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  1. Unusual Request!

    Yeah, good luck!
  2. Ticking along nicely
  3. Great going mate! I've been here before where you want that little bit more and it turns into a massive grind, it'll all be worth it when he enters the exclusive 1000 club goals club!
  4. The Winding Road To 1k

    I think his goals will be somewhat jumpy due to the nature of the challenge, he's doing decently enough though. Shame a number of those kids didn't live up to expectations, even less tempted to use them now PS. Boo, regens!
  5. The Animal Badge Club Challenge

    Welcome to the zoo! Love it!
  6. Unusual Request!

    Players with high aggression and poor tackling/decisions in a role that should produce tackles like a CB or MC is likely best way to go.
  7. Not at all, just pointing it out :). Usually in this situation I'd PM the other member and make sure it's fine with him etc.
  8. Point it out in future to me, however the difference between just the image being shown and this example is it was openly said the editor was used so no grey area, black and white it was used so disqualified from leaderboard. No issue with career continuing at all, all I was pointing out is it won't be eligible for leaderboards.
  9. Which is agaisnt the rules and would lead into an instant ban :).
  10. 1. Could you have such info without the editor/scout etc? No. Is it an unfair advantage on someone who doesn't use the editor? Yes. 2. If evidence exists people will be banned. 3. A feature of the IGE is looking at hidden stats which by name are meant to be hidden. I never said you edited the save, you have gained an unfair advantage as you're looking at things other people who play legitly can't look at. You found out that keeper wasn't worth using yet, if you didn't you potentially could have continued using him and got sacked or something which alters the save. What if you used this method to get a good Dybala? Or to sign the right players? You've already shown you're willing to look. I've had enough of this, you're making yourself look like a fool. No one would take such a career seriously after such comments and those comments are enough to call your results into question so congrats, now anything you ever post will be ignored, hope it was worth it :).
  11. Someone is already this exact career
  12. So we should just open all the challenges up to allow as much cheating as people want to do? If you have evidence of someone cheating like in this case they are banned it's that simple. We're doing the best we can with what we've got, I dunno how you can't understand that? Is your issue that cheating happens or the fact you got caught? Cheating to some level will always happen, take reloading for example as it's basically untraceable. This is why people usually post as much detail as they can about injuries and so on to remove any doubt. These forums would die if everyone cheated to achieve anything. All we can do is attempt to catch as many people as possible and we've caught a decent amount over the years. Sure I'll assume some have got away with bending the rules but all we can ask is people play the challenges morally and disqualify anyone caught. I'd like to believe a massive amount of us are honest and play the game the right way as I'm sure most people here do. All you're doing now is placing doubt on yourself. Simple fact of the matter is the rules state no use of the editor and you were caught using it. That's not my fault, the communities fault, the challenges fault or even the rules fault, the fault is completely your own as you broke them and intentionally at that. Which is based on achievements and with things like the editor not activating correctly it's created a grey area. Then you also have things like the in game challenges which they really could have ran with. I understand we are a niche part of the fan base but it's something they could have ran with. The game is open ended but people can burn out playing "normal saves." If they pushed the challenge community it would give the game more purpose than just win this with them etc.
  13. If anyone admits to actually using it I will. You did and that's the difference, ask anyone and you'll see I do get iffy about the IGE even appearing on images but as you said it's hard to enforce without proof of it being used. If an image does appear with it on the save I will instantly distrust that person and look into it/mention it. In this case you admitted to actually using it so the rule is easy to enforce. As the IGE can be left on by mistake say from jumping from save to save it's impossible to instantly ban any save with the IGE available, if I see it however i do request it's turned off. I don't like the editors but the main reason I don't have them is because I bet the temptation is overwhelming lol. Maybe you were unlucky and maybe your honesty was your down fall, don't get me wrong I'm positive the wool has been pulled over our eyes before but with how stupid SI are it's impossible to enforce unless someone slips up, like in this case. It's bloody infuriating that the editor doesn't trigger when peaking but that's SI's stupid decision and I've asked repeatedly for it to be changed with no response. It's no coincidence the amount of completed 1kc's skyrocketed once all the editors appeared or that it's 9/10 the high PA players being used but without evidence it's meaningless. End of the day I'm sorry this had to happen but the rules have been broken, it's nothing personal and no hard feelings. Thanks for taking it on the chin and be aware I totally understand your points and everything you'd said, it's extremely frustrating how easy it is for people to cheat the system if they so wish but for that reason we have to come down hard on anyone who slips up.
  14. Iscout and all that is also banned, unfortunately a lot of this as you said is extremely hard to enforce. However when someone says they used the editor the rules are enforced. You don't have a leg to stand on, you even said you know the unlockable can't be used but in the same sentence you say you used it. It doesn't say you can't edit things, it says no use of the editor and it's a rule you have openly broken. The IGE does give exact details just in star form, for all we know you could have reloaded to get a good Dybala, you could have used it to make all signings and so on. As you've admitted to it the rules have to be enforced. Using any form of software to get players hidden stats beats the point of the challenge completely and if I see anyway to enforce this rule I will. unfortunately SI don't care about the competitive scene and make the game easy to cheat so a lot of this goes on trust, in this instance you've said you've used the editor so in leaderboard form it's disqualified.
  15. No, you don't get it. The challenges states no use of the editors at all, you've admitted to using the IGE as you've used it to cheat and look at hidden stats. Not my fault the IGE is programmed with such a stupid flaw that it doesn't trigger when just peaking. The rules state no use of the editors, in your own words you've used the editor so your save isn't eligable for the leaderboards.