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  1. Great though challenge! Expect it to take time hope you loaded England as prime league if you are heading to Do like i did it best regards Anders
  2. Ohhh that makes scence yes, sorry to hear if you dont get the opportunity to complete the mission we are on together mate.
  3. What mate ? Why cant you do that ? Can we do anything to help you?
  4. Thanks guys - im on the maybe last try with a 3rd player, running out of guys ( with stamnia ) that are not regens 😅
  5. Indeed mate. I will give it a last try
  6. The Stevie G Liverpool Challenge

    Yes its actually a funny slipping challenge 😂
  7. First off all. Thank you guys for all your supporting words. It meens alot. This season i had the right striker, i had enough matches, i had the tactic. BUT.... ( i won the league and the fa cup but i really dont give a .....💩)
  8. Haha NOOOOOOOO!!!! i give up @Taff 😂😂😂 seriously thats AWESOME done that!!
  9. I wrote you both in same sentence so im sure of winning 😂😂😂
  10. Haha keep it comming @Johnson2017 this is funny!
  11. I will try - but its THOUGH ( therefor divertion with this challenge )
  12. Team Instructions

    It really depends of alot of things. What league are you in? What kind of players Do you have and how Do you want your team to play :)?
  13. Haha great challenge!!! I support JohnsonMcAndrew2017003 😜
  14. Invinsibles Tactics (3-1-2-1-3) EME

    Interesting tactic! Have you tried with other teams in the 16/17 season :)?