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  1. If I'm playing a challenge I usually load the ones required + 1 (Portugal/Holland). If I'm just playing my fav. teams I go all over the place. Whatever league combination gets me excited. Most recent..Holland-Belgium-Germany-France.
  2. Twenty-five Dolphins

    Unlucky to miss out on the CL spot but still a good season. Keep those dolphins moving forward
  3. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    That's it, mate, keep squeezing him until retires. He'll thank you for it one day. Cement your place on the leaderboard
  4. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    It does feel weird. This club has so many wonderful attacking players and my latest challenge was all out attack with the TKO and now I'm going ultra defensive all of a sudden never had so many defenders in my squad lol
  5. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    It's a good idea, mate. It's something I haven't tried yet, but I know I got the right players for it. Instead of the current 5-2-2-1 with IFs I could try a 5-4-1 with a DM/3CMs and turn FBs into Wingbacks. One of my reasonings for playing a "defensive" formation is the more players at the back, the more important the attacking roles become when going forward, such as our Ball Playing Defender Bazoer. If it doesn't work out for this challenge it may for another.
  6. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Thanks mate! You know what it is, where's the limit?..can we make a defender score 20 goals? 25? 30? I honestly think at this point I just gotta make sure he remains consistent first. But the way I approach things is I always try to get that extra bit more out of players eventho some of the experiments may be holding them back at times. Everything has a limit and I think for defenders it's somewhere around 20. What I can try tho is make him more effective in the things he does such as scoring more free kicks and corners. Still room for improvement in those areas. Also having the team "earn" more penalties would be welcome. I'm scared to disrupt what I have at the moment. If I were to put an extra guy in midfield dunno where I'd be taking him from. Food for thought as I do have fantastic players on the bench who'd love to join Danilo and Sanches in midfield. I'll tinker with the idea, thanks!
  7. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Thanks Ash. One of the things I'd like to improve are his free kicks. Haven't really counted but I'm estimating about 1 per game. Within range of the goal I mean, the ones too far out usually go into the box for the forwards. He scored about 5-6 free kicks this season which is nice. I'm trying to up his shooting and technique to increase this ratio. Slow process tho. One of the strongest pairings in midfield I've ever had. They absolutely rock!! Either BBM-AP or BBM-CM Both are so all -round they can nearly do it all. I really do have a luxury problem at them moment as some of the subs, such as Horta or Carvalho, would make the starting line up elsewhere.
  8. Zé Road To 1000 Goals. A 1kc

    I'm 5 seasons in my own Benfica career and Gomes is now mature enough to take Jimenez's place up front. He'll be my main striker in season 6 onwards and altho he doesn't have a page filled with greens he's got them where he needs 'em (he's an AF/P in my formation compared to a TM in yours) he's always been very consistent coming off the bench and providing the goals. Jimenez is 29/30 and the plan was to bring Gomes 1-2 seasons from now but due to his fine consistency I'm bringing him earlier. You picked a quality guy. Goodluck!
  9. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Season 5 The Squad Great. Average age is about 24 so there's a decade left with minimal changes. A few guys came in from the Reserves. I sent a small number on loan and I'm using the friendlies to give all 22 squad players a chance to claim a starting spot once the season kicks off. The Transfers One. I've mentioned before that no one was needed but one of my strongholds in midfield got injured for 4 months so I changed my mind. Danilo - Injury He's absolutely crucial in midfield and I can't not have a worldclass guy there to link play so I had to find a replacement. It was an easy choice for a couple of reasons. This guy is Portuguese and a former Benfiquista so he knows the club well. The fans love him and they deserve a big name after all our success. I failed to get the best out of him on EME so I'm eager to play him on OME. Renato Sanches (role: BBM) I'm delighted with Sanches. Underperformed on EME in any role I gave him and never delivered on his price tag, but he's been absolutely fantastic as a Box to Box Midfielder in my formation. When Danilo returned from injury I just couldn't put either one on the sub bench so it was Horta who made way for a mouth-watering Danilo-Sanches midfield. The heart of the team. The Formation 5-2-2-1. Nothing new here. I did try a couple of things to get more goals from Bazoer but no success. The idea was, and still is, to get our BPD more forward than he already does by creating space and/or the right circumstances for him to push upfield but it's trial and error at times. One of the options was to play 'Wingers' instead of 'Inside Forwards' but it doesn't force Bazoer forward as we'd hoped. And I'd have to turn my 'Advanced Forward/Poacher' into a 'Target Man' to make it click up front but that reduces my attackers' effectiveness. So for now the formation and tactics remain what they are until I get some new ideas to experiment with. The Holland Job Still waiting. I really need to get my hands on this job to increase Bazoer's goal tally. Can't come soon enough but it's beyond my control and basically a game of patience so can't do much other than wait, wait, wait..... Bazoer Goals Bazoer Brace + Red Awesome brace. He managed a brace in all 5 seasons so far which is incredible, but..another red. That's two red cards this season and three in his young career. That's slightly worrying but if he keeps scoring the goals I can live with it. Bazoer's Hattrick Assists He failed to score in this one but you don't always need to score to play your best game. He provided a hat-trick of assists and came close to scoring on a couple occasions. Still a good performance vs a poor side who made the Portuguese Cup Final against all odds. Benfica Champions Invincibles. Solid defence conceding only 9. Will try to score 100 goals tho as that's one of our aims. Goal difference is good. Benfica B Champions That's the clean sweep I was waiting for. Both Benfica teams won all possible prizes between them. Both leagues, both domestic cups, both super cups, CL and CWC. All trophies to Lisbon. I'm very proud of my team and my Reserve Team. The future's looking very bright for this club. BatiGoal The Best Winning % of 86 and losing % of 2. Those are great numbers. Only 7 losses in 5 seasons. Things are clicking for now. Bazoer S5 Goals Good job but not great. Perhaps it's a little my fault since I was trying a few new things out this season that apparently didn't work. But hey, that's how we grow and get the best out of players. A couple experiments brought new ideas etc so hopefully those do give Bazoer extra goals in the seasons to come. Imo a good season for a defender is anything over 10 goals. 15 goals is our benchmark and 20 our aim. There's not a whole lot to do anymore other than hoping a few tweaks improve things. But as it stands the formation and tactic we're playing is our base and I'll keep playing season after season and continue chipping away goals with our BPD Bazoer. I'm looking at 100 goals which shouldn't take too long. 150 is the minimum I want to achieve with him this challenge and 200 goals would be way above my expectations. I've surprised myself before so I hope this career is no different. And Koeman's record of 250+...that's a dream! Progress Comments & Encouragements Welcome. Thank You !
  10. The Winding Road To 1k

    31 screenshots. Is this the winding road to posting 1K screenshots? Going super, mate!
  11. Fantastic job, mate, and you didn't spill a drop Seeing people giving these challenges a go motivates me to create more. And I will at some point. Congrats!
  12. Redknapp Returns...

    Looks great! Goodluck
  13. As Roma

    The way I usually go about these "big transfers" is if it occurs 4-5 seasons into my career I refuse them as my squad is near perfect by then and it's really hard to find decent squad additions for under 50M. If it happens in my first season and my squad is undergoing a rebuild, I'd sell the guy and buy 3-5 players in his place.
  14. Resurrected: Farm to Treble

    You're going through a bit of a rough time at the moment trying to get the best formation for your unhappy lads but still a decent league position. Hope your hard work starts to pay off soon. Hang in there!