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  1. i do skins/themes for all 4 sizes. 1080 will be out first in a beta phrase for 7 days.
  2. Community changes (09.04)

    i personally found it quite useful easy to see whos online.
  3. Community changes (09.04)

    Looking great just one question. is Whos Online no longer available?
  4. New screens will be available soon. having to make some minor changes
  5. I love the new font

    win 8.1pro - firefox / chrome (PC) win 10 pro - firefox / chrome (Laptop) samsung galaxy tab s 10.5 & 8.4 sizes using chrome / firefox iphone 7 using safari also tried chrome all gone strangely wierd since the minor change you did lol it does my eyes in :/
  6. I love the new font

    i noticed alot bigger on my end wow lol. i personally prefer as it was before but i am not fussed.
  7. thanks more info will be available soon
  8. Coming Soon V V Who will take the 2017 Vibe Community Title?
  9. Thanks Guys!

    @mcandrew003 you are welcome here and as many have said all you can get from here is fun and support. we all can grow together as a FMM Community. As for your content keep it up you are doing well lastly for your careers/fun/games etc if you need any custom logos making let me know.
  10. i also have FM 2017 so i use the editor to get the IDs which sizes are you trying to download and what does it say when trying to download? what torrent app are you using and also have you given it time to prepare for download?
  11. Poll as ended as we have a new team named Vibe Rebels! V V
  12. 2017 Tactic Kits

    Germain kits for Bundesliga, 2.Bundesliga & 3liga along with Portugal and northern ireland premier division. scottish league 1 and 2 and more is in the works. there are coming in next update but no time frame as of yet.