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  1. Version 1.1.0


    Hi there, here is a save file featuring Malaysia National team with real players. All players data are taken from FM17 database. I have created this save file using the MyClub feature, by adding in players with Malaysian nationality. There are two files in the zip file, which is "With IGE" and "Without IGE". The difference between both files are that the "Without IGE" save file have all the Malaysian players in a new club I have created using MyClub, you can still manage the national team, just with a little bit unrealistic, as the players are playing in Australia league. While the "With IGE" file have all the Malaysia players in their respective Malaysia club. So if you have bought IGE, then you can use the "With IGE" save, but if you don't, you can only use the "Without IGE" save which still features the national team. Installation instructions : 1. Extract the file. Choose your save file ( With IGE or Without IGE). 2. Rename it to "fm_save(preferred slot).dat", i.g.e. fm_save1.dat. 3. Place it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>savegames 4. Start your game and load the save file. Enjoy If you can't load multiple league : 1. Download the Malaysia MyClub file. 2. Extract it, place the MyClub file in it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>user_data 3. Start a new game with MyClub mode. Load the MyClub template. 4. Edit the save using this : http://vibe.community/forums/topic/38986-hex-editor-tutorial-managing-national-teams
  2. There's already one, just edit the club name there. Note that your save will crash when the reserves are promoted to League 2 in England.
  3. Hex Editor Tutorial : Managing National Teams Ever have the experience where you want to coach a national team in a save, but always get rejected for the job or the position you want is always secured? Ever wanted to play with Germany national team but sadly can't due to license problem? Well, this tutorial will solve your problem. Before I start the tutorial, I would like to remind that this "trick" is only meant to make your FMM gaming experience more interesting and real. Another thing is editing your save is always risky, so keep in your mind to ALWAYS backup your save before editing. Well then, let's start editing. Step 1 : Download any Hex Editor Hex editing can be done in both PC and on your phone. As in the tutorial, I'll be using a phone to do it. Step 2 : Finding Your Nationality Code Find your nationality code by opening nation.dat file under any database folders Database folders can be found under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database. In the nation.dat folder, search by ASCII your in-game nationality. As an example, my in-game nationality is Germany. So, I searched by ASCII or Text String the word Germany. The 2 values in front of the first character of your nationality will be the nationality code. As in the example, 9100 will be my nationality code. Step 3 : Finding The National Team Code After finding the nationality code, note the code down, and close the nation.dat file. Open your save in Hex Editor. Your saves can be found in Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>saves. Search by ASCII the national team you want to manage. As an example, I will search by ASCII "Germany". The 2 values which is 4 values ahead of the first character of the name will be the national team code.As in the example, ee01 will be the Germany national team code. Note it down. Step 4 : Finding Your Manager Code In the same save file, search by Hexadecimal, "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)". As an example, I will search by Hexadecimal "ffff0000b2079100". The 2 values which is 8 values ahead of the first character of "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)" will be your manager code. Note it down. As in the example, my manager code will be 802e. Step 5 : Start Editing As in the image above, the underlined "ffff" which is 2 values behind the last character of the code "ffff0000b207(your nationality code)", that is the national team code you are managing. Change it into the national team code you want to manage. As in the example, I will change it into "ee01" which is the Germany national team code. Step 6 : Now, search by ASCII the national team name you want to manage again. As in the example, I will search by ASCII "Germany", the 2 values which is 103 values behind the last character of the name of national team you want to manage is the code of the coach of the national team. In this case, since the Germany coach position is vacant, the digits is "ffff" which is equal to NULL. Change it into your manager code, which is found in the steps before. As in the example, I will change it into my manager code which is "802e". After that, save the edited file. Step 7 : Open your game and load the edited save file, enjoy managing the national team! Important : Always backup your save file before editing, edit at your own risk. This only works on national team which has sufficient players with the nationality. If you want to manage teams with no players, use this player generator uploaded by @enggarenk http://vibe.community/files/file/1011-player-generator/ If you feel it too difficult to to edit using Hex Editor, but still want to manage Germany national team. Download this save uploaded by @rabihcattan http://vibe.community/files/file/983-german-national-team-save/ So that's it for the tutorial today, kindly ask if you have any problems editing. PM me if you need help in editing. Hope you enjoy the tutorial and find it useful, hopefully more will come. Thanks. PS : Special thanks to @henda666
  4. Managed to find how to do it. Will upload the tutorial probably in tomorrow.
  5. B teams doesn't work in England league, as when the B team can play in EFL Cup or FA Cup, the game will crash. But it works in most leagues.
  6. Manager Profile

