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  1. I'm not complaining but surely Juve should of won the title as they had the better goal difference
  2. League Title Bug?

    The first formation was used mostly when I was at home or I felt the game was more eventhen the next one was used against th top teams in Italy
  3. League Title Bug?

    @slambo I'll post up my tactics later and it was eme
  4. League Title Bug?

    @Jack yeah far to many 1-0 or 0-0 hoping to score more this season
  5. League Title Bug?

    Oh that makes sense I beat Juve 3-0 away and drew 1-1 at home
  6. Hey guys I am about to start a new career in Italy as Fiorentina and was just wondering if anyone has any tips to share on how to be successful in Italy, like what formations are effective any player roles that work particularly well and the type of players to look for e.g. Strong or technical. Cheers in advance
  7. Tips For Managing In Italy

    @tenere1982 cheers for the advice will definitely take this into account when managing in Italy
  8. Blue Moon Rising

    At least I'm not the only one that clicked on this thinking it was a Man City career
  9. Do I Sell Him??????

    Only if you can replace him or get someone better
  10. Match Stats Request

    @Ashez I think you gotta at least tell us the theory, you can't say i think I've found something out and then leave everyone wondering. But that's just my opinion
  11. Never use wingers as they always seem to get a 6 rating unless they score
  12. In my current save I managed to go 23 games without conceding I thought this was a pretty good accomplishment but has anyone done even better
  13. Clean sheet record

    Here is the tactic like I said nothing special
  14. Clean sheet record

    @TAF will upload it in a bit nothing special more to do with the quality of the players
  15. Clean sheet record

    @Meow I only realised because I thought wow I haven't conceded in a few games then when I looked it was around 20
  16. Clean sheet record

    @rseven wow 31 games is crazy
  17. I can never get the best out of aguero or maybe I expect to much of him
  18. You can get a motivational coach that seems to work for me
  19. Already looking forward to trying it
  20. @PriZe it's amazing cheers for posting it
  21. I have tried this formation in the Prem with a couple of teams and with a small change to the player roles it works just as good as in la liga I kept everything else the same.
  22. Strategy for mediocre team

    Cheers @BatiGoal
  23. Strategy for mediocre team

    How do you tell if you have got the players for it?
  24. I have only had 3 red cards in 2 and a half seasons