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  1. Hex Editor Tutorial : Managing National Teams Ever have the experience where you want to coach a national team in a save, but always get rejected for the job or the position you want is always secured? Ever wanted to play with Germany national team but sadly can't due to license problem? Well, this tutorial will solve your problem. Before I start the tutorial, I would like to remind that this "trick" is only meant to make your FMM gaming experience more interesting and real. Another thing is editing your save is always risky, so keep in your mind to ALWAYS backup your save before editing. Well then, let's start editing. Step 1 : Download any Hex Editor Hex editing can be done in both PC and on your phone. As in the tutorial, I'll be using a phone to do it. Step 2 : Finding Your Nationality Code Find your nationality code by opening nation.dat file under any database folders Database folders can be found under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database. In the nation.dat folder, search by ASCII your in-game nationality. As an example, my in-game nationality is Germany. So, I searched by ASCII or Text String the word Germany. The 2 values in front of the first character of your nationality will be the nationality code. As in the example, 9100 will be my nationality code. Step 3 : Finding The National Team Code After finding the nationality code, note the code down, and close the nation.dat file. Open your save in Hex Editor. Your saves can be found in Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>saves. Search by ASCII the national team you want to manage. As an example, I will search by ASCII "Germany". The 2 values which is 4 values ahead of the first character of the name will be the national team code.As in the example, ee01 will be the Germany national team code. Note it down. Step 4 : Finding Your Manager Code In the same save file, search by Hexadecimal, "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)". As an example, I will search by Hexadecimal "ffff0000b2079100". The 2 values which is 8 values ahead of the first character of "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)" will be your manager code. Note it down. As in the example, my manager code will be 802e. Step 5 : Start Editing As in the image above, the underlined "ffff" which is 2 values behind the last character of the code "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)", that is the national team code you are managing. Change it into the national team code you want to manage. As in the example, I will change it into "ee01" which is the Germany national team code. Step 6 : Now, search by ASCII the national team name you want to manage again. As in the example, I will search by ASCII "Germany", the 2 values which is 103 values behind the last character of the name of national team you want to manage is the code of the coach of the national team. In this case, since the Germany coach position is vacant, the digits is "ffff" which is equal to NULL. Change it into your manager code, which is found in the steps before. As in the example, I will change it into my manager code which is "802e". After that, save the edited file. Step 7 : Open your game and load the edited save file, enjoy managing the national team! Important : Always backup your save file before editing, edit at your own risk. This only works on national team which has sufficient players with the nationality. If you want to manage teams with no players, use this player generator uploaded by @enggarenk http://vibe.community/files/file/1011-player-generator/ If you feel it too difficult to to edit using Hex Editor, but still want to manage Germany national team. Download this save uploaded by @rabihcattan http://vibe.community/files/file/983-german-national-team-save/ So that's it for the tutorial today, kindly ask if you have any problems editing. PM me if you need help in editing. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it useful, hopefully more will come. Thanks. PS : Special thanks to @henda666
  2. I dont have any troubles with this method, don't know what's the problem, can you try doing it again by following every steps?
  3. Hi fellow FMHVibe members. This is a tutorial on how to use the Hex Editor to swap a reserves team into a higher league using Hex Editor. I will swap Juventus Reserves into Serie A in the following tutorial. First Step : First, download a Hex Editor. There's many Hex Editor out there, but I'm using HXD editor in the following tutorial. Second Step : Start the Hex Editor, and load your save file. Third Step : Search for the reserves team you want to swap by following the instructions below. 1. Search for text string instead of Hex values Fourth Step : After you get the location of the team you search for, find the following Hex values ( 00 FF FF ) which usually appears after a series of 0. Fifth Step : Replace the 00 FF FF into 00 13 00 which is the code of Serie A. ( League codes can be found beneath this OP ) Sixth Step : Find any other Serie A team that you want to send into Serie B and replace the 00 13 00 with 00 14 00 which is the code for Serie B Seventh Step : Save the edited save file ( remember to backup first in case of any mistakes ), and start FMH 15, wait for next season as the Serie A fixtures are already set for the current season. Enjoy the Reserves Team playing in Serie A. Its first team will also be playing in the same league. Caution : Use this at your own risk as this may ruin your save. Always remember to backup. How to find league codes First Step : Open the competition.dat file in any database folder using Hex Editor Second Step : Search for the league you would like to find it's league code. Third Step : After located the league name, the sixth hex code before the league name hex code is the code of the league, which in the following screenshot, its 15, so the league code of the Scottish Premier League is 00 15 00 ( adding 00 before and after the number ). League Codes For Famous League Serie A --- 00 13 00 Serie B --- 00 14 00 Barclays Premier League --- 00 04 00 Sky Bet Championship --- 00 05 00 Liga BBVA --- 00 1B 00 Liga Adalante --- 00 1C 00 French Ligue 1 --- 00 08 00 French Ligue 2 --- 00 09 00 Bundesliga 1 --- 00 0D 00 Bundesliga 2 --- 00 0E 00 You can ask for other league codes. Special thanks to a Chinese FMH fansite ( FMH TIEBA ) for the precious information. Thanks for reading and hope this help.
  4. Changing the nationality code after FFFF0000b207 to the new nationality code shall do if I'm not wrong.
  5. Version 2.1.0


