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  1. Staff announcements

    Hey guys, what's going on in here? : D
  2. Well done guys, glad we all contributed to where the site is today.
  3. I agree, I very rarely touch FMH now and probably won't buy next year's edition due to lack of feature but I still come on the odd time. Well done guys, good on you for keeping it going.
  4. May be obvious...

    Glad to see I've prompted some interesting discussion. I suppose I was basing my knowledge on the premise of FIFA Ultimate Team. Your team plays better if they are the same nationality, which, in theory makes sense. As if you have a full team of players that play for their national team and you have them in your club, they should work great together.
  5. Just wondered, if I was to create a team say full of Italians. They would play better together than a mashup of players? I presume FMH factors this in?
  6. Downtime - Host change

    Durr. Declan. >_>
  7. Bizarre Regen Names

    Call BS on Harry Potter. Lying isn't cool guise. Needs pics. I have a Declan Barry. Useless F****r. ; D
  8. Celtic have a decent side, more than decent and that's coming from a Rangers fan. Izaguirre(sp) is one of the best LBs in the SPL. Don't know why you'd sell him. I find it strange what you about selling, I've sold loads of bad players before.
  9. Aye, very misleading title tbh. It just turned into a "How to make a 4-4-2 with good/better than average players". Unlucky, lad. Keep at it though.
  10. Staff announcements

    Your name makes me think of the photocopier. Hey!
  11. Sacked

    What do we classify as "young" though?
  12. Sacked

    No, they aren't. Check your South American teams and see if any good players have appeared. Failing that, check the SPL, they normally have some good players. Maybe not Rangers or Celtic but I would definitely look at Falkirk.
  13. Good little guide, it helped me double check I had strengthened my squad correctly.
  14. I'm back!

    This topic is all dirty now.
  15. I'm back!

    Not that you noticed I was gone. >_> Was away down in York for a week, good times brah'.