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  1. Top Football Manager Cup Welcome to Top Football Manager Cup, people. This is the very first time I'm organizing this TFM Cup so I hope there's enough interest for it and that it goes down well with the Vibe Community. I wouldn't give it a go if I didn't think it could generate some good old fun and good discussion points but one never knows of course. I'm very excited to get this underway. What is this Top Football Manager Cup all about? Simple. I present a problem or situation with 2 possible scenarios, A and B. I set it up, present the problem, give all the needed information including screenshots if necessary and all you have to do is pick which of the 2 scenarios will be most effective for that particular instance. You then PM me your chosen scenario, A or B, and I play out both and post them in a detailed update. If your chosen scenario does indeed generate the better results, you win, meaning you qualify for the next round where you'll get to play on with the rest of the winners of that round. Losers go home, out, finished, game over. Do I need to play at all? No. You don't need to actually manage a club or play a career. Your job is very simple, which is why I'm hoping to get lots of people to join. It doesn't require anything from you other than taking a few minutes of your time to read thru the problems and scenarios. All I require from you is a PM stating which scenario you favor without any explanation needed. Once I get all your PMs in -please don't reveal to anyone your chosen scenario until I post all your picks, or it would beat the whole point of this TFM Cup- and I will play out both scenarios and declare the winners of that round. What sort of problems/scenarios can we expect? All sorts. defensive vs attacking formations most suitable new players effectiveness of specific player roles clash of player role combinations front and back most prolific striking duo up front tactics tweaking - substitutions and match settings in-game and so on.. Every circumstance I present is unique and features either a different league, division, team or player. There's litterally thousands of possibilities here and my job is to give you a clear (un)common case you could encounter during one of your FMM careers with two different options on how to tackle it. This will gradually increase in difficulty as we get deeper into this TFM Cup until we are left with the one and only Top Football Manager. So even if you know nothing about this game you still stand a reasonable chance of beating Vibe veterans or even winning it alltogether. Why play a Cup anyone could win? That's the whole point, isn't it. It's all about fun and bringing people together, whether you think you know it all or are a tactical noob, have years and years of FMH/M under your belt or just bought the game recently, makes no difference. We are all here to share ideas and inspire the next, and I also believe some of the potential scenarios I have in mind -especially those further down the road- could make for excellent discussion points. Can you give an example? Something like this: Empoli are facing an incredibly tough first two months of their Serie A season going up against AC Milan, Internazionale, Napoli, AS Roma and Juventus and it's important for the relatively unknown manager -that would be me, BatiGoal- to get off to a flying start and impress both the fans and the board. Which of the two formations is most likely going to get Empoli off to a decent start and produce the most amount of points in the next 15 games vs opponents of that calibre. Formation A: defensive 5-3-2 + players, player roles and match settings provided in screenshots. Formation B: attacking 4-2-4 + players, player roles and match settings provided in screenshots. Everything else will be entirely identical. This is one of the simpler ones I have in mind for you, but I hope you get the gist. How do I sign up? Just give a shout and drop a comment and you're in. I'll update the OP accordingly. When do we go live? Depends on the turn out to be honest. If the response is low I'll cancel the idea. If we get enough excited minds we may start in a day or 2, 3, a week. We'll see. Top Football Manager Cup Rules All games will be played by me -BatiGoal- and NOT simulated. All games will be played on EME with the latest update in place. PM me -BatiGoal- your choice (A or B) once the round has started. Do NOT reveal your pick to anyone before the round has closed. Winners qualify for the next round. Losers are out. If a round has 0 winners a new round shall be played with those same players. The last remaining player wins the TOP FOOTBALL MANAGER CUP. All that rests me to say to you now is: Sign Up! There's no set maximum # of players so the more the better. Looking forward to getting this started. Managers: Eogtuc0910 mcandrew003 Brenty92 Ashez Victorezeja Veerus Thepremiermanager ExhilaratingEriksen Real_Random AndersJ Mikee1984 rinclais arobbo92 Jens Granit Xhaxa Taff Muzza2108 KennyMiller27 Paul186 Idol Cockers2505 gbohunmi10 Jack Freddie134 Mr.Manager Pogba
  2. Great stuff! Well-deserved too. Your name will appear on that leaderboard today, no worries now who's gonna beat that??
  3. Top Football Manager Cup

