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  1. The Vikings Cometh

    Yeah I have just noticed thanks for brining it to my attention.
  2. I don't think anything was meant by this from @Ashez it's just a challenge he set to play in a gam and nothing more. I'm sure he never meant to cause any offence. However your attack on him as a person is uncalled for.
  3. The Vikings Cometh

    Excuse me? Is there any need for this? How exactly is this call for?
  4. Rewriting History with Poole Town

    I tried a completely new structure on today's episode as we took on Bath City. Let me know if you enjoyed the new structure.
  5. Rewriting History with Poole Town

    Next episode is here and it early. In today's episode we hae our first league game of the season how do you think we will get on? Next episode will be out on next Saturday where I am trying a new style.
  6. Hello and welcome to my first save here on Football Manager Mobile 2017. I have chosen the mighty Poole Town FC. This is my introduction episode as well look at the team in abit of depth as well as talk about tactic and transfers. Sorry the quality is a bit below par and the occasional stutter or sync issue I hope to resolve this by episode 3 as episode 2 was recorded straight after this one. I have since changed the app I used to record. Keep your eye peel for episode 2 on Saturday. And as always I will speak to you legends soon!
  7. FMM2017 Funnies

    FMM retro database confirmed
  8. Started From The Bottom Now We're Here

    Good luck mate. Make sure you start your own thread so people can follow your progress
  9. Started From The Bottom Now We're Here

    You fail the challenge.
  10. Cannot find any wonderkids

    What leagues did you load?
  11. Just M1ke Presents Pick, Stick or Twist

    First update out tomorrow Good luck and may the odd be ever in your favour.
  12. Little bit to easy

    I am managing Wilsa Krakow and I am struggling. Tried a similar formation to you but had to change to a 3-2-2-3 now I am performin better.
  13. Part 1 of my Football Manager Mobile 2017 first look reaction Part 2 will be out soon
  14. Game Breaker (penalty wins)

    I admit there are some bad bugs in the game but no company deserves to have thier work pirated. How would you like it if something you worked on and people said they will just get it for free? They will sort it they have already address this a number of times here on Vibe and over on thier forums