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  1. its FMM2017 so moved back look at the pitch it has left and right feet strengths. also this is for the WVGA/SD size screens. hence the different UI
  2. the id and flag is not coded in the game so we can not add the flag sadly maybe FMM18 they will have it in.
  3. thats great news @jaymarvels great job cant wait to continue the content i do each year
  4. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    its been a please to work along side you @Dec the past year or 2 you have taught me many things. i admit and im sure others will find it strange not to have you around? but as the saying goes onwards and upwards for everyone.
  5. Three Wishes for FMM18

    Moved to the Series Section and edited tag for Series.
  6. The next game

    ugh York City Bring On FMM18
  7. hope to get the 1080p size out very soon. i have had a lot of work to do with other graphical content such as updating logos, faces, etc
  8. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thank you @Dec for all what you have done. i wish you the very best for the future. Welcome @Stam i wish you luck on taking over
  9. Site Feedback and Suggestions

    not sure how it works as i got the lifetime version this one is for @Dec @Putzy
  10. i do skins/themes for all 4 sizes. 1080 will be out first in a beta phrase for 7 days.
  11. Community changes (09.04)

    i personally found it quite useful easy to see whos online.
  12. Community changes (09.04)

    Looking great just one question. is Whos Online no longer available?
  13. New screens will be available soon. having to make some minor changes