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  1. Real Madrid C.F:Glory marching on

    I will try this? This is the default or not?
  2. Real Madrid C.F:Glory marching on

    Give ur training regime please .
  3. Training Regime please

    Hi, in this fmm17 i still use real madrid. For tactics and the final result is currently no problem, which is my problem now that is training regime .. i twisted to see belonging to others, then suddenly for 2 seasons passed almost all my players not happy with regime training that i give. Even they are always injured until I am confused for the rotation of the players as there is no suitable substitute. And in the end they one by one ask for sale. Well, can you guys here provide a suitable regime training for my team? Harmony in my team has been very critical. thank you
  4. dont forget Football Manager Handled 2015 please .

    Well if like it , give me the money to buy this game in PlayStore then I will enjoy the game . How ?
  5. dont forget Football Manager Handled 2015 please .

    It's just a suggestion for the designers here . At least , provide notifications for Football Manager Handheld 2015 . As the transfer window in January yesterday . Or other . Sorry if this advice is not useful here . But I as a connoisseur of this game will regret very much this kind of thing . When there is new , it is long forgotten . Though not everyone who plays can be directly moved to FMM 2016 .
  6. Hey mate . I know it's a lot of people turn to FMM 2016 . but please do not forget FMH 2015 . also updates all for FMH , 2015. transfer , and other donwnload .. Many people here must be the same as I am still playing FMH 2015 because it has not been able to buy FMM 2016 . so , please do not forgotten.
  7. hi my friend back. have long felt I did not post here after FMM 2016 in playstore. hmm ... I still play FMH 2015, overnight, there are events ballon D'or and the winner is Messi. although I hope Ronaldo wins. I came back to play this game, and I have a team FIFPro World XI. after I have the best players were chosen by fifa, is there here that can give you good tactics to win in every game and become a champion? And this and neuer still under negotiation. is there that can help me? Thank you .
  8. Football Manager Mobile OUT NOW

    I want to quickly be able FMM 2016. but in Indonesia, I have to wait for the salary I had to buy in playstore. now still on 22 november. I wanted to get that 30th out of my salary and I will immediately buy it. :(
  9. Need Tottenham Tactics

    Yeaah mate. I know :D
  10. Need Tottenham Tactics

    Instruction ?
  11. FMM2016 Screenshots Revealed

    Oh my god !! I want it . Very smooth .
  12. Need Tottenham Tactics

    @UkFootballscore : yes mate . to be honest, I chose a team like tottenham I do not recognize all the players . then I use a sugar daddy . In my imagination, I want to buy all the key players real madrid but im madridista haha . but it was impossible . then I just gather the talented young players . once collected, my confusion with the tactics that should be used .
  13. Need Tottenham Tactics

    Hi, friend . I just wanted to ask, if you like me to play using team tottenham and has a composition such players on my team, tactics like what would you use? , because I need a good tactic to use this team . And, this my team .
  14. for real madrid, I use a Roberto Carlos became an architect at this club. I do not know how proud I am to this person .
  15. 5 Potential Replacements For Brendan Rodgers

    the latest news from The Daily Telegraph said that Klopp itself is also ready to meet directly with the Liverpool management to finalize the negotiations. Reportedly, the former Borussia Dortmund architect it will soon fly to the UK within 48 hours. Klopp itself is said to be contracted for three years at Anfield . and if kloop has officially landed in Britain to train liverpool, I think the premier league will be exciting to watch .