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  1. A team to Manage

    Also a bit stuck for a team to manage, tried RBL but I wasn't so booked has anyone got any suggestions? Thanks ?
  2. Eight Free Agents You Should Sign

    Even better, you can get José Carlos for lower league clubs Great article
  3. Goal wont stand

    I know it happens alot but I wouldn't say its aa bug
  4. Files

  5. Files

    Salford city save
  6. Files

    How do you transfer files from vibe to your phone?
  7. Unfit Players

    OK cheers
  8. Unfit Players

    Ok thanks
  9. Messi or Ronaldo?

    OK thanks, I just thought that Ron was a bit of a project but I'm wrong ??
  10. Player is free when loan fails

    Hasn't happened to me yet but this is odd must be a bug
  11. Messi or Ronaldo?

    Messi is a natural so I favour him, Ronaldo is a trained product
  12. Unfit Players

    First of all, sorry if this thread has already been created. OK, I'm managing Wigan in the PL, and unusually at the beginning of the pre-season, most of my players are unfit. How can I combat this?
  13. Need players for my team

    Harry Chellman 18 Centre Back/Right Back England