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  1. Why not evogens or regens faces

    What if we can make a file to put them in the game
  2. I was just asking myself if it's possible to add evogens/regens faces in FMM16 like in the pc version. It would be useful to see if a player is a evogen/regen or not. Can I please have some info on this subject?
  3. nice guide, just purchased fmm 16 1h ago
  4. Douglas Coutinho

    Reely nice iscout, i never heard of him
  5. Turning USA into a superpower?

    Good luck. I may be canadian, but I think the USA can be pretty succesful in the coming years!
  6. Essex: A My Club Career in the Premier League

    Good Luck! And i'll be in touch with you
  7. Júnior Caiçara

    He's a good player. I used him in my A.C. Milan save
  8. The Phoenix Challenge

    Holy Molly, it sounds hard but I think you can handle it. Good Luck!
  9. Andy's decent 433

    Good tactic, but I would switch the DLM and the BWM
  10. New IE Sign Up : Game of Thrones

    David McGoals 20 Striker and Left Midfielder Poacher and Inside Forward Canada
  11. Funny/Strange FMH15 moments

    What is wrong with PSG :blink: :blink: :blink: :huh: :huh: :huh:
  12. Post your regens ( or are they Evogens?) here!

    I'm guessing Xavi's evogen
  13. The best match you have ever witnessed!

    Barcelona vs Real Madrid November 19, 2005 3-0
  14. Replacing Pirlo

    Lucas Romero can live up to Pirlo's level. Great in attack and in defense.