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  1. Community changes (09.04)

    In the meantime:
  2. I love the new font

    The size shouldn't be any different, only the glyphs. What device are you noticing it on?
  3. I love the new font

    Yeah, it's the perfect place for things like this. It's one of the few forums I keep an eye on to see if we can do anything to make things better for anyone.... Anyway, wow! I'm surprised anyone noticed if I'm honest... it's a subtle change. Good catch though, and thanks! It's something I've changed today (along with a few other things) to try to improve the readability and flow of the titles. Hopefully that's coming across!
  4. Problem uploading!

    Should be fixed..... again.
  5. Vanishing Posts/Vibe reset

    Sorry about that. Honestly, not our fault at all. Server upgrade that our hosts did without notifying us, and they took a copy of the database a number of hours before hand. We've had a moan!
  6. New Content issue

    Just press this.
  7. Any list of what Android screen resolutions are properly supported this year with a non-stretched skin? 1280x720? 1920x1080? @Alari
  8. Help. Can't post from mobile

    Every device is different. Best thing to do is Google "Clear browser cache on (my device name)".
  9. Best FMH XI Vote Open

    Link fixed. Should be able to copy it now.
  10. I'd say if they've put it in the marketing details like they have, that there would have to be a very last minute decision to change their minds about it. At this stage, I'd guess the databases are probably finished and will only have minor revisions made to them. Data for other leagues will only be framework or not there at all. It's a shame, really.
  11. Site Feedback and Suggestions

    Yeah, something weird going on. We're looking into it. Sorry!
  12. Welcome to FMHVibe 3.0

    Site should be more speedy today. Please let us know how you're all finding it. Plenty more to come as well!
  13. Welcome to FMHVibe 3.0

    Yeah, we're aware of the speed issues and apologise! It should have a slight improvement later tonight when I do my next batch of optimisations, and again a drastic improvement over the coming days - we have a server upgrade incoming.
  14. Vibe Own a Club

    @JustM1kePlays @S4NCH0 - Highlight the text, then press the T in the toolbar with the X underneath it.
  15. Welcome to FMHVibe 3.0

    When you press enter, you get a new paragraph. If you just keep typing without pressing enter, the text goes onto a new line naturally, just like if you were reading a book or similar. Alternatively, if you press shift and enter, you can do a single line break... this.