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  1. Redknapp Returns...

    Nice setup! Good luck ;)!
  2. 2-4-1-3 Gung-ho!

    Very interesting ill test at some point
  3. This Greyd Out Player!!!

    How Do you get the field where you can see he is World class ?
  4. Cometh The Hour, Cometh The Pie Man

    Haha class act challenge
  5. Monaco ( My New Romance )!

    Thanks Jack but we are not even close with this tactic - it needs alot of testing but it WANT to play like Jardim :)!
  6. Monaco ( My New Romance )!

    The romance between a manager and his new club is sometimes....complicated
  7. Monaco ( My New Romance )!

    No not yet at all but i surely will but have to go to work now sadly, but i have many ideas about it, maybe something like attacking and direct in the style of play....and some lousy goalkeeping :D? im wondering where Jardim have been coaching before and how that team played as well
  8. Monaco ( My New Romance )!

    This is a first draw of the lineup only ! I Think some roles actually needs to be tuned in a bit :). i havnt chosen instructions yet - but we have to say all out attack with counter on :)? i have to watch game 2 also - they have to go at it at the same way for the love for the game
  9. So did you see Monaco try and fail to night? I must admit i havnt seen a team play SO good offensivewise for a LOOOONG time. My questions is, what did they do and how did they do it ? i know what they manage not to do in defence, but did they really play one of @BatiGoal S crazy old tactics? Yes Jardim was naive at last, and sadly City won, but WOAW what great attacking play by Monaco! can we create that in a tactic? Do you think that its already here :)? best regards from Anders
  10. Help Tweak A 3223 Tactic [eme]

    Cool, good luck testing
  11. 70 goals without a PA :)? Thats crazy good @BatiGoal and thank you for the ideas :)!
  12. A lot of views, but very little feedback - is "giving feedback gone " :)?
  13. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Good luck with the challenge mate - :)! is the wage in pound? It seems crazy high or what did i miss :)?