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  1. Hopefully I never have to suffer the embarrassment of a one day wonder! Thanks for the comment
  2. Awesome idea, best of luck mate
  3. Top Football Manager Cup

    Yo @samhardy get your arse in here!
  4. Before I respond to everyone I just wanna say a massive thank you for the support shown! Already broke 500 views and it's had over 220 today alone! I'm blown away as always. It even has 9 followers, not sure if I've had that many before on a career but could be wrong haha. I thought i recognised the name but wasn't sure lol, when Sam mentioned he spoke to you I worked out it must be you haha. I may as well say it's @AshFMH for anyone who cares :). I guess I'm happy you enjoy my suffering Don't worry it's been taken in my stride Thank you At this rate 2018 will be out by time I break season one haha.
  5. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue! Job Number Four The wait once again wasn't a long one and this time I was extra excited! If someone of the calibre of Gary Neville wants me I must be doing something right! I should even feature on his TV show based on the club which would be ace! My profile is sure to increase from this type of exposure! The Fixtures The teams recent form seems inconsistent and our journey begins with a tough cup replay away from home, far from ideal! The Results Gulp! This is extremely embarrassing! All my hard work in the last job gone to waste! I had hoped the match would go down as a draw due to the full time result but the second I saw it counts as a defeat I hung my head in shame :(. I'm pretty sure pen losses used to count as draws on FMM anyway? The Defeat This result infuriated me! They had two shots on target in normal time and we go on to bottle the shootout! I said I wanted to fight the RNG but this made my blood boil! We Go Again! I think I'll decline the chance to be interviewed for their TV show now. I'll just have to brush myself off and go again! It's the 19th of October and I'm looking for my fifth, yes fifth job of the season! Our History Job 1 - Grimsby: 2 Matches - W:1 D:0 L:1 - 27 Days Job 2 - Tamworth: 2 Matches - W:1 D:0 L:1 - 3 Days Job 3 - Wycombe: 11 Matches - W:7 D:3 L:1 - 59 Days Job 4 - Salford: 1 Match - W:0 D:0 L:1 - 2 Days Thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.
  6. It's a decent start but all happened too early to win a trophy. If I can find that form closer to the end of the season I might have a chance of achieving my goals. Long time no see mate, welcome back :D. I am right in thinking it was you who added me on Twitter recently and I added back today? @Everyone: Update will be out shortly after the football. Any predictions or last min opinions are welcome
  7. The next game

    Shame 2018 is 6 odd months away
  8. "You're resigning in the morning, resigning in the morrrrning, you're resigning in the morrrning!"
  9. Just wait until you see the next update Not at a club long enough to earn a song haha
  10. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    I thought so That was my first thought haha. So many ideas I love but they have so much leg work around posting them haha
  11. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue! Job Number Three Trouble Already? I suppose looking for your third job before the transfer window even closes isn't ideal..... We Have An Offer! Thankfully I received an email the next day! I'm once again a football manager, hopefully this project goes to plan! The Fixtures So far I've lost every away game and this time we start away at Blackpool! Hoping to the RNG God's that I don't embarrass myself anymore than I already have in the two previous jobs. The Results Now that's more like it as we hit the ground running scoring goals for fun! The good form doesn't last forever however as we end up losing after a thrilling match vs Mansfield. The Defeat I forgot to take it at the time but thankfully I could still look at the match to grab the image, shame this view doesn't show the chances and all that though. How I Leave Wycombe Shame it had to end but I feel my impact was positive. On The Move Again It's only the 15th of October and I'm looking for my fourth job of the season! This is madness! Manager Profile Not bad considering but I have to wonder if the loyalty stat is broken? If it is a bug might actually help me for once! Our History Job 1 - Grimsby: 2 Matches - W:1 D:0 L:1 - 27 Days Job 2 - Tamworth: 2 Matches - W:1 D:0 L:1 - 3 Days Job 3 - Wycombe: 11 Matches - W:7 D:3 L:1 - 59 Days Thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.
  12. Very impressive how you managed to achieve this while building a team up, bring on the next stage!
  13. Brenty's Latin Europe Attempt

    Congratulations mate, I'm looking forward to your next adventure
  14. The Expansive Kingdom Challenge

    Excellent idea mate :D. I assume the idea is you start from scratch each season? So you have to see who your best King is?
  15. Very enjoyable so far mate, Niang will hopefully do the business next season