    The idea for every round was to create a scenario where you guys pick A or B. With only two left my idea was to continue to do so and only play it out if each manager picks a different option. So we could well be into our 4th or 5th scenario before we get a winner. But I'm leaning more to the alternative I have in mind in order to avoid what I just wrote. Could become a mess if we keep getting the same picks. I'll post more on that tonight.
  4. 500 International BatiGoals

    Thanks @Ashez but the goals aren't exactly coming from all angles anymore. One of the five picked up an injury at the start of the AFCON and missed the entire tournament so he's clearly fallen behind. Also some inconsistent performances since then. The team isn't good enough to play this formation tbh but I insist. hoping their development picks up -mainly two mids and two defs- so we get better scores in. Update tonight.
  5. Career Time Hello Vibers, I have decided to go on an International Management adventure. I haven't done many of these in my FMM years so I welcome the refreshing change I have in mind. One of the reasons I perhaps haven't gone ITN mode often enough is due to the known lack of possibilities in terms of coaching staff and training options, not to mention the previous lack of ITN competitions in general, but the advantage I take from that is that I will be able to shoot out updates thick and fast once the journey takes off. Running a club in combination is usually the wiser option since we can train -and protect- the main stars we're working with but again I see that as an added challenge. Once "my" players return from club to country they can A) be demoted to the bench and have earned themselves sub status B) be unhappy at their respective clubs for any reason and have a terrible morale C) be unfit or too tired/overplayed to play for his country D) be injured E) stagnated attribute developments for X reasons.. none doing my players any good, but that's the risk of playing ITN management only and yet it's an incalculated risk I'm taking for the upcoming challenge. The Challenge Score 5x 100 ITN goals (total of 500 ITN gls) with 5 different players. Not combined goals; Each player MUST score a century of goals. The Rules The standard rules. No IGE, reloading, etc. Engine to be played on: Enhanced (EME) The Twist Use pre-determined formations only. Remove player from squad once he reaches 100 ITN goals. So let me clarify a few things. I'm going to select 5 forwards and play them all at the same time. Yes, you read that right. So obviously that's going to be a 5-forward formation I'm starting with. Once 1 of them gets a century of goals he will be thanked for his services and removed from the squad. 4 forwards left and we switch to a 4-forward set up. Again, first one to reach his own personal 100 goal-tally receives his high 5's from the team followed by his ITN retirement. 3 strikers left..3-forward formation is pulled out of the closet etc etc until the last remaining forward gets his century of ITN goals in. Once, and if, that happens this challenge is completed. BatiGoal's Master Plan That's the plan. They're formations I've worked with for some time so I know what they're capable of. We normally don't pick formations before we get to evaluate the squad but, again (I keep saying it) that's the challenge I'm accepting. It may sound easy scoring 100 goals but it really isn't. They're ITN goals only and we just get so many of these games per year. I'm extremely dependent on success since ITN tournaments go by knock-out phases which can seriously limit gametime for these 5 lads. So I'll be starting with the TKO formation and all 5 forwards will be fighting it off to get goals in. I'm expecting to play this set up the longest of the five. Once 1 player gets the 100gls the rest won't be too far off I hope. From then on it'll be a quick turn of events going from the 4-2-4 to the 3-4-3 then the 3-4-1-2 and finally the 4-4-1-1. Gosh, what have I started..Oh well, success or failure, hopefully it'll be an enjoyable read for everyone. I'll be managing.. ..known as The Super Eagles Meet The Five Nigerian Heroes.. Name: Taiwo Awoniyi (18yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Advanced Forward Name: Umar Sadiq (19yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Poacher Name: Kelechi Iheanacho (19yo) Starting Position: Center Forward Player Role: Advanced Forward Name: Isaac Success (20yo) Starting Position: Left Forward Player Role: Inside Forward Name: Alex Iwobi (20yo) Starting Position: Right Forward Player Role: Inside Forward The introduction ends here. I'll be starting this African Adventure in a few days. All that rests me now is to ask you to Wish Me Luck Cheers! BatiGoal's African Adventure - 5x 100 ITN Goals 0 gls - Taiwo Awoniyi 0 gls - Umar Sadiq 0 gls - Kelechi Iheanacho 0 gls - Isaac Success 0 gls - Alex Iwobi
  6. Awesome stuff. And fast too! I thought you'd be playing this for ages but man you're delivering. The finishline is right there..
  7. Top Football Manager Cup

