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  1. Can't argue there. The tactic itself looks like it should play well. The price tag blew my mind, and I completely overlooked the tactics.
  2. If one needs to splash 31 million, that tactic isn't for lower leagues. There's no way a league 1 side comes close to that kind of money.
  3. This is certainly my experience. With both my Wimbledon and Stockport saves I found this to be true. Speed, shooting, movement were critical for the InFs. My AF turned into an assist machine, I wish I'd taken a screenshot. Creativity, dribbling, passing, strength for the AF. Sound about right?
  4. While I'm not tearing up League 1, I'm starting to find some consistency with this tactic. A stronger APM with better movement is making a real difference. Against stronger sides, I've found success turning off the Primary Outlet so he doesn't get swarmed is helping. Thanks for telling me it was okay not to set one. I think the issue is I don't yet have all the personnel needed to really make this thrive, but I'm hoping after my current season, I might find a better BBM or CD on bosman or maybe I'll luck into an evogen or whatever we're calling them these days. It's a solid tactic, and I'm pretty sure the shortfalls are due to my club being just promoted from League 2, and they weren't even the strongest side there. Great stuff as always, PriZe. Love your tactics, and thank you all so much for all the input!
  5. Thanks mate. Glad it got a laugh! Wimbledon is indeed lower league, right now in League 1. I'm going to try with picking players with those stats and seeing how it performs. Never thought about my CBs footing, gonna check on that, too. Really appreciate the information, and your tactical input. I shall report back with my findings!
  6. [help] 2-3-2-3 Tweaks

    I'm no tactical genius, so apologies if I'm completely off the mark, but don't LDs and BPDs not play well together? At least in my experience. The CD should sit down just as much as the LD, only the LD is going to play direct and clear. CD's usually hold possession a bit more. And my apologies, veerus, if this comes off wrong. I'm not trying to argue, just adding my two cents. Definitely agree on the first two points all the way.
  7. Challenge Cup 2017

    Bati's smack talk game is certainly on point.
  8. Great Tactic, Prize! Worked wonders for me with Chelsea. I am, however, having a beast of a time getting this to perform consistently for Wimbledon. Any advice? Watching the matches, it's looking like even though the defense is TRYING to feed the ball to my APM, he's getting quickly dispossessed. Would, perhaps, moving him to a DLP make him sit closer to the defense, and have more space to be the outlet? If I don't set a primary outlet, does the midfield entirely fall apart? Sorry to bombard you with questions. I'm awful at tweaking/developing tactics. I can buy and sell with the best of them, but this game is like the uncanny valley of football. It looks like football, it's darn sure the closest replica we've got (on mobile), but geez, it does some things just WRONG. (From my entirely amateur point of view). Anyway, any advice you've got would be great. Apologies if this is horrible necroposting, and many many thanks in advance.
  9. Pre Game Editor Please

    I have tried this with every year's edition that's been on Android devices. No dice. I suspect if it were just a matter of changing a couple of menus, Jay would have had that editor out Day 1.
  10. IIRC, winter transfer updates have always been late February to early March. On the subject of the post, I would have to admit to my line of thinking being similar to Dec's. Though, I'm rather sure that attributes for staff will have to wait another year. Even just the addition of CA/PA for scouts and pysios would be nice touch. Along with the aforementioned exams.
  11. Resurrected: Farm to Treble

    Fantastic read! I, as a rule, don't read careers. In fact, I've read all of five in my years here. The match-to-match detail, the style from a FMM player's point of view (not in-universe narrative) really drew me in. I really liked how this so far seems about the journey and not "can I dominate Europe in 6 years." I could almost feel how invested you were in your players and their performance. It readily came across in your writing, quite eager to read about your adventures in the second year. You've given me pause to consider whether I might want to turn my game speed down once and a while. Hope you don't plan to speed up the next season. The anticipation of how a crucial match would turn out made this a real must-read. It really was about the journey, and I'm eager for the next leg.
  12. Running Fmm 17

    I believe the issue is with the Google Play store, which still requires a valid CC issued to the nation from which it's being purchased. Rooting won't make it appear in the Brazilian store, nor should it make the CC processing accept a foreign card. (In such case as using VPN to connect to another country's Play store) You could try, certainly, but I do not believe it will affect the result. Also, your English is better than most of my countrymen. No need for apologies whatsoever
  13. Who Are Wrockwardine Wood They appear to be... tiny. Very, very, tiny. Entirely Amateur from the looks of their webpage. They're described as a "FA Chartered Standard" which, from my reading (I'm from the US, and not entirely familiar with anything below tier 6 or so of the FA), so... I guess that would make them a grassroots club? *shrug* I've seen some random teams generate players, even ones miles down the FA pyramid. Clearly, the team is in the database, short of that, I've got nothing more than the club's contact info: New Rd, Wrockwardine Wood, Telford TF2 7AB, UK Phone: +44 1952 613086 I'm not dialing them internationally, but you could probably ring them up if you're really interested -- there doesn't seem to be much information available from a quick search via Google.
  14. Transfer File?

    Install the Google Play store on your kindle. Then, you can use that to recover your purchase. Worth a shot. Here's a couple of guides, I hope they help.
  15. The Best Phone For Fmm

    I'm surprised to read it's showing such age. I'm playing on a Samsung Note 5, which STILL feels like a downgrade from the Note 4, and having no trouble whatsoever, loading times are fast, and even the EME is quite playable this year. FMM has always run well for me on anything that wasn't a bargain-bin phone. Well, anything that's a general mainstream product, really. I'm wondering if perhaps your phone may just be overloaded and may not have the free memory to run FMM properly? I'm a stickler for clearing my message storage, cached data, and I keep very, very few apps on my phone. I have found that the bloody Facebook app is particularly horrid in terms of eating up available resources. Also, it does seem like having the facepacks installed does adversely affect performance, in my experience. I've never used them, or logos, really, so perhaps that has some impact on why our mileage differs. So... IN answer to the questions specifically: 1. Either of those phones should run the next couple years of FMM games without a hitch. Hardware-wise, the Pixel XL is hands-down the better phone. Far better battery, and according to numerous consumer reporting agencies, far better rated. Bigger screen, which, as you're already using the lolhuge Note series, like me, you'll probably like. I find that the bigger screen makes touching some REALLY tiny indicators much easier. I should note, I positively detest the google line of products, personally, but that's just a personal gripe. I don't like their interface. So... if it's getting an endorsement from me, that should probably say something in its favor. 2. You -shouldn't- lose your saves. They're located in the (forgive me if I'm off by some characters here) com.sigames.FMM2017 folder, I don't precisely recall where, but a quick search on any of the save editors from previous years should tell you where to look for this year's edition. They'll be labeled save1.dat, save2.dat... and so on for your 4 main save slots, with hidden1 and hidden2.dat representing your autosaves. Given that plenty of people have shared saves about, I cannot see why they shouldn't transfer. Especially as you're going from Android to Android devices. Sorry if I gave you waaaaay more than you needed. Hope this answers your question, mate. Good luck!!