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  1. 1. The club is totally independent after the edit, but the players still remain on loan from Real Madrid. 2. This can be done, simple change the last two FFFF in the series of FFFF of the lower league team to the code of the higher team. But this can't be done in England league, as it will eventually crash.
  2. There are no reserves team in England other than that of the club you are managing.
  3. Hex Editor Tutorial Changing B Team's Relationship Today, I'm going to write about how to change B team's relationship, etc. making B Teams like Real Madrid Castilla and Barcelona B playable. 1. Download any Hex Editor, you can do it both on phone or on PC. 2. Open club.dat from the Spain database folder. ( Open the one in spainsolo if you are playing with only Spanish league ). 3. Search for the first team name as ASCII. As an example, if you are trying to make Castilla playable, search for "R. Madrid". The club code of the club will be 4 values ahead of the first character of the club name. In the example, Real Madrid's club code will be 1104, note it down. 4. Search for the B team's name. In this example, search for the B team of Real Madrid which is R. Madrid B. The first team code of the B team is located somewhere few lines below the club name, and after a series of FFFFFFFF. Change the first team code to FFFF. In the example, I changed R. Madrid B's first team code, 1104, to FFFF, which changed the team's relationship to their first team. 5. Save the edited club.dat file, and start a new game with Spain loaded as primary league. You can then play as Castilla manager. Disclaimer : The players in the B team will be in loan status from the first team. Additional : There's other things you can do with this trick, like making some lower league teams the B team of your club. Please note that having a B team in England league is not something recommended, as the save will eventually crash when your B team is playing in EFL Cup or FA Cup. Finally, thanks for viewing, and please leave a comment if you have something you don't understand here. If you feel Hex editing something too difficult, but wish to play with Castilla or Barcelona B, you can download this club,dat file below, and place it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database>spain. Then, start a new game with Spain as your primary league with other leagues loaded as well. club.dat
  4. There's already one, just edit the club name there. Note that your save will crash when the reserves are promoted to League 2 in England.
  5. Managed to find how to do it. Will upload the tutorial probably in tomorrow.
  6. B teams doesn't work in England league, as when the B team can play in EFL Cup or FA Cup, the game will crash. But it works in most leagues.
  7. Manager Profile

    In the coach page.
  8. I'm still investigating it and will upload it when I'm free.
  9. You will need to edit those teams relationship to be not a B team, then change yourself as the manager. I will write a tutorial on this, if you are interested.
  10. Manager Profile

    It's possible by adding an UID to your manager with Hex and adding the picture in with that UID. PM me if you are interested in this.
  11. I love this tactic so much, as I'm not a tactical expert, this tactic had regain my interest in FMM lol. Works wonder for me in Porto and Utd and even better with Counter Attack turned on. The two Inside forwards score for fun, but the striker don't seem to score that much, the funny thing is my backup striker, Wilson scored more than Rashford lol, is this something due to their preferred role? Anyway thanks for this incredible tactic, always love a Prize 's tactic, have been using the Black Pearl since FMH 15.
  12. The Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins Challenge

    Interesting idea, might try this as this is exactly how I always play, move around clubs after winning every trophies, will be a nice reason for me to try out Belgium , enjoyed it with Anderlecht in FMH 15, tho Gent will be much difficult compare to Anderlecht haha. Edit : Can I add something like bringing a specific player along the journey?
  13. Malaysia National Team Playable Save

    There's no players in Malaysian team tho
  14. Yes, you can make yourself the manager using this trick, but you must have enough players of the nationality as well. I will recommend using MyClub to add about 40 players of that nationality, and then use this trick to make yourself the manager.