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  1. my regen

    Okay cheers, any suggestions on how to find Rooney when he retires?
  2. my regen

    Any ideas on who this regen is?? I'm think Steven Gerrard or Frank lampard. Also Wayne Rooney is retiring the end of this season any ideas on how I can find his regent?
  3. tactical help

    What do you have your strikers roles as?
  4. tactical help

    There down the side on last photo!
  5. tactical help

    Hi, anything I can change here as it just not scoring goals only player putting them away is zivkovic on 39 in 42 games second top is 9 in as many gsmes , any suggestions?
  6. Around the World in 800 BatiGoals

    Unbelievable scenes!! Well in mate
  7. Around the World in 800 BatiGoals

    If you pull this off this will be something special,GLA my friend!
  8. help my spurs career

    Remove it, what will I ask questions in? General discussion?
  9. help my spurs career

    Changed to this tactic after the 1-1 with hull and as you can see it has worked wonders, also did the Manchester double and club world championship.cheers mate!
  10. help my spurs career

    This is my team for this season will test it with this team!
  11. help my spurs career

    @billy2shots cheers will give it a go!!
  12. help my spurs career

    Hey I have already started my spurs career before joining this site and have had a decent season so far but I have hit a bad run of form and am looking to get help with a tactic here is my current tactic and squad.