    It's the first time I'm running this Cup so I opted for a simple Knock-Out as I wasn't sure if people would enjoy it. Maybe next time we can do a league format of say 10 Rounds. Maybe more fun for all.
  8. Holy smokes. I know Cambuur quite well and have seen nothing like this in my entire life. Nor has the most optimistic Cambuur fan ever dreamed such numbers lol You're smashing it, Anders!
  9. Top Football Manager Cup

    Top Football Manager Cup 2017 - Round Three - - The Results - This one's been the most enjoyable one for me to play thus far. Round 1 brought us 2 formations and it was fun experimenting with. Round 2 set up a CD duo battle which was also great fun to test out, but this Falkenburg Vs Vela was really a lovely little "mini challenge" for me because they were great in different ways. Falkenburg the consistent all-rounder Vs Vela the selfish match-winner. In reality..In FMM reality I should say.. things didn't come out entirely as I expected. Which is good in one way since it keeps us guessing but these players were very evenly matched up until about December, with 5-6 or so games left. There was only a single point..assist..difference between these APs but December and January, the last handful of games out of 23, brought us the winner of Round 3. Honeslty, my personal picks for Round 1 and 2 were correct but if I'd joined this Cup I would've been out after this round. "my guy" lost this round which is slightly surprising to me ..well maybe he would've won after a full season let's have a look.. Player A - Erik Falkenburg Player B - Carlos Vela Conclusion Massive congrats to our winners. You deserve it guys. Losers, thanks big for taking the time to join and hope to see you next Cup.
  10. Totally in the bag, mate..can I congratulate you already?
  11. The Challenge Creation Centre

    It definitely has potential. Some good suggestions up here. Hopefully he finds a way to make it click. I really love goal challenges but, for me, challenges with a story or based on real life events, historical events, are the best. They're also the ones that stay in my memory longer. That's also one of the reasons I NEED more leagues. Not just for the leagues themselves but for the creative possibilities it gives the players ..and challenge creators. With this years added Poland and Turkey I feel we haven't really explored those two leagues as much as we could have perhaps.
  12. Top Football Manager Cup

    Exactly.. it's very easy to crumble under pressure. A different take on things.. New ideas.. Fresh perspectives.. I think rotating hosts is the way to go tbh.
  13. Top Football Manager Cup

    Thanks mate! One thing I know for sure, it won't be me Maybe next time someone else hosts so I can join the fun. Even if it lasts only 1 round lol
  14. 500 International BatiGoals

    Thanks @arobbo92 hopefully next update's out before the weekend with lots more goals.
  15. 500 International BatiGoals

    That is it @Idol ultimately it's how I fare in those major tournaments that will make or break this African trip I'm on. We have yet to face European or S.American opposition. Can't wait to test my boys vs the world's elite.
  16. Surely the mayor of Liège owes you the Key to the city after scoring 72 gls. Top job! As for stage 2 with Cambuur.. goodluck with them
  17. 500 International BatiGoals

    Thanks guys! Do hope to see more blue's turn into green's but as long as they keep producing I'm fine with any color Getting all 5 to score is great but does make progress seem slow. It's a looong road ahead still.
  18. Top Football Manager Cup

    Top Football Manager Cup 2017 - Round Three - - Teaser - A - Erik Falkenburg Lacazette hat-trick...and there was me thinking Falkenburg was a teamplayer..bit selfish getting a goal if you ask me. Assists +2 tho B - Carlos Vela Lacazette x4!! and here's the supposedly selfish Vela assisting +3. Interestingly enough both players picked OGC Nice to showcase their talent ..standings with 9 games to go.. Neck and neck all the way !!
  19. Top Football Manager Cup