    Hi there, here's a database featuring two leagues with the European's top teams. This two new leagues is based in Poland. I have simulate through two seasons, and there's no big issues. Besides that, everything is fine. Enjoy playing with the big teams against other big teams, with the unique league system in Poland. Installation instructions: 1. Unzip the polandsolo file and placed it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database 2. Replace the original "polandsolo" folder.(Remember to backup the original folder first) 3. Place the changes.txt file under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files 4. Start a new game with only Poland league loaded. Enjoy!
  6. Non-FMM Football Games

    No mention about FIFA or PES?
  7. Agent Game - No more places!

    No problem, thanks
  8. Agent Game - No more places!

    I want to sell Ounas, are there any available players?
  9. Agent Game - No more places!

    Sweet money, thanks Bayern. Buying two spots for Tahith Chong and Adam Ounas as well. Nice job mate, appreciate your effort put into this.
  10. Agent Game - No more places!

    Damn, mine goes unnoticed for months, I'm jealous lol , but still good luck on this, mate. Agent Name : Kun Aguero Players : Barkley, Leroy Sane, Goretzka
  11. Create Players FMM17

    1. Load the nation.dat file under any database folder. 2. Search your manager nationality, by ASCII. As an example, I search for Portugal, the the "a200" in front of Portugal will be the nationality code, note it down. 3. Load your save, search by Hex "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)". You can see from this pic, there's a "ffffffff" few digits in front of the "ffff0000b207", that will be the UID of your manager. 4. Now, edit the UID to any UID not occupied, I will suggest to use 01000000. 5. Get a pic with the right sizes, and rename it to person_1.png, and that's it. Hope this help @CmonJustTheTip @Kyle
  12. Create Players FMM17

