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  1. There's Been A Murder!

    Took me forever to get through all that, but it is quite intriguing, hope this keeps going, keep it up
  2. Replacing Pirlo

    How about Veratti?
  3. I'm surprised nobody brought up 'Barry Kane', I thought it was rather amusing when I just saw you bought him back at Celtic! But doing great as always, with your record I've got to think you'll somehow pull this out of the bag! In your own time mate
  4. The Vincent Tan Challenge!

    How many players will have the number 8 in their name though?
  5. The Bankrupt Challenge

    Going to give this a try with my own added twist to it, always loved starting from the bottom to get them to the top, hopefully it can get me back into FMH. So does all major trophies just mean the top, so Europa doesn't really count?
  6. This looks insane, brilliant idea! Will be following very closely. So do you guys get your points constantly or do they come to you at the end of every level (season)?
  7. Over Hyped to Under achievers

    Bit late jumping in on this, but Adriano, was great when he was young but depression and alcohol got the better of him and he's squandered the past 6+ years which should have been his prime
  8. Was enjoying this head to head, real shame that it had to come to an end like that, unlucky!
  9. Quite a lot of your challenges go down to the wire yet you always pull it out of the bag, I have faith
  10. Regen Names

    That's right, I'm there people, don't even try anything!
  11. Back on old games, when I was still in like Serie B and sometimes in C and had international call ups they'd be ineligible for my game so wouldn't be able to play both
  12. Scuffet, Perrin, Bardi? Don't know who the young Spaniards are off top of my head, apart from the ones mentioned.
  13. Players missing

    Not sure about the first part, but the bit about Mastour would be because certain players only show up when certain leagues are loaded, so guessing you chose the Italian league when with Real Madrid or something?
  14. Them teams, in the Europa League, jeeez! Great season though!
  15. Good choice in team there! Great start, nice to see how you go with this