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  1. Didn't have to wait long ;), posted just as you did lol. You'll find out tomorrow Let's hope you have a sixth sense! Too right, we'll defeat one team at a time haha.
  2. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue! Job Number Twenty-Three Job number twenty three sees us join Bristol Rovers. The Fixtures Whoops it appears I forgot to take this image, at least this is the first time this has happened! Sorry lads, my own fault for trying to play a few updates in a row which can get confusing with what you have and haven't took. The Curse Is Well & Truly Put To Bed @scratch99deserves some credit as we destroy Mansfield! The Results What is happening this year! Just not having much luck at all! The Defeat This one gets under the skin! Bristol Overs Hmm, at this point I can't wait for this season to end! Got to keep up the hope levels though so let's believe job 24 will be the one! At least we battered Mansfield so this update is far from a bust! The business end of the season is about to start so let's hope everything falls into place :D. Our History Thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.
  3. Yeah, I could have done things differently I suppose but each option seems to have hurdles lol. My approach of just getting to the second half of the season and hoping for a lucky run is the best I can come up with ATM lol. So far I've not really checked out squads before accepting as I've basically been judging it on league position/chance of success. As I've been so fussy of late I decided to just try and get some matches played but I'll have to become fussy again I think as these updates aren't fun to play or entertaining for you guys. I'm just good at hyping up the lads for battle Thanks mate Going to write next update shortly, it'll be up later tonight.
  4. 500 International BatiGoals

    Very nice start Bati, if they can all stay level like this you should have this done in no time
  5. Unlucky mate, looking forward to your next save :).
  6. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue! Job Number Twenty-Two Time to go again! The Fixtures Starting away from home and a few former clubs in the run in. The Results Oh......It appears I'm back to embarrassing myself again :(. Worst run of the entire save. The Defeat Talk about all going wrong! The Squad I Had What was I meant to do with this mess! I was under the impression the AI had improved with regards to squad building and the like but this is a completely mess! In the previous match I had to start an injured player, replace him with an injured player and it was just a mess. I hope this doesn't turn into a trend as Birmingham wasn't much better. Job Number 23 Is On The Horizon Our History Thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.
  7. I saw it pop up as a goal and thought that'll do, then the disallowed screen appeared and I knew it was the end
  8. I'm glad I'm not the only one who got super excited when they offered me the job. Extremely disappointed I wasn't able to take advantage of the situation though
  9. mcandrew003's Top 5 Transfer Tips

    Some great tips there and all things I personally do . I'd also mention player trades as it's a great way to get value from players you don't care about/can't sell. I've even signed Bosmans before with the intention of just selling them straight on or using them for trade bait etc.
  10. So did I haha Sorry for lack of second update, something came up. Defo will post two updates tomorrow
  11. Need some Rafa magic! So did I! Unfortunately the squad wasn't in the best of shapes as the AI didn't seem to care about maintaining an XI never mind a squad. I might have to start making signings if the squads are going to be this small/bad/unbalanced!
  12. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue! Job Number Twenty-One Arguably our biggest job yet as Birmingham find themselves struggling in League Two. The Fixtures Looks reasonable. The Results Really disappointed by this in truth, I hoped to be able to do well with Birmingham but it wasn't to be. The Defeat A even match so not many complaints, bloody annoying the game decided to tease me with the disallowed goal however! Moving On Again I wonder where job twenty-two will take us? You'll hopefully find out in an update later tonight :). What a shit few hours we've had, I know Vibe has a large number of members from the Manchester area and I just wanted to say our thoughts are with you all. Sickening, absolutely sickening. I hope you're all safe and well. Our History Thank you for viewing and please remember to leave a comment.
  13. Thanks for the kind words, just got to hope the right job is just around the corner Yeah I'm fairly happy with that run, just starting to get a little attached to Wycombe I think haha.
  14. Oh if you run out of time I'll cry with you! So close now mate!