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  1. 25000 Vibers!

    Has it really been 3.5 years? I thought it was at least 5 :lol: But congrats Dec this is huge for you and the community
  2. The Story of Me

    Im going to use the editor, edit a player out and put myself in their place
  3. The Story of Me

    And there we have it! I will be playing as an AM/F RLC. This might take a while to start as I have to complete a script by next week So yeah. Just watch this space
  4. Challenge Cup 7

    TBH I was expecting AS to have worked out the winner
  5. Challenge Cup 7

    Ah ok then. Well I can't really change it now considering many people have seen it and things. But if I do it again I shall look at how it has been done and do it that way
  6. Challenge Cup 7

    Urgh maths to do now. Ash yours was 43 and Devils was 34. This is league only though. And I am sorry about that, I didn't know how it was done in the other rounds so I just did it my way.
  7. Challenge Cup 7

    I never specifically said that GD will be taken into account. I mentioned whoever finished higher or went furthest in the cups would be the winner. Say this happened; Example Title | Ashez | Devil League | 3rd | 2nd Spanish Cup | Winner | RU Champions Cup | 1st R | 1st R Then you both would have won 1 thing each against each other then I would have gone down to GD of the entire season (so all comps) But as it happened Devil also won the SC he equalled and bettered your overall score to my system of points I used to work out the winner.
  8. Challenge Cup 7

    And here we go. It is time to announce the winner of this Challenge Cup!!!! We have had to fine men competing throughout this competition and having a tough challenge to complete! Ashez and Devil are you ready to see the results? Well here it goes! We shall start off looking at the Champions Cup. Ashez with your Real Madrid team you got knocked out in the 1st Round Devil with your Real Madrid team you got knocked out in the 1st Round So far both men are drawing with being eliminated in the 1st round of the Champions Cup. We now move on to the Spanish Cup. Devil with your Real Madrid team you made it to the final of the Spanish Cup Ashez with your Real Madrid team you made it to the final of the Spanish Cup I can now reveal that both men had WON the Spanish Cup Again we are level pegging as we go into the final round where we look at the league positions. Ashez you fought well in your league gaining more wins and suffering fewer draws. Devil although you didn't get more wins than Ashez but you did suffer twice the amount of draws as him, however you did lose less games. The final league positions were 2nd and 3rd. But to who you ask? Well the two men know where they finished, but not the other. I can reveal to you now that the winner for coming SECOND in the League is... *Drum roll* DEVIL!!!!
  9. The Story of Me

    Apologies I haven't been updating this been away for personal reasons. Anyways the winner is Braunschweiger TSV Eintracht Next up is to vote on my position
  10. Challenge Cup 7

    Apologies I have been away for some R&R the past couple of weeks. Ashez, if you send me your results I shall look and then compare between the two of you and see who won
  11. Challenge Cup 7

    Ah crap I forgot about the deadline I shall give it until 24th April, so that is 2 weeks. How do you class a players position? By natural position? So Ronaldo is a midfielder and not a striker? As close as possible, I am unsure what Ronaldos positions are on the latest version so I will go with FMH2011 Ronaldo is an AM/F RLC (Natural Right Winger) I would like it if the replacement is the same natural position but it doesn't matter too much as long as they are also an AM/F RLC as well. So if you sold an AM RL you would replace them with another AM RL.
  12. Challenge Cup 7

    Yeah I can see that. I shall edit it slightly
  13. Challenge Cup 7

    Ashez and Devil I have come back to give you the final challenge you will face in this Challenge Cup. It is something that (I don’t think) has been done before. It is something that you will struggle at if you don’t succeed. I give to you Real Madrid. [Everyone is in shock] Oh you think this is going to be easy? You think you can win with Real Madrid? Well it doesn’t matter what you think as the challenge is not over! [More gasps from Vibe] To start off your challenge you must sell your highest priced player in each position; (Striker, Mid, Def, GK) Then you HAVE to sign a new one to replace those exact position/s between £1 million - £5 million. For example if you sold Cristiano Ronaldo (AM/F RLC)* you would need to sign a new player between £1m and £5m to replace him. [Cheers from Vibe] But wait. There’s more. Once you have sold those 4 players and once they have been replaced you must do this at least twice so 8 players in total until you reach the end of the transfer window. If possible keep going. Then once you hit January 1st guess what happens? You’re GOD DAMN RIGHT! You have to do it all again for at least one round, and then keep going if possible! [More cheers and gasps from Vibe] However as I am feeling kind you do not need to win anything. The winner of the Challenge is determined by whoever finishes highest in the league and makes in furthest in all the cup competitions! You must complete this by the 24th April 2014!!! *My assumption is that this is still Ronaldo's positions.
  14. The Story of Me

    I did that first time. Strange? Will do it again for ya'll
  15. Challenge Cup 7

    Just an update with my talks with AS. The final will be back on soon. Very soon.