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  1. Kluivert Reborn

    Looking to be a much better season! Good luck mate
  2. Score 20 goals in a game

    I loved 2013 at the time too, I played 2013 a stupid amount and achieved so much haha. A big part of that was both versions though as they offered two different experiences. When I was sick of mobile I could go to PSP and so on. I think most people who played the game rate 2013 highly. The crap started with 2014 when you had frustrating things like jadedness (OP) and super keepers being added, the goals dropped and the frustration really creeped in. Like I said I really wasn't fond of 2014 at first but I grew to like it, 2015 I put up with, 2016 I hated and 2017 I'm putting up with again, my opinion on 2017 changes daily but I can see it's a step in the right direction regarding everything but the engines. I won't go back to 2013 though for two reasons. 1. It won't be as good as I remember and I couldn't handle that glass shattering moment. 2. It is everything I remember it to be which would really dampen the newer releases for me. Anyway I'm going well off topic here haha. added 0 minutes later I hate this
  3. Save data lost

    Should always close the app by exiting the game and letting it all close down and keep regular back ups.
  4. Save data lost

    How'd you manage to corrupt it?
  5. Score 20 goals in a game

    2013's the best game by a mile, loved that year for the series. IMO it's the most fun mobile version of the game, it had no game breaking bugs (only one I recall is IT stacking) and the PSP version was still around so you even had some depth if you wanted it. It wasn't perfect and it was stupidly goal heavy but damn it was a fun game! Easily the last game I really loved in the series, I didn't like 2014 at the time but looking back it was decent. 2015 and 16 were awful and 2017 is a step in the right direction. I still have them all on my IPod but I force myself to stay away from trying 2013 again haha.
  6. Save data lost

    Nope, not without a back up.
  7. Score 20 goals in a game

    I haven't seen numbers like that outside of Brazil since 2013! Speaking of which My claim to fame and I believe the single striker record on Vibe. It's also my best ever score. Unfortunately it's not the best I've ever seen as that record is owned by @samhardy I believe.
  8. Kluivert Reborn

    Congrats on securing the first title you needed mate :). Not sure if he underperformance or not tbf, a goal or assist every three games isn't bad considering his age and stats. Hopefully he manages to push on in the coming seasons :).
  9. Impressive going mate
  10. Unlucky mate, that really sucks! Good luck on round two!
  11. Just read through this and it was an enjoyable read, very unfortunate with the ending though mate. As Anders said it is worth checking if any real players are available still, but if you want to start again I understand that. As Bati said careers are meant to be failed from time to time, I've had some right horror stories this year alone haha.
  12. I like Diouf even with his United connection haha, good luck
  13. Shame to this come to an end, it's why my golden rule is one career at a time. Having that second career idea is great motivation to get the first one finished off and having two is just a distraction most of the time. (I know I have two currently but technically only one and a half haha).
  14. Best of luck! That's some formation and XI that!
  15. Just caught up and going well so far :). Defo got lucky having a poor Juve as they're one the hardest teams to chase down for sure! So many of these careers ATM it's so hard telling them apart and keeping up with them all haha. Not gunna lie though I was close to jumping on the same bandwagon a few days ago!