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  1. KTS Does it with the locals

    Europe will be a tougher nut to crack
  2. KTS Does it with the locals

    Ok mate Here's how the club looks to begin. And here is the club now. Here are the players who really make the team. GK Def CM Wing AM ST It's not a first 11 but the players who are rotated in most when fit. You will probably notice some of the players aren't the best but there's a big skew towards physical stats. And here is the tactic used almost exclusively since league 1. When facing tougher opposition I'll often drop the mentality to balanced and go on the counter attack too.
  3. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 8 Annan ahead into their second season in the premier league. They also hope to get through qualifying and into the Europa league proper. So the season opens with the Europa league qualifiers. The first opponent is Ferencvaros. The first leg went well with Annan taking a 2-1 home victory. How did the second leg go? Annan draw 2-2 and manage to make it on to the playoff where they face Molde. Annan lose first leg to the Norweigan side taking a 1 goal deficit onto the second leg. A disappointing home draw leads to Annan being unsuccessful in their first European adventure. Next up we have the betfred cup where Annan hope to win the cup once again. They come in in round 2 against fellow Premiership side Ross county. A dominant enough 2-0 win saw Annan move onto quarter final to face Rangers. Despite not being the better side Annan played a counterattacking game to great effect taking the win with a 2-1 scoreline. This moved them on to the semis to face Glasgow giants Celtic. Celtic get the best of the game seeing off Annan 2-1 in the end to knock the smaller club out. How did Annan perform in the Scottish cup though? Could they make up for the disappointment elsewhere? They come in in round 4 to face Ross county yet again And in an even more dominant display they took down Ross county with another 2-0 victory. This moved them on to round 5 and minnows Dalbeattie Star Annan managed to give away plenty if opportunities but took the win 3-0 in the end. This moved Annan on to the quarter final. Against Celtic again. Could they get revenge for the Betfred cup loss? No! Annan are embarrassed by the big boys taking a 5-0 drubbing. How awful for these local lads to go out of the cup this way. So cup competitions out of the way how did Annan do in the league this year. Could they secure European competition? Well They performed very well and 25 games into the season here is how the table looked. Only 1 point separated the top 3 and Annan were sitting above Celtic in second place. Could they pull above Hearts and get the title by the end of the season? Well Celtic leapfrogged both teams and were sitting top going into their late season showdown with Annan, the second plaved team. How did this game go? Annan gain a measure of revenge smashing 5 goals past the Glasweigans and taking the lead in the table. Could they hold onto this lead? Here is how the table looked with one game to go. All still up for grabs with 1 point separating the two teams. Celtic face Rangers closing the season with an old firm derby. Celtic take the win. Annan need to win their final game against Hearts to secure the title. Can they do it? YES! WHAT A DAY FOR ANNAN AND TALENT'S HOMEGROWN! The Cinderella story has come to life as a team comprised of only local lads has taken the top prize in the country. Amazing scenes here as Annan saw off Hearts 3-1 What an achievement this year was for Annan. There were I individual awards too. Iain Cummings gets the runner up spot for YPOTY. Eddie MacIver sees off Moussa Dembele to get the POTY award. And unsurprisingly Talent's Homegrown recieves MOTY for his teams exploits tgis season. Let's see how the lads performed to get the team to these great acievements. MacIver has matured into a strong striker netting 36 goals in 44 games. He was supported massively by the team behind him with Rennie, Cummings and McGuigan seeing 29 assists between them. Annan also had to fend off offers from Crystal Palace and Watford for MacIver as well as offers from Germany for Cummings. Luckily Talent's Homegrown learned his lesson form the Elliot Garden saga by giving his best players long term deals without release clauses. What a year. What a great great year. Now next season we see if Annan can make an impact in Europe.
  4. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 8 New Prospects So after last season's fantastic results in the premier league lets see if the improved level of football makes for improved youngsters coming through the youth setup. Well........ that's disappointing. However both players are promoted to the first team in the hope that they can prove the coaches wrong. First we look at Marc Laing who seems to have a decent range of positions for cover at least. His attributes aren't amazing but he's got a little potential Next we have Conor Park another young striker coming through. His physical stats are decent enough. He will have to improve to challenge the first team strikers.
  5. KTS Does it with the locals