    That's exactly it. If it were a team performance we'd all go for Vela but since the objective is to make Lacazette shine we set completely different criteria. Not to say that Vela has no chance here, it's due to his sheer quality that he's a worthy AP competitior and still very much in the game.
  20. Top Football Manager Cup

    Don't think I can post the results today as I've been really busy with stuff but man this race between Falkenberg and Vela is super exciting. I know you guys experience it differently but I've been playing one game at a time alternating saves and boy are they worthy competitiors. I'm about halfway.. will post a teaser in a bit
  21. Getting "FMM sacked" is like getting a slap in the face. Altho you may have seen it coming. Hope you have an idea where things went south and learnt a valuable lesson for your next adventure.
  22. mcandrew003's Top 5 Transfer Tips

    Good tips! Believe it or not I always forget to check for Bosmans. I think it's probably to do with doing very little to no transfer activity in Jan. More often than not I skip Jan window and do all my dealings in summer. I like having my teams "season ready" by August. I definitely missed out on lots of freebies. Btw you can always go back and edit your article if you feel like you've forgotten to include something. Thanks for posting.
  23. 500 International BatiGoals

    Thanks for the comments everyone. Hoping to give you more Nigerian success in 2017 altho I'm slightly worried about only having 9 games for the lads. Unless extra games are added to the fixture list at some point. I'm really out of sorts with this African football atm so I'm taking games as they come one at a time
  24. 500 International BatiGoals

    500 International BatiGoals - 2016 - These updates are going to be yearly rather than seasonal. It makes it easier to bring these from Jan. to Dec. as this way I can post tournament results in its entirety. It's also a different updating style which keeps things fresh and a little different. As I took the Nigerian ITN job in July this update counts only half a year. But it's enough to show the vast improvements we've already made. Objectives are clear. I need to score 100 goals with each of my 5 chosen forwards. Starting formation is the 2-2-1-5 which has been a success formula from the start with these Nigerian stars. They did really well, despite the weak opposition but didn't expect things to go this smooth from day 1. The Results A perfect start to both qualifying campaigns. And a fine amount of goals for my strikers as well. A few minor injuries.. fitness issues and the odd player with a morale hit due to ongoing contract negotiations, but in all a perfect beginning. The Games Delighted with the goals from all angles. One game it was the Left Forward Success who hit a brace. Next game both Advanced Forwards Iheanacho and Awoniyi on the scoresheet. Then the Poacher Sadiq...or Iwobi my Right Forward. I'm starting to love the incredible 5. All I can do is more of the same and hope everyone stays free of injuries. The Upcoming Games in 2017 These are just some of the games that are awaiting us in 2017 and believe it or not I can't wait to get started. If the start is anything to go by then we're looking at amazing things in 2017. The Five Forwards Taiwo Awoniyi 19yo +4gls Awoniyi is still a Liverpool loanee playing in Holland for NEC and upped his shooting +1 among others. Umar Sadiq 19yo +4gls Sadiq is still enjoying football at Bologna, being a loanee from Roma, and did well upping his Movement +1. Kelechi Iheanacho 20yo +3gls Iheanacho is feeling more comfortable than ever in Manchester and growing more greens as a result. Solid progress. Isaac Success 21yo +4gls Success is doing reasonably well at Watford in the EPL still but hasn't really upped his main attributes. We'll give him time. Alex Iwobi 20yo +3gls Iwobi's home is in London, with mighty Gunners, and dear me look at his improvements from 6 to 10 greens in 6 months. WOW! All five lads did just great scoring a combined 18 gls and I have no complaints about any of them whatsoever at the moment. Of course it's still early days in the challenge. Long may it last Loved the first half year I played and can't wait to get cracking with some more Nigerian football. See you all in 2017! BatiGoal's African Adventure - 5x 100 ITN Goals - 6 games played 4/100 gls - Taiwo Awoniyi 4/100 gls - Umar Sadiq 3/100 gls - Kelechi Iheanacho 4/100 gls - Isaac Success 3/100 gls - Alex Iwobi