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  1. No he will ease this, thats why we all have to beat him in all other Challenges meanwhile 😜😳
  2. You always test your tactics good, which teams did you try it with :)?
  3. Solid start mate, dont you get sacked now 😂
  4. Haha i derserved that one, but i can take it 😎
  5. Tried to edit my profile for the club i manage but i cant be unemployed, so now i just took the seat in some club in Angola 😂
  6. Top Football Manager Cup

    😂😂😂😂 in this challenge i cant get sacked, but one can loose 10-0
  7. Top Football Manager Cup

    Best of luck @Jens ! This is not nervewrecking at all 😅
  8. Haha thanks for the support, the record will be easy to beat, but more concerned if i can get a job at all in Poland 😳😳😳
  9. The Canis Lupus Challenge

    I Think we have a situation here mate.....remember when we couldnt get a job in Scotland ....:)?
  10. Oh and....2 days later my first ever 😂
  11. My main man....did he score enough though the team not playing good?
  12. Final Update from Australia just before they sack me 😂🙈
  13. Awesome challenge, best of luck with that mate :)!!