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  1. Very enjoyable start Bati, I really enjoyed the style you've gone with! I personally can't wait for more!
  2. Every time I think I've seen all Vibe can offer Mr Jens turns up with the oddest storyline imaginable.
  3. I think you've done well with what you've been given, only England disappointed IMO. The lesser seasons make you appreciate the good ones more lol, I'm sure you'd have regretted it if you skipped the more awkward ones etc.
  4. Not sure on the constantly repeating the same season concept, doesn't it beat the point somewhat? I agree being able to avoid regens would make things potentially more interesting but it would also remove the "luck of the draw" chance. Regens are just an unfortunate part of longer challenges really. I guess it comes down to if you enjoy using them or not. Anyway, another decent season Taff! Breaking 100 is for some reason seen as the norm for a front three but it's harder than it appears for sure. Tbh I'm usually happy with 90-100 as that's around 30 each which is impressive etc.
  5. Anyone Else having issues with Images

    Yes I have, I asked in your career thread if it was only me and no one replied so I assumed the issue was my end :/. It seems very hit and miss if they'll load for me, but if I keep refreshing they'll appear in the end.
  6. Very impressive considering, I'm glad you decided to go with it :).
  7. Has anyone ever seen another outcome or has that just been insinuated by SI?
  8. Great first season mate
  9. Cheap Wonderkid XI

    Some nice finds here mate