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  1. Great player with all the key stats who could bag 50
  2. Also he would get more goals but once he hits 30 I usually start playing with two strikers so that I can concentrate on the team added 0 minutes later New Lad........
  3. The Atletico Madrid Challenge

    I remember @danovic78 Challenge in FMH15
  4. Poor towards the end but understandable as we played him with low fitness 3 trophies including the league and the UCL capped of a great season from us Håvard won and Jairo came second again A great signing Roberto was only beaten by Isak Almost a Clean sweep in the awards as I am once again the best coach in Germany Comments are appreciated Tuc Out
  5. Clean sheet record?

    I believe you
  6. Tempted look at the transfer budget
  7. Can't load my save

    Try deleting videos images downloads ect elsewhere on your device
  8. Clean sheet record?

    Its your choice on how to play the game but the IGE is on so it cant be an official record
  9. Problem uploading!

    It's happening to me again @Dec
  10. An outside choice but I think he can scrape 30. A couple of sales and signings to earn enough money to bolster our facilities
  11. Our new striker is..........