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  1. Top Football Manager Cup

    Read more I'm not joining. I'm merely the host so no match-fixing this time That counts as a solicitation, sorry
  2. Top Football Manager Cup

    @Eogtuc0910 @mcandrew003 @Brenty92 not sure why you 3 decided to join as none of you stand a realistic chance of winning but added anyway
  3. Top Football Manager Cup Welcome to Top Football Manager Cup, people. This is the very first time I'm organizing this TFM Cup so I hope there's enough interest for it and that it goes down well with the Vibe Community. I wouldn't give it a go if I didn't think it could generate some good old fun and good discussion points but one never knows of course. I'm very excited to get this underway. What is this Top Football Manager Cup all about? Simple. I present a problem or situation with 2 possible scenarios, A and B. I set it up, present the problem, give all the needed information including screenshots if necessary and all you have to do is pick which of the 2 scenarios will be most effective for that particular instance. You then PM me your chosen scenario, A or B, and I play out both and post them in a detailed update. If your chosen scenario does indeed generate the better results, you win, meaning you qualify for the next round where you'll get to play on with the rest of the winners of that round. Losers go home, out, finished, game over. Do I need to play at all? No. You don't need to actually manage a club or play a career. Your job is very simple, which is why I'm hoping to get lots of people to join. It doesn't require anything from you other than taking a few minutes of your time to read thru the problems and scenarios. All I require from you is a PM stating which scenario you favor without any explanation needed. Once I get all your PMs in -please don't reveal to anyone your chosen scenario until I post all your picks, or it would beat the whole point of this TFM Cup- and I will play out both scenarios and declare the winners of that round. What sort of problems/scenarios can we expect? All sorts. defensive vs attacking formations most suitable new players effectiveness of specific player roles clash of player role combinations front and back most prolific striking duo up front tactics tweaking - substitutions and match settings in-game and so on.. Every circumstance I present is unique and features either a different league, division, team or player. There's litterally thousands of possibilities here and my job is to give you a clear (un)common case you could encounter during one of your FMM careers with two different options on how to tackle it. This will gradually increase in difficulty as we get deeper into this TFM Cup until we are left with the one and only Top Football Manager. So even if you know nothing about this game you still stand a reasonable chance of beating Vibe veterans or even winning it alltogether. Why play a Cup anyone could win? That's the whole point, isn't it. It's all about fun and bringing people together, whether you think you know it all or are a tactical noob, have years and years of FMH/M under your belt or just bought the game recently, makes no difference. We are all here to share ideas and inspire the next, and I also believe some of the potential scenarios I have in mind -especially those further down the road- could make for excellent discussion points. Can you give an example? Something like this: Empoli are facing an incredibly tough first two months of their Serie A season going up against AC Milan, Internazionale, Napoli, AS Roma and Juventus and it's important for the relatively unknown manager -that would be me, BatiGoal- to get off to a flying start and impress both the fans and the board. Which of the two formations is most likely going to get Empoli off to a decent start and produce the most amount of points in the next 15 games vs opponents of that calibre. Formation A: defensive 5-3-2 + players, player roles and match settings provided in screenshots. Formation B: attacking 4-2-4 + players, player roles and match settings provided in screenshots. Everything else will be entirely identical. This is one of the simpler ones I have in mind for you, but I hope you get the gist. How do I sign up? Just give a shout and drop a comment and you're in. I'll update the OP accordingly. When do we go live? Depends on the turn out to be honest. If the response is low I'll cancel the idea. If we get enough excited minds we may start in a day or 2, 3, a week. We'll see. Top Football Manager Cup Rules PM me -BatiGoal- your choice (A or B) once the round has started. Do NOT reveal your pick to anyone before the round has closed. Winners qualify for the next round. Losers are out. If a round has 0 winners a new round shall be played with those same players. The last remaining player wins the TOP FOOTBALL MANAGER CUP. All that rests me to say to you now is: Sign Up! There's no set maximum # of players so the more the better. Looking forward to getting this started. Players: Eogtuc0910 mcandrew003 Brenty92 Ashez
  4. You're becoming the John Burridge of Vibe
  5. I don't believe one bit you're going to complete this challenge
  6. Doesn't take much of a poke to get you ranting and playing again. Great start! Lasted longer than I expected. Will be an epic battle between Jens and yourself to see who gets the most clubs managed behind their name.
  7. The Roman Empire Challenge

    Nice challenge but I'm afraid you made a big mistake. A major miscalculation on your part so completing this seemingly entertaining challenge isn't possible, mate, no one is going to complete Stage III. NO ONE!
  8. Non-league eight seasons ago...

    Why not post the update in your first thread?
  9. When Life Gives You Lemons...

    53gls with Paulissen?? That's really good, mate! I'm impressed. Cherish that tactic.. write it down.. back up those screenshots.. will definitely come in handy for other challenges. Looking forward to the next league.
  10. Zé Road To 1000 Goals. A 1kc

    Greece won the Eur. Championships. So did Denmark. We remember that, but no one remembers "The Road To.. " Save loss should hit any minute now.
  11. Loss of form

    Game time and training (did you place them on IT training?). Otherwise replace with -buy- better ones from the transfer market goodluck!
  12. No theme song surely won't be long before we get you one that sticks. That Manager History page is going to be of epic proportions!
  13. Loss of form

    I haven't had any issues using the same formation/tactics over a long period of time on both OME and EME. Key is to keep improving the players, team and squad much like the opponents around you.
  14. Ahh close but no cigar..yet.. Curious to find out who your new mystery man is. For me is great to see another season in Holland