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  1. Jay I thought u said u left Roma? Anyways lookin forward to followin this
  2. Site Feedback and Suggestions

    Cause some of my careers haven't been good and all been about the same thing
  3. Site Feedback and Suggestions

    What about people deletin they're own topics? So if they want to they can
  4. @Nath about 10 times probably @TheStandardful thanks mate
  5. Definitely, Kiu mate this is fantastic
  6. Brendan Rodgers Red Army

    Don't think you need to make it better, just be patient with the comments and interest
  7. New Revolution

    Nice kits and good captain mate Kiu mate
  8. Derby County going English

    Good signings mate
  9. Good start mate, Kiu mate
  10. Fernandinho

    He looks excellent! Nice find mate
  11. Gary Cahill

    Good find Ash
  12. Brendan Rodgers Red Army

    Don't matter any way mate, one of those things you recover from
  13. Brendan Rodgers Red Army

    Can I just say in the League Cup you'll never beat the might Hammers! No seriously, Kiu mate your doin well