    No, you can't add players faces for regens and greyed-out players even if you found their UIDs.
  13. Hex Editor Tutorial Changing B Team's Relationship Today, I'm going to write about how to change B team's relationship, etc. making B Teams like Real Madrid Castilla and Barcelona B playable. 1. Download any Hex Editor, you can do it both on phone or on PC. 2. Open club.dat from the Spain database folder. ( Open the one in spainsolo if you are playing with only Spanish league ). 3. Search for the first team name as ASCII. As an example, if you are trying to make Castilla playable, search for "R. Madrid". The club code of the club will be 4 values ahead of the first character of the club name. In the example, Real Madrid's club code will be 1104, note it down. 4. Search for the B team's name. In this example, search for the B team of Real Madrid which is R. Madrid B. The first team code of the B team is located somewhere few lines below the club name, and after a series of FFFFFFFF. Change the first team code to FFFF. In the example, I changed R. Madrid B's first team code, 1104, to FFFF, which changed the team's relationship to their first team. 5. Save the edited club.dat file, and start a new game with Spain loaded as primary league. You can then play as Castilla manager. Disclaimer : The players in the B team will be in loan status from the first team. Additional : There's other things you can do with this trick, like making some lower league teams the B team of your club. Please note that having a B team in England league is not something recommended, as the save will eventually crash when your B team is playing in EFL Cup or FA Cup. Finally, thanks for viewing, and please leave a comment if you have something you don't understand here. If you feel Hex editing something too difficult, but wish to play with Castilla or Barcelona B, you can download this club,dat file below, and place it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database>spain. Then, start a new game with Spain as your primary league with other leagues loaded as well. club.dat
  14. Change My Managers Name

    It can be done with changes.txt, but can only edit the manager name, editing nationality is not possible with this method.
  15. Version 1.1.0


    Hi there, here is a save file featuring Malaysia National team with real players. All players data are taken from FM17 database. I have created this save file using the MyClub feature, by adding in players with Malaysian nationality. There are two files in the zip file, which is "With IGE" and "Without IGE". The difference between both files are that the "Without IGE" save file have all the Malaysian players in a new club I have created using MyClub, you can still manage the national team, just with a little bit unrealistic, as the players are playing in Australia league. While the "With IGE" file have all the Malaysia players in their respective Malaysia club. So if you have bought IGE, then you can use the "With IGE" save, but if you don't, you can only use the "Without IGE" save which still features the national team. Installation instructions : 1. Extract the file. Choose your save file ( With IGE or Without IGE). 2. Rename it to "fm_save(preferred slot).dat", i.g.e. fm_save1.dat. 3. Place it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>savegames 4. Start your game and load the save file. Enjoy If you can't load multiple league : 1. Download the Malaysia MyClub file. 2. Extract it, place the MyClub file in it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>user_data 3. Start a new game with MyClub mode. Load the MyClub template. 4. Edit the save using this : http://vibe.community/forums/topic/38986-hex-editor-tutorial-managing-national-teams
  16. You need to change both the team code you are managing under ffff0000b207 to Ebbsfleet. Then, the manager code under Ebbsfleet to yours, and the manager code under Chelsea to FFFF.
  17. You need to change both the team code you are managing under ffff0000b207 to Ebbsfleet. Then, the manager code under Ebbsfleet to yours, and the manager code under Chelsea to FFFF.
  18. Managing Germany

    Create one if you don't already have it. If you have downloaded the License fix one, edit it, it should be under com.sigames.fmm17>files
  19. Redknapp Returns...

    Wow, this must have be the most unique career writing style. Really like how you do those featured matches. KIU.
  20. Version 1.0.0


    This file features improved Graphical News with Sky Sports theme. Installation instructions: 1. Extract the file. 2. Place both folders in the file under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>fmhi_hdtv_skin>gui_images 3. Replace the original graphical _news folder. Backup your original folder first in case you want to change back to the normal one. Note that this file is only for Android users using HDTV sizes. Check your sizes under Credits section in the starting screen of FMM17.
  21. 1. The club is totally independent after the edit, but the players still remain on loan from Real Madrid. 2. This can be done, simple change the last two FFFF in the series of FFFF of the lower league team to the code of the higher team. But this can't be done in England league, as it will eventually crash.
  22. There are no reserves team in England other than that of the club you are managing.
  23. There's already one, just edit the club name there. Note that your save will crash when the reserves are promoted to League 2 in England.
  24. Managed to find how to do it. Will upload the tutorial probably in tomorrow.
  25. B teams doesn't work in England league, as when the B team can play in EFL Cup or FA Cup, the game will crash. But it works in most leagues.