    In the coach page.
  7. I'm still investigating it and will upload it when I'm free.
  8. You will need to edit those teams relationship to be not a B team, then change yourself as the manager. I will write a tutorial on this, if you are interested.
  9. Manager Profile

    It's possible by adding an UID to your manager with Hex and adding the picture in with that UID. PM me if you are interested in this.
  10. I love this tactic so much, as I'm not a tactical expert, this tactic had regain my interest in FMM lol. Works wonder for me in Porto and Utd and even better with Counter Attack turned on. The two Inside forwards score for fun, but the striker don't seem to score that much, the funny thing is my backup striker, Wilson scored more than Rashford lol, is this something due to their preferred role? Anyway thanks for this incredible tactic, always love a Prize 's tactic, have been using the Black Pearl since FMH 15.
  11. The Sir Bradley Marc Wiggins Challenge

    Interesting idea, might try this as this is exactly how I always play, move around clubs after winning every trophies, will be a nice reason for me to try out Belgium , enjoyed it with Anderlecht in FMH 15, tho Gent will be much difficult compare to Anderlecht haha. Edit : Can I add something like bringing a specific player along the journey?
  12. Version 2.1.0


    Hi there, here's a database featuring two leagues with the European's top teams. This two new leagues is based in Poland. I have simulate through two seasons, and there's no big issues. Besides that, everything is fine. Enjoy playing with the big teams against other big teams, with the unique league system in Poland. Installation instructions: 1. Unzip the polandsolo file and placed it under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>database 2. Replace the original "polandsolo" folder.(Remember to backup the original folder first) 3. Place the changes.txt file under Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files 4. Start a new game with only Poland league loaded. Enjoy!
  13. Malaysia National Team Playable Save

    There's no players in Malaysian team tho
  14. Yes, you can make yourself the manager using this trick, but you must have enough players of the nationality as well. I will recommend using MyClub to add about 40 players of that nationality, and then use this trick to make yourself the manager.
  15. Version 1.0.0


    This file features startscreen with real life managers. How to install : 1. Unzip the file. 2. Rename both folders in it into "images" 3. Place the "images(HDTV)" in Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>fmhi_hdtv_skin. Replace the original file in it. 4. Place the "images(retina)"in Android>data>com.sigames.fmm17>files>installed>fmhi_retina_skin. Replace the original file in it. Please note that : 1. This is for Android only. 2. For HD sizes only. 3. Always backup your original file just in case anything went wrong Senol Gunnes startscreen done by @noktabaz.
  16. Managers Startscreens

    You can use any image editing software, even Paint is good enough. Make sure you have the right size, name and correct location. If you still can't made it, pls pm me with a screenshot if your picture name and size.
  17. You need to have sufficient Indonesian players to do this. You can download the save file for Indonesian national team on Vibe, or add in the players using MyClub.
  18. Managers Startscreens

    What's your image format? It only supports JPG.
  19. UEFA Super League

    Probably no, that will be too much work. There's other Database Editors that might be interested in doing it. Anyway, thanks for the support.
  20. Challenge Cup 2017

