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  1. Anyone Else having issues with Images

    We installed a plugin on Saturday to try to improve loading times on mobile, and to save data when using over 3/4G. The idea is that we only load in the images when they are "almost" visible on the page. It seems to work 90% of the time, but has a few glitches, specifically on pages with lots of spoilers and on pages with lots of images. This is a "non-destructive" plugin and runs on display, so this will not have affected any images uploaded between the times. If there is any issue with the images not loading now, then it means there is another problem somewhere, possibly with your device, as there is no errors at all in the logs to do with file uploads. I suggest you all clear caches etc if you still have image problems and see what happens. If it's the post I think it was, that was around the 4th June? That wouldn't be related to this problem I'm pretty sure given the dates. I've disabled the plugin for now until I get to the bottom of the issue, so things should be back to normal right now.
  2. Anyone Else having issues with Images

    Ok, I'll look into this. What devices and browsers are you using? Is this desktop or mobile?
  3. Anyone Else having issues with Images

    Moved this to the Vibe category since it's a site problem, not a game problem. Do you have a link to where this is happening?
  4. Server Move + Update

    Can you message one of us with your state please? This could be a localised problem.
  5. Server Move + Update

    We have no problem sharing the logo, but only when it is absolutely required to avoid misuse. What do you need it for?
  6. What happend to Kaka?

    Indeed, this is the main part of the branding changes that are going to be happening over the next couple of weeks as Stam puts his plans into action (that makes him sound evil. Trust me - he's not! ). The new logo is intended to be seen as a half-throwback to the previous logo (anyone remember the tie in the hexagon?) and half-forward thinking. You may notice the various "V" shapes within the logo - this is deliberate as part of the "Vibe" branding, that will not be going anywhere anytime soon. We can also make this flexible in colour schemes, just the same as the previous parrot logo. In fact, we are already using multiple variants - the logo in the tab bar/bookmarks bar uses a flat colour palette, compared to the header bar which uses rich gradients to make it stand up off of the page a little. We are also looking into ways to use the logo to create an automatic permanent watermark on contributed images as a way to thwart content thieves before they even get started. To some extent even the shape is variable here; we have a circle version of the logo ready to go for when that shape is demanded (think Android application icons on Pixel devices) or where it would be better suited (heh, get it?) than sharp edges. The idea is that the logo can retain the same aesthetic no matter what design it is being used in. The parrot logo required slight rotational changes depending on the context, which made anything automated a bit of a problem. One more thing which made us decide on a new logo was the scaling issues. The parrot, whilst absolutely fantastic when larger, was not very clear at small sizes and slightly turned into a mess of colour. We're still experimenting with the new logo at smaller sizes (we're thinking to make the "shirt" area larger to help emphasize the tie, for example) and you might see a few changes here. The logo still has no relation directly to the FMH or FMM series, and is still just as flexible no matter what SI decide to do in the future. We're still looking towards the future, even without having a parrot as the logo, and that will not be changing. Of course, this does mean we are without a mascot. I don't really have anything to say about that right now. But we're not entirely ruling out any future use of Kaka if that would be required. If anyone has any further feedback/questions, then please continue. We did this on the quiet to try to avoid drawing attention to things, but it's clear that maybe a few people had a soft spot for Kaka after all.
  7. Server Move + Update

    Hey all, The short downtime earlier was due to us moving server (once again...) in order to improve speed, reliability and to give us further potential to grow. This is all part of the behind-the-scenes work that @Stam and I are working on and will be for the next few weeks. You shouldn't notice any problems, but please reply in this topic if you notice anything acting a bit strange such as images and avatars not loading, certain pages acting slow, or even if you notice notification emails coming through a bit slower. We're relying on you all to help us out until we get things stabilised. As mentioned above, over the next few weeks we're going to have a few updates to the site; mostly small things such as skin refinements and experience improvements which will all hopefully make your time on the site a better experience. As always, please let us know if you have any problems, feedback or ideas. We love to hear it (and potentially ignore it! ) and we really do try to take everything on board.
  8. Unable To Load Images

    Images should all be loading now. We are aware of an issue when editing posts with attachments/images, however, and we're looking into this now.
  9. Unable To Load Images

    No problem. I didn't intend in it taking this long or affecting anything visible to anyone other than me, so that's why I never posted about it. Apologies about that.
  10. Unable To Load Images

    We're transferring some files between servers. A few issues like this might exist for a couple of hours/few days but everything will be back eventually.
  11. Hey. Please try again now. Sorry about that!
  12. Community changes (09.04)

    In the meantime:
  13. I love the new font

    The size shouldn't be any different, only the glyphs. What device are you noticing it on?
  14. I love the new font

    Yeah, it's the perfect place for things like this. It's one of the few forums I keep an eye on to see if we can do anything to make things better for anyone.... Anyway, wow! I'm surprised anyone noticed if I'm honest... it's a subtle change. Good catch though, and thanks! It's something I've changed today (along with a few other things) to try to improve the readability and flow of the titles. Hopefully that's coming across!
  15. Problem uploading!

    Should be fixed..... again.