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  1. Just M1ke On Tour

    Looking to get the next update out tonight.
  2. I'm available if any one need a tag partner
  3. The red bull challenge

    PGE and Save Editor will be out soon
  4. Just M1ke On Tour

    Iv never used Rondon before however I think if your in the Championship in England he could definitely be a great player for most team. I wouldn't say he is a top flight player however. He could prove me wrong. You wasn't far of mate. Tbh I though Drogba would have been The main man but the other 2 just work well together so there is no reason to change it at the moment. Thanks Mr BatiGoal it feels good to be back writing again.
  5. The Converted Winger Challenge

    I know you say your disappointed but I still thing you smashed it mate. Looking forward to seeing who you pick next.
  6. If you need any help Ash just let me know
  7. Just M1ke On Tour

    Season 1 Episode 2 Ok so first things first Lincoln Red Imps have made it in the the Champions League group stage and gave a very good account of themselves. Now on to all things Brisbane Roar. I would first of all like to thank everyone that smashed a heart on the first episode and for the comments and predictions. News Tommy Oar is not happy and want to move to a "bigger club" The next day the vultures start to circle Ok so he is worth 2.3 million and they are offering 210k are they having a laugh? Fixtures So not the best start before the season 2 loses. Things ramped up when we got the the start of the Regular season and we went on a run of 8 games without a loss. Cup Run Well I wouldn't really call is a run more a trip and fall at the first hurdle. It wasn't really something I was aiming to win as the league is number one priority however it would have been nice to at least get to the semi's. Next season maybe? Friendly A very even game but Sydney definitely making the most of their chances. Game of the episode First loss of the regular season in a very entertaining match against Melbourne the man the myth the legend Tim Chill grabbing the goal in the 27th minute to put the game back in the favour of Melbourne after a blistering start to the game with both teams grabbing a goal inside the first 20 minutes. The rest of the half is was all Brisbane as we looked to get back on level term before going in at the break but we were met by a resolute Melbourne defence and even when we broke through thier keeper was on hand to pull of some huge saves. After the break it was very much like a NBA match end to end attack after attack and both keepers put to the test. In the 63rd minute Rondon grabbed his second goal of the game as we pulled the game back on level terms against the run of play I might add. It didn't last long as Melbourne hit back twice in the same minute to take a 4-2 lead. Our team was left rocking and had nothing left to give in the final 20 minutes and it was backs against the wall to keep the score respectable. League table After 13 games we are sitting top of the table. We are also starting to gain a health goal difference. Player performance I thought it would have been The Drog that was my main threat and my main man up top but he is being kept out of the team by Rondon and his 7 goals at the moment. It's pleasing to see his strike partner Bresciano is not just sitting back and letting Rondon take all the glory chipping in with 6 goals of his own. Which will end up on top at the end of the season? Davi is the man proving the assists can he continue this throughout the season? Asian Champions League I didn't even know this was a competition that we was in. I'm not sure if this is a good group or not the teams have mostly greyed out player which can sometime be tricky especially when trying to scout the oppositionas you can't look at key players or previous game form. Do you think we will get out of the group stage? Right that just about does it for today's episode. If you did enjoy it don't forget to show your support by smashing the heart button. I have been Just M1ke Plays and I will speak to you legends soon.
  8. Just M1ke On Tour

    Season 1 Episode 1 So the tour starts in Australia with Brisbane Roar let's get in to this. Team Report It's seems that my defence is the area that I will need to look at strengthening. Staff Need to find a Scout and Physio. It's good to see we have one silver badged coach on the books already. Fixtures Seem we have a cup match first of all then just one friendly. Leave some prediction of my how many wins I will pick up in these 13 matches Key Players Any fans of English football might remember Tommy Oar. I'm sure he had a successful stint at Ipswich. He has very well rounded attributes and he has good versatility. Holman is another player that come over to England and had a not so memorable time with Villa. I have a feeling Holman is going to be a key player in the middle of the park for me. I am looking for him to be the mistro in the centre of midfield. Prospects Driver doesn't look much at the moment but I have a feeling he will a very good player in the future he already has good passing, technique and decisions and if I can get him out on loan they could all improve. Ingham is another player that might not look much bit I think the attributes that are already decent are the key ones to make an very good right back. Formation A version of a 442 nothing to fancy but I feel it works to my teams strengths. Hope that the wingers will stay out wide and get the ball in to the box to hit the big target man. I feel that this these roles will keep the team balanced. This will probably evolve with the save as I learn how to get the best from the team. Transfer There is a mixture of experienced players and guys that can get the job done. How well can a 38 year old Drogba do for me? Hope you enjoyed this little intro next update should hopfully but up tomorrow. Don't forget to show your support by dropping a heart. I have been Just M1ke Plays and I will speak to you legends soon.
  9. Arjen Robben Challenge

    Really good idea for a challenge. I hope to see some pepole take this on.
  10. Hibs save

    Post the save in here! I'm sure everyone would enjoy reading your career.
  11. Your Community, Your Thoughts: Feedback Wanted

    Yes Jay. I am looking forward to this!
  12. Good luck my friend. I'm sure you will smash it!
  13. Just M1ke On Tour

    Right let's see if I can actually make it through a save. There is no real aim of this save other then doing the best I can do at each club. I don't aim to stay at one club forever however I have no plans on what to do or where to go. Let just see where this save will take us. First update out later tonight. Sit back relax and enjoy the ride as Just M1ke goes on tour
  14. Cockers Attempts The UK Challenge V 3.0

    Just caught up with this mate. Bravo sir👏👏
  15. Three Wishes for FMM18

    I don't think any game has that last one @Ashez we can all hope. I really hope they improve the tactic we need more Roles for sure.