    May be out in first round, but still, I'm in!
  21. The Race Back To The Top

    Man City Season 7
  22. Euro U21 2015 Team Of The Tournament - Where Are They Now? Hi fellow Vibers, after an intense speculation on Victor Lindelof transfer to Manchester United recently, I went on Google searching details about this Manchester United target, and found that he had been nominated in the Euro U21 2015, which he won the tournament with Sweden. Then I recalled that I had done an article about the Euro U21 2015 TOTT back in 2015, it made me wonder if Lindelof had gain some success in his career with a potential move to United, how about the other players nominated? Have they fulfilled their potential? Or did they turned up into another flop? So today, in this article, I will look at the player's stats then and now in FMM, and see if they have fulfilled their potential. Enjoy. First of all, let's look at the team. A very decent team, a few well-known wonderkids here. So let's move on to look at the players one by one. GK : Jose Sa FMM 17 Jose Sa was in Maritimo back in FMH 15, and is now in Porto B, signed by Porto for a fee of €1,5 million in January 2016. Looking at his attributes, he had a few greens and few reds in FMH15, but now in FMM 17, most of his attributes are blue, but with no greens. A decent improvement, right? As for his potential ability, that's definitely a huge improvement for him. In total, he can be a decent goalkeeper for most mid-table teams. DR : Victor Lindelof FMM 17 Look back to what I comment on him back in 2015, I said that he can be a decent player for lower league teams, and now he is already a target of Manchester United, what an improvement. Back in FMH 15, he's never the type of players you will look to sign, but now in FMM 17, he's one of the best right back in the game. He can play in both CB and RB position, and had a green attributes for Positioning, and with a few blue attributes for Crossing, passing, and tackling, which made him a perfect right back for any club. And he's only 21, I'm very sure that he will have mostly green attributes after a few years of training, with that high PA. Definitely one of the most improved player in the TOTM. DC : Filip Helander FMM 17 f The Swedish center back was not in the game in FMH 15, but after making a move to Verona and then a loan move to Bologna, he is now being included in FMM 17. He had some decent attributes as a center back, with a 15 in Aerial and Tackling, as well as a 14 in Positioning. While in real life, since his performance in U21 Euro 2015, he had been signed by then Serie A Verona, and was loaned to Bologna, with an obligation to sign outright. He definitely had gained himself an improvement, in both reputation and ability since U21 Euro 2015. DC : Jannik Vestergaard FMM 17 Shocked to see that Vestergaard was one of the few ( if not only ) players to be downgraded. The then Werder Bremen player is now in another Bundesliga team, Monchengladbach, joining the team in summer 2016, with a fee of €12 million. His green attributes in FMH 15 remained green in FMM 17, but with a few tweaks. Despite his downgrade, I'm sure that Vestergaard can still fit into most teams as a starting center back. DL : Raphael Guerreiro FMM 17 What a huge improvement for Guerreiro, in terms of both reputation and ability. From a mid table Ligue 1 side to a Champions League side. Guerreiro had been well-known since his performance in Euro 2016, winning the title for Portugal, just one year after U21 Euro 2015. His attributes had have a huge improvement, from mostly yellow in FMH 15, to mostly blue, and had the potential to reach green. He can also play in more positions now, since being deployed as a midfielder by Thomas Tuchel. As he is now in Dortmund, I believe that it's quite difficult to sign him if you are a mid table side, but if you are leading a big team, you can get him into your team by paying more. Definitely someone to watch in the future. DMC : William Carvalho FMM 17 He had a minor drop in terms of PA in FMM 17, but still a more than decent midfielder. Most of his attributes remain the same with those in FMM 17, but his Tackling attributes had been raised to 15, which made him someone reliable in the defence, with a 18 in Positioning as well. He also had a very high Strength attributes, I think he can also play as a nice BWM with that strong body. In real life, he's part of the Euro 2016 winning team, and he may soon be in a bigger league, with West Brom very close to signing him. DMC : Oscar Lewicki ( Not In Game ) Still in Malmo AMR : Nathan Redmond FMM 17 The player that scored against Liverpool for Southampton just yesterday. He had gained himself a slight improve in PA. He can be a decent winger with that attributes. Meanwhile, he can also play in more positions now, compared to in FMH 15. He's now a regular player for Southampton, and hopefully can improve more in the future. A future England international in the making? AMC : Bernardo Silva FMM 17 Already a wonderkid in FMH 15, and now just get better. He had all the stats for becoming a world-class attacking midfielder, definitely someone to sought for in any big teams. In real life, he had been targeted by Manchester United, and may be joining the Red Devils. If the move to Manchester United really happen for him, I'm sure he will soon be a world-beater under Mourinho. Definitely someone to look out in the future. AML : Ivan Calaveiro FMM 17 From Benfica, he is now in Championship side Wolves. A slight improvement in PA, his attributes looks decent, but believe me, he will get even better. I'm using him now in my Porto save, and he's scoring and assisting all around the pitch, playing as an INF. He will normally get transfer listed in the second season, and you will get to snap him up with a rather cheap transfer fee, probably below 10 million. ST : Kevin Volland FMM 17 Top scorer in the U21 Euro 2015, and now a record signing for Leverkusen from Bundesliga side Hoffenheim. He can now play in both left winger position and as a striker. Despite his slight drop in PA, he's still one of the best wonderkids in game. However, his time in Leverkusen seems not too well, having just scored 1 goal in 10 appearances, and had already been tagged as flop. Will he fulfilled his potential, and hopefully be one of Germany's star in the future? Well, that's all for today. As a conclusion, most of the players included in the TOTT had get themselves an improvement. The most improved player IMO had to be Raphael Guerreiro. With the next U21 Euro to start in summer 2017, I'm sure that there will more talents emerging out. Finally, I would like to hear your ideas about the players. Please leave your comments and ideas. As always, thanks for reading.
  23. Malaysia National Team Playable Save

    This save game is in multiple league, maybe cause your file can't load multiple league. Try using the MyClub file.