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  1. I much prefer LLM as building up a solid team is exciting and going from rags to riches is such a rewarding feeling.. then again if I am a top division team I prefer being a lower top division side like Palace or Hannover and try to build them up
  2. I'd like to be entered into the draw please
  3. Sort it out SI

    I don't think you could class Hazard as an inside forward.. he's a cross between an advanced playmaker and a winger when he's at his best.. he assists more than scores but the majority of his goals come from set pieces imo as he is Chelsea's penalty taker.. he's a great player and in a winger role would excel.. a typical inside forward would be someone more like Ronaldo who plays on the left and his main aim is to score.. which we all know how good he is at that Personally I will continue to use the OME purely because its easier for me to churn through the level of games I have to get through to feel like I'm getting my moneys worth.. I've not experienced half the bugs other people have during the two week or so spell this game has been released.. I am enjoying it and I think its money well spent so far as I have done every year I've bought the game and I think SI do a great job considering the magnitude of the challenges they have throughout the year and the fact they have produced a PC based game and two mobile games its quite impressive to say the least.. we have to remember there could be no FMM at all.
  4. Sort it out SI

    I had Che Adams as an IF on my Sheffield United save and he went on a run where he scored 8 and assisted 5 in 9 games.. maybe the players your using as IF aren't right for the role? Timing is an important aspect as I don't have a lot so OME on the bus is great for cracking through 8 or 9 games
  5. Haha was gonna have Fabio Capello as manager
  6. Club Name:Corruption FC Team to replace: Stoke Home colours: White/ Blue Away colours: Red/ White
  7. All sorted now @Dec thanks! You can close this if you want too
  8. I didn't see those unfortunately otherwise I wouldn't have made one.. it seems to be just Italy though.. I don't see how a loan deal like that can simply be forgotten on a save to save basis
  9. So after purchasing and installing this game and applying the logo pack from vibe I am now unable to load a career which involves Italy at all.. Italy as a primary league or secondary.. it simply crashes the game unless I started the career before I applied the logo pack. Also when I load Germany all Coman is on loan at Bayern however when I load Italy all Coman is still at Juve? Surely no matter which league option I load Coman should be a Bayern as he is in real life?
  10. Your FMM2016 Firsts

    FC Utd of Manchester Jonny Rowell (free solid midfielder for non league!!) Tom Greaves v Forest Green 2-1 v Forest Green 4-2 v Corby
  11. Had the game less than an hour.. Had this result.. irritable haha
  12. If You Were In Charge...

    It's between two choices for me.. one I'd either improve the whole transfer system making a few more clauses in deals etc just to make it more compatible to FM or real life. Two having some basic stats app built into the game like prozone with FM but obviously toned down because we don't need the in-depth stats
  13. Pathetic

    There isn't an own goal in every single football match is there? @oleg8979
  14. Pathetic

    Own goals are rare in the ome as they are in real life if you looked at all the bpl fixtures this weekend there maybe one or two own goals at absolute maximum they are a rare occurrence (unless you play Chelsea) The ome is bugged and frustrating and I get that the ai has to adapt to make it more challenging but please don't turn my Suarez newgen into Barry from down the road.. the game all depends on the quality of your players and there's I guess.
  15. Surely calling it fmm m meaning mobile instead of handheld shows they are wanting to keep the pick up and play aspect? I much prefer the ome as its a lot faster and I have tried the eme and I don't like it.. for me the enhanced detailed style of play is for fm or the new tablet version not for phones which is the way it should be hence the term mobile gaming.. Looks impressive so far in terms of what we have been shown but if the changes only apply to the eme that may be an issue for me personally as I prefer the faster gameplay but I'll have to explore it myself before choosing the engine I use as they couldve fixed it all