    Thanks man. I actually had to offer him the big club clause to get him to sign his previous contract. That backfired. I'm gunning for that SPL title. And yeah it is a shame about garden but MacIver has stepped up and has a new 5 year contract too.
  6. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 7 Annan have defied all expectations and managed to make it to the premier league on the strength of their youth team. Talent's Homegrown is confident his boys can get a mid table finish to secure their place in the league for a second year. Again the season begins with the betfred cup group stage. Drawn with Motherwell, Vale of Leithen, Peterhead and Albion Rovers. The opening game went very well. A 5-2 victory over motherwell and Elliot Garden has come of age it seems netting 4 times here. However......... God damn it. Can't even refuse the offers. Annans top young striker has moved to Everton just as he was developing. Anyway we digress. Annan were unfortunately unable to get out of the group. This brings us to the Scottish cup run, Annan enter in round 4 to face Clyde. A dominant display led to a 3-0 win over the lesser opposition sends them to round 5 to meet Linlithgow Rose. Another pretty solid display saw Annan win 4-2 And move forward to face Dundee in the quarter finals. They were knocked out by a Dundee side who were better on the day. How unfortunate for the local boys. No cup this year. So lets see how Annan did in the league. Very well as it happens. They were sitting 5th, equal in points to Aberdeen, a goal difference of 4 to Aberdeens 8 with one game to go. Could Annan make it above them to gain a European qualifying spot? They would have to rely on a little luck if it was to happen. They did their part by beating Kilmarnock. But how would Aberdeen fair against Dundee? After Annan scored on the 12th minute they went up to 4th..... For all of 3 minutes. As Benik Afobe put Aberdeen into the lead. Then 5 minutes later Ash Taylor doubled that lead. Things were not looking good for Annan's hopes. Then a glimmer of hope before the half ends as Kevin Gomis pulls a goal back for Dundee. Could this happen? Could Dundee score one more goal to send Annan into Europe? In short, no..... They could score 4 more! And Annan are through to the Europa league qualifying rounds! What a time for this club. Let's see which players made this possible. Eddie MacIver picked up the slack left by Elliot Garden leaving, scoring a decent 20 goals. Sam McGuigan made an interesting contribution of 11 assists as a centre back. Eddie MacIver also picked up the YPOTY award this season. A great year for the young lad and Annan needed it after losing this player Also There was another promotion from the reserves due to injuries late in the season. Not a very good player but a necessary addition. Anyway, that was season 7 and a great one it was. Forward to season 8!
  7. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 7 New Prospects There are two prospects this year and neither are looking to be the best but both are signed up. First is central midfielder Kris Harrison He has some decent mental stats and passing is a 10 so he's got some potential at least. And the other is Ian Murray. Once again he has a few blues in the right places and has some potential. So fingers crossed.
  8. KTS Does it with the locals

    I came through though
  9. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 6 Going into the 6th season of leading his local club, Annan Athletic, Talent's Homegrown is looking to improve upon last season where his team of local boys had a fantastic showing in the championship just 2 years removed from league 2 football. Can they push forward and challenge for promotion this year? Let's first see how they did in the betfred cup. Annan were drawn in a group along with Dundee, Berwick, Livingstone and Clyde. They finally made it past the group stage thanks to a good record as group runners up. This brought them to face Ross County. Not an easy game. But Annan dominated and took the 1-0 win sending them into the quarter finals to face Dundee. A tight affair saw a 0-0 draw over 90 minutes. Dundee pulled ahead early into extra time. Annan then scored 2 goals of their own to win the tie. Annan move to the semis! They face.......Celtic. Oh damn. The teams could not be separated in 120 minutes going to a 0-0 draw Annan then took the win via penalty shootout. What a day for the local guys! Annan move to the final and face Aberdeen, tough but anything is possible after defeating Celtic. Annan went in on the attack straight away taking a 2 goal lead in under 10 minutes. Only Aberdeen equalised with 2 late goals! Extra time gave no more goals. Penalties again! Yes! Annan take the betfred cup. Penalty practice has paid off. One cup down. Next is the Scottish cup. Annan enter in the 4th round and face St Mirren. A 3-2 loss after being 2 goals up. So disappointing for the young team. Final cup is the challenge cup, Annan enter in the 4th round.facingfacing Clyde. They dominate and gain the 1-0 win. This sends them to the quarter finals to face Stenhousemuir. Another poor cup loss. So with 1 cup win and 2 poor runs. let's see how Annan did on the league campaign. They won the league! Top notch campaign by the Annan boys to make it to the premier league just 3 years after playing in league 2. Let's see the top performers. Duthie again showed his worth with 23 goals while Dale Dods was sent on loan to regain fitness. Elliot Garden stepped up from the shadows to hit 14 goals himself. Daryl Rodger also came back from a bad time with fitness to show he still belongs in the first team. The guys also gained some awards this year. MOTY POTY Runner up YPOTY. So that was the great season 6. Season 7 brings the premier league!
  10. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 6 New Players This year there are apparently 3 youngsters ready to be promoted. I decided to take a risk by promoting all three. First we have Ball winning midfielder Iain Cummings. Physically he is fantastic and theatre are plenty of 9s there which could improve nicely. Fingers crossed on this one. Next we have winger/inside forward Jim Loy. Half decent pace and movement here and half decent crossing and dribbling means I see some potential here. Finally we have striker Jordan Kader. He has some OK stats bit I really hope he improves big time. Slightly disappointed. There were also a couple of promotions from the reserves this year. They were promoted due to promising stats and good positional coverage. First is Jon-Paul Bannigan Some half decent stats and coverage for a few areas here. Next is Blair Murphy Again some half decent stats and coverage. Finally There is Jim Russell Very similar to Mr Murphy bit with slightly better stats. So there are the new team members for the season.
  11. I'm happy I created this challenge. People seem to be really taking to it
  12. KTS Does it with the locals

    I dropped the intensity of all training. Most players have settled but some just don't like any routine at all.
  13. @Idol you cheeky man
  14. KTS Does it with the locals

    It's a constant battle mate. So many hate training of any kind it's unreal.
  15. KTS Does it with the locals

    Thanks man. @