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  1. Staff announcements

    Congrats Hashtag and Kyle.
  2. Ronaldo vs Messi-A Double Trouble

    Good luck Risheek! I'll have to try Guedes sometime, he seems promising Team Messi for the win!
  3. Samsung Galaxy S4 - Retina/HDTV
  4. Ambitious, pessimistic
  5. What Has Ashez Been Playing?

    Great going Ashez , Wales is indeed a fun league. Once you start dominating and scoring a load of goals, you'll just have to worry about keeping your players and overconfidence, a great league though! Looking forward to your Porto save mate.
  6. Lewandowski And His Five Goals

    Been away for a month and wanted to get back into FMH (or FMM as I heard it was going to be called). I saw this challenge and wanted to try it, here's my attempt. Dragon's Attempt at Lewandowski Game #1 Already hit the ground running with a hat-trick, 2 goals left! Game #2 And he's finished it off at Hertha! Challenge Complete. Dragon's Total Time: 131 Minutes There's my entry mate, good luck to future challengers. Lewan's Stats
  7. Favourite FMH15 Players

    Player: Aron Johansson. Any club that I pick this guy up in, he performs well, one of my favourite players and one that I'll look out for in FMH16 U21: Guido Vadala, great little midfielder that played really well in my Swindon career Bargain: Dominic Samuel, picked him up from Reading for cheap to aid me in Premier League survival, performed well and became my top scorer
  8. FMH2015 Wonderkids Hurt/Heal

    Heal: Depay (6) Hurt: Odegaard (3)
  9. FMH2015 Wonderkids Hurt/Heal

    Hurt: Januzaj (2) Heal: Lukaku (8)
  10. Win One, Take One

    Oh, I didn't see your topic, I was actually debating whether to do that, but I chose to randomise instead. Which also brings me to another thing. If I draw with my opponent, I'll randomise a player from both our sides and switch them. One from my team to the other and vice versa. True, although Ward isn't at the club anymore, I'll definitely try to look and exploit Yannick in the game. A beautiful player. #YannickIsOP Thanks, I've tried him before and he was amazing. Thanks mate.
  11. Win One, Take One

    Win One, Take One Back To Square One So....I've accidentally overwrote the save with a Liverpool career that I was just doing for fun. Unfortunately, I didn't keep a backup, so I have to redo this whole thing all over again, hopefully, I actually do this properly now. Right now, I'm in due course for 3 updates at least by today, so I'm going to try my best to catch-up to where I was at. The Team 2.0 Reversal of luck I guess. Instead of me praying for more defenders from the randomiser, I just ended up wishing that I had my beastly strike force back. Seems like a 4-1-3-2 formation for me then, hope it ends up well Let's not wait any longer, and head right into the first two matches, which are Crystal Palace (H) Everton (A) Everton....well then Matchday One WinOneTakeOne vs. Crystal Palace Interesting lineup from WOTO, going with a 4-1(DM)-3(All Attacking Mids)-2, predicting an easy win for the Palace away. Hahaha, take that Palace, easy win for WinOneTakeOne at home, I'll take a Bolasie please. Who will we get? Bolasie And by the luck of the draw, we get BOLASIE again! Actually..shoot...I already have the Angel of Dreams and Willian to fill up those spots. Whelp, I still need that central midfielder though, I'm pretty sure Cattermole can't live by himself there. Anyways, second match. Matchday Two Everton vs. WinOneTakeOne I'll take a Gago, I guess. Who will I get? Lukaku Lukaku will definitely strengthen my attack, which already boasts the likes of umm... Anichebe? The Squad and Conclusion
  12. Win One, Take One

    Thanks UK, it should be great Aguero didn't score in the first game, should have had Kompany instead Cheers Tom
  13. Win One, Take One

