this season could get me into Stage 4, good luck mate
  7. Brenty's Latin Europe attempt

    Good luck @Brenty92 with your challenge, I'll keep my eye on your progress as all the others
  8. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Thanks @mcandrew003 i hope he continues to fulfill the goal tally i need.
  9. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    Paolo Correa Kicked off the season well, his stats were very good for the budget I had, plus I needed a few other key players, so my budget wasn't exactly exhaustible. So why him, I always look for Pace, Stamina and Aerial in all my strikers, and if they have good technique they usually prove to be players I can improve more and more as they get older, so his stats for the £7.5 mil I paid looked a good buy. My first season ended with some success, if I can continue the same way in Season 2 on a full season, then who knows, this guy has it all. My first success as the new manager, followed by... So not bad start to this campaign, but how did my star player do in the short time with me: Not bad return, if we can play a 50+ season, then this guy could excel the required amount if I can keep him injury free. End of Season Stats He's looking really good in the short time I have had him, he's young and got the potential to grow in all areas. Season 2 and beyond will be the big challenge.
  10. Cockers Takes On The Latin Europe Challenge

    So the journey continues... I've purchased my man from thousands (well about 5 I could afford at the time) plus I need a couple other players, goalkeeper especially as there is only 1 and he is 37 and currently injured, not a good start. The player - Paolo Correa More to follow...
  11. Good luck @SladePT look forward to reading your progress
  12. Latin Europe Challenge

    Thanks @BatiGoal
  13. Latin Europe Challenge

    Sorry @BatiGoal not trying to make more work for you, it;s just most challenges say "the normal rules" but I have never taken any notice about Regens or unlockables as I've always played my own career without worrying about these.
  14. Latin Europe Challenge

    Thanks @Taff, ill certainly look out for this now, don't want anything spoiling my challenge.
  15. Latin Europe Challenge

    Hi @BatiGoal can I ask another stupid couple of questions please NO unlockables, editors, reloading etc. allowed. NO grey players or regens allowed. Real players ONLY. 1. Unlockables, do you simply turn them off even if they appear during your career, so for example if a Billionaire wants to pump money into your club at that time that would switch on Sugar Daddy i'm guessing, so if that is the case do you turn the offer down? 2. Regens, how do you know which is a regen, the rules says no regens, but I never really bother trying to work out players who could of been say Ronaldo or Messi, due to your rules, I don't want it to affect my Challenge buying the wrong player and then being told I've failed for it!! Apologies to come across a tad naive, but I want to clear everything up to make sure I am clear of the rules, thanks