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  1. FMM on PC?

    thanks you flagging, @Stam will warn.
  2. Fmm Scout 17

    please be patient, the Pre-Editor will be out shortly, the Save Editor will follow. no time frame has been said. Jay will Release them when he thinks they are ready. he puts a lot of work into these.
  3. Deleted files

    either you can download one of the default skins off the site in the download dection or if you delete the skin folder it should redownload data from si installing there default skin back, however any logos or faces you have installed will also be reset too.
  4. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    Thanks for taking an interest, how would you like to help?
  5. Ok this is the Main Topic for FMM18 on what you like to see in next seasons game. please keep everything in this Thread.
  6. Need some help

    edited your post to change chat tag to help tag. please use the correct tags
  7. English please also can you post screenshots of the download please so people can see what they are downloading. you may also get more downloads too.
  8. Fantastic Score

    Can you speak english please so everyone understand. this is an English Speaking Site.
  9. Version 17.0.2


    These files include: Over 13,000 clubs and 600 competitions with continent and alternative logos in FMM2017. ***Missing or Bugged Logos? Please Report it on the Bugs/Missing Thread Here*** - LINK Torrents/Server Download? Don't want Torrent downloads? Then buy a monthly, yearly or lifetime subscription to help support the site. This will give you faster downloads for your time period and other perks such as a special symbol. We thank you for your support. If you run the Torrents make sure you have a Torrent extractor like uTorrent (available on Android too). How to install: Find what skin you use by going into credits and on the top bar finding what is in the brackets (e.g. HVGA). Select your file - 1080, HD (Retina/HDTV in credits) are mostly phones, WVGA are mini tablets and SD are lower screen spec phones (SD/HVGA), while 1080 are new for update 6.1(from FMM16) and show 1080 in credits (iPhone 6+, tablets, phablets). Note for Android Users: Si puts HD for both 1080 & Retina so you cant tell which uses which. best way to find out is, by using a file manager app, Navigate to Android/Data/com.sigames.fmh2017/files/installed/ to see if there is Retina/HDTV Skins or 1080 Skin. For iOS - Extract your file using 7Zip or a Mac equivalent. On iTunes in the top left next to the music, TV, etc... symbols click your device's icon (the little iPhone/iPad) - This is on the latest iTunes version, it may differ on previous. Navigate to app > file sharing > FMM 2017 and drag and drop all club/comp logos in there (press CTRL/CMD + A to select all in the folder). Please don't drag the folders. For Android - Extract your file using : 7Zip or a Mac .zip extractor equivalent or ES FIle Explorer App, File Manager HD App, AndroZip App, ZArchiver App or any other fille manager apps. (i use AndroZip which i would Recommend) Use AirDroid or a USB and drag them into Android/Data/com.sigames.fmh2017/files/installed/logos extract the zip here (or Logos_Android for WVGA/Logos_iPad for HD). Make sure you backup/remove clubs/comps/continents folders first. *Note* There are a lot of files, it can take a while to start and then to transfer, please give them time (especially on iTunes). FAQ - Q - Free? A - Yes with a Torrent, Please see the Torrent Instructions. Q - How do i Find the Size i want? A - Please go onto credits and on the top bar finding what is in the brackets, Iphone - Retina, HVGA - SD. Q - I am using uTorrent on Android and they arent downloading? A - Please try aTorrent as your Torrent Downloader. Q - I'm getting a file extraction Error. A - If you're on Android then make sure you are using AndroZip(recommended) or FileExplorerHD. ES File Explorer has a size limit. Q - I've got a bug or found something funny A - Please report in the given Link at the top of this page in blue. ------- With Thanks To @Dec & @rseven
  10. only the whole pack im afraid.
  11. 2017 License Fixes

    where did you get the game from?
  12. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    Hi @Robbrown172 as your interested in Social Media Managers role please get in touch with @JustM1kePlays if @Stam isn't available.
  13. Unable To Load Images

    no problem
  14. Unable To Load Images

    ah sweet thanks for the quick update @Putzy
  15. Unable To Load Images

    this has been noted and we are looking into it @Putzy @Stam i have also noticed this too look at my main post (bottom of it) in this Link current posts with images in have turned to text.
  16. Rebuilding Team Vibe

    Updated the main post. any questions please get in touch with either @Stam or myself.

    ask for a save again, then it will be a permanent ban. we dont tolarate piracy here.
  18. FMM on PC?

    You can use Nox to play FMM17 on pc but you need your google account to download your paid FMM17. i would not recommend it though.
  19. Skin/Themes Development (Development Thread) SNEAK PEAK! [Work in Progress] (Currently Working On) SkySports UEFA Champions League Premier League [Next] - Vibe Community ------ List of Skins Completed (Available in the Downloads Section) Brown,Green,Orange,Purple,Red (Base Defaults) ------ Members Wishlist (What Skin/Theme would you like to see?) EFL Leagues
  20. can you not download any files at all or is it just one that you cant download? if so which one is it? Edit : Nevermind i see it i will take a look into it, the site is changing download server i am guessing so downloads may be but will get it fixed soon as possible. Edit again : Ok i will need to alert @Stam (New Owner) as he changed the details so i can check it out now.
  21. Version 17.0.1


    Kits for the Tactic Screen instead of circles. There are Top Leagues clubs (Apart from 3 Leagues) and country home kits to add to your user interface. Australia (A-League) Belgium (Jupiler Pro League, Proximus League) England (Premier League, Championship, League 1, League 2, National, North, South) France (Ligue 1, Ligue 2, National) Holland (Eredivisie) Italy (Serie A) Poland (Lotto Ekstraklasa, 1. Liga) Rep. of Ireland (SSE Airtricity League) Scotland (Premiership, Championship) Spain (La Liga Santander, Liga 1|2|3, Segunda Division B Group 1,2,3,4) Turkey (Spor Toto Super League, TFF 1 Lig) Wales (Dafabet Welsh Premier League) Playerable Nations (European) + more coming soon hopefully Germany & Portugal Note : Please be aware this file doesn't replace individual clubs' tactics screen but the single logos from the base game. This is due to the design of the game. How to install: Please note this is for Android users only, please don't install on iOS as they won't work. Find what skin you use by going into credits and on the top bar finding what is in the brackets (e.g. HDTV). Select your file (HVGA = SD) Extract your file using: 7Zip or a Mac .zip extractor equivalent OR ES FIle Explorer App (Personally i use AndroZip App) Use AirDroid/USB or ES File Explorer and navigate into Android/Data/com.sigames.fmm2017/files/com.sigames.com/installed/ Find your skin which will be labelled FMHi_?_skin Go into GUI_Images/formation_pitch Pick your club and go into their folder. Copy the icons. Select Yes to Overwrite With thanks to @Dec, Hammer9 and the Guys at Sortitoutsi.
  22. its FMM2017 so moved back look at the pitch it has left and right feet strengths. also this is for the WVGA/SD size screens. hence the different UI
  23. the id and flag is not coded in the game so we can not add the flag sadly maybe FMM18 they will have it in.
  24. thats great news @jaymarvels great job cant wait to continue the content i do each year
  25. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    its been a please to work along side you @Dec the past year or 2 you have taught me many things. i admit and im sure others will find it strange not to have you around? but as the saying goes onwards and upwards for everyone.