    Win One, Take One Matchday One - Home to Crystal Palace Change of mind, I think I'm just going to randomise it without the poll so I can move on with this fairly quickly. Anyways, I've now gotten to the first league match of the season which so happens to be against Crystal Palace at home. You guys should know the rules, so the result will determine who I win or lose, let's take a look at how the match ended. I'm hoping it will be good Fortunately for me, it was a great managerial debut, and we beat Crystal Palace! You know what we do, let's head over to the randomiser and get our first player that will join the team. That's the Palace squad we get to choose from, so let's do the randomisation now. Who will we get? And the randomiser has chosen.. Oh for gods sake, not another attacker/winger, I already have enough of them. At least I know Bolasie is a good player so he'll definitely strengthen us for sure. I would've even taken Hangeland instead of Bolasie, that's how desperate I am for a defender. I'll just move on really quickly. That's how the squad looks after this first match, I really need a backup goalkeeper so I hope I'll get lucky in the next match. Conclusion Since, I can just go through this matches and randomise fairly quickly, I think the next update will include two matches, so I look forward to that. The next two matches are: Everton (A) West Ham (A) Easy opposition! Surely I'll just beat them both by...4 goals? Mark my words Anyways, that's the end of this update, leave your comments/thoughts down below, and thanks for reading
  14. Win One, Take One

    Win One, Take One Introduction Alright, I've been away for a while and I haven't posted something in a long time. So, I had this idea in mind for a while and I think it has materialised into something beautiful Without further ado, let me introduce to you guys my brand new career/save called: Win One, Take One! You might be wondering how I will go about this, so here is how I'm going to do it: (Note: This challenge required IGE to actually work, so the yellow edited button in the bottom right appears) How to Do it - Take over a Premier League club or any other first division club and release all their players. - Go through all the teams except the one you took over, and follow this procedure to get your players: ~ Open up a randomiser (http://therandomiser.com/) and input the names of the first team players of a club and then randomise, you might need to sim a month to get that first team data. ~ You can only do it ONCE! After that, no redos. Once you get the name of your player, you chuck him into your club using the IGE, simple as that! ~ Repeat for all the clubs, you only get one player from each club. For an example, if I did this with Man City in the BPL, I should end up with 19 players because we exclude Man City from the draw. Extra Instructions - If you don't get a goalkeeper, put the names of all the first eleven goalkeepers in the randomiser and randomise it. Once you get the name, he's the goalkeeper you're going to use. - With the IGE, you might need to increase the salary to accomodate all your chosen players' demands. - Having fun! Alright, so we finally got through that one, let's look at the way to play this How to Play/Rules - You can't buy or sell any of your chosen players, unless you have to offload them to a club because you lost them - If you win, you can take a player from the club you beat. Usually, you would randomise the first eleven of that team in that game and you would get your player from there, but I'm going to go about mine more differently. - If you lose, you transfer a random player from the first team you used to the team that you lost against. I'm going to do mine differently though. - No saving/reloading - Own formations only - Have fun (again) How I Will Play It Obviously the rules of the challenge are there, but I want to do mine differently as I want you guys to get involved. So, what I'm going to do is - When I do the randomisation part of the challenge, I will actually assign a random number to each player of either my team or the other team depending on the result. Then, I put that into a poll and get you guys voting, it will be from 1-11, the thing is though....I won't reveal the name of the player so that you guys wouldn't know who you are voting for, which will make it even more interesting as it probably will be mixed results. Anyways, let's get on with the team. The Team Burnley FC a.k.a FMHVibe WOTO The team I have chosen to take over is lowly Premier League minnows, Burnley. Cracking start and a challenge for me already, let's see the team that I have made from a long time of randomisation. Squad Lineup Expected worse to be honest, so I'm fairly happy with the squad, although I'm a bit worried on the defensive side as I earned way to many attackers though. I think I'm just going to stick with a mind set of scoring more than the opposition, here's me hoping though! Save Info Manager Name: Dragon FIV / English Database: February Engine: Original Nations Loaded: England IGE Used: Yes Updating Style I'm going to update this match-by-match, so one match per update as it needs your guy's inputs before I continue. Wish me luck, and I hope you stick around for the next update. I'm also torn between doing this as a one season challenge or more, although I'll have to figure that out when we get to the final games of the season, that's the beauty of this challenge, expect the unexpected! Comments/Thoughts on this are always appreciated so leave one down below