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  1. SAF CHALLENGE (Easier Edition)

    Great work so far. I subscribed to you. I did I think a couple of years ago and it was very fun!
  2. It's still to hard to judge. It could have a major bug like the stamina glitch that is currently not found.
  3. [Vedio]ManUtd highlights in 16-17

    I agree with papaj. But good job!
  4. Jeffrey's First FMM17 Save!

    Excited to see how this unfolds
  5. The Good and the Bad of FMM17

    Nice work. You need to put about the cup bug
  6. Approximate time of release?

    I'm not sure but I think for the last couple of years the release happened at like 7.30pm UK which is early. So idk it could be a worldwide or it could be time based.
  7. Aberdeen, Man Utd or Salford City
  8. I think Man Utd because they are able to spend heaps on players and still have plenty of money left
  9. I chose revamps to news but I think it would be an insane game if you could play online but it is highly unlikely!
  10. Club Name - London BeridersShort Club Name - London BHome First Colour (Background) - RedHome Second Colour (Text/Font) - WhiteAway First Colour (Background) - WhiteAway Second Colour (Text/Font) - RedStadium Name - Banter LaneCity Location (England Only) - LondonClub Logo (post link or upload image) -
  11. Ok yes I haven't been here in a long time. But the day I come back I see this and I have realised I picked the perfect time! So excited for this!!
  12. Great list agree with them all. I was surprised (even though I'm a fan) you didn't include Aberdeen. They should get some upgraded because we are starting to have about 4 or 5 ofth best players in Scotland and if the Scout for Scotland teams recognises this we will surely get some upgrades. All the challenge would be is to beat celtic and end our league winning drought
  13. Vibe Park - September 2015 Ladbrokes League 2

    I'm smashing it right now! Goal against Celtic the best thing thats ever happened in my career I might be top scorer but not to sure
  14. Vibe Park - September 2015 Ladbrokes League 2

    4 goals already my pace is causing the problems!