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  1. Thanks for the love, guys! Got the right formation and tactics for our Argentinian Assister (I hope) and we're all set to give this man one last killer season.
  2. Some really "unused" nations getting big love from the Taff. Doing great!
  3. I knew you were going with Jota but wasn't sure about his compatriotes. Doing great, mate!
  4. Welcome to the first installment of a series of short challenges that I've been wanting to do for a long time but for some reason never came round doing. I'd like to share these with you and get them out of the way before I embark on another long career. I hope you enjoy them. Here's the first one of this series.. BG's 1-season challenges 1/5 Juan Sebastián Verón Estudiantes - 1994-1996 Boca Juniors - 1996 Sampdoria - 1996-1998 Parma - 1998-1999 Lazio Roma - 1999-2001 Manchester Utd - 2001-2003 Chelsea - 2003-2007 Internazionale - 2004-2006 Estudiantes - 2006-2012 Brandsen - 2012 Estudiantes - 2013-2016 Sampdoria - 2016-2017 Juan Sebastian Veron started his professional career all the way back in 1994 in Argentina. He was brought to Europe in 1996 by Sampdoria and now 20 years later I'm bringing him back to Sampdoria for a fairytale ending. It only seemed fitting to end the amazing career this Argentine's had at the European club where he started as a young talent. Of course I could've chosen a much bigger team with better players and more games, but this man is 41yo so I don't believe he's able to play 60+ games a season anymore. I'm more than happy to give him 38 Serie A league games and hopefully a decent run in the Coppa Italia. If I can keep this man healthy and injury free I'd be happy to see him start 50 games this season. Let's hope we can give this man one more cracking season with loads of assists to his name before he hangs up his FMM boots forever. Challenge Creator: @Mikee1984 Big thanks to you! Challenge Link: Assisting with JS Veron I hope you'll enjoy this run of 5 short challenges with me and feel free to drop a comment or two. More updates will follow..
  5. Kenny's Konference Kollision #UpTheSports

    #22 with font 22. Double lucky
  6. Looking forward to seeing you reach the big 1,500. Great start!
  7. Well done to all the card-pickers! Holland are quietly climbing up the ladder. Keep the momentum up!
  8. 500 International BatiGoals

    Thanks mate, just got an FMM trauma for life, nothing major Next journey may be an experiment. Yes. If time becomes an issue definitely get into club management once the 30 comes up. If there was a way to ruin this man's party I would I don't think I did too much wrong tbh so yeah it kinda feels like a win but the trophy's been stolen from the trophy room Thanks for the comments everyone.
  9. Steady progress, mate. Great job getting your side promoted. Still a truckload of work to do but you're getting there. KIU!
  10. Solid job with Japan. Getting close now. Probably 4 seasons left so you may as well skip a few letters to get the more favorable nations. Kazakhstan surely? Luxembourg?
  11. Cheap Wonderkid XI

    It's looking promising for the Dutchies. Let's hope their talent flourishes this time or it'll be another lost generation. Interesting XI. Good work!
  12. 500 International BatiGoals

    He spent his last year as a sub at AC Milan. He'd been a regular prior to that. His attributes took a big hit during his "bench" period with only one green left after that season, but didn't expect him to ruin my challenge after just a year on the sidelines. Not too common and we do have the option to prolong their careers and keep their attr. from deteriorating too rapidly on club level but certainly something to keep in mind.
  13. 500 International BatiGoals

    It's been approx. 24h and I think I'm recovered from the ordeal now lol altho I wouldn't be surprised if this caused a lasting FMM trauma Joking aside, it was quite a shock as I never saw it coming. Will definitely keep this slap in the face in mind like forever when estimating the expected time for future challenges. I've had players retire at 32-33yo before but it isn't common + as you mentioned we have the option to extend players' careers on club level. I was speechless for a good few seconds tbh hehe and I immediately started thinking where I could've done better. Maybe get the older players to score 100 first but they were all about the same age so.. just a chunk of badluck. Don't think I could've done much better but it wasn't good enough apparently. The longer I keep talking about it the shittier I feel Thanks for the comments!
  14. It was always going to be tough to follow Holland so I'm not surprised. Well done getting 100+ tho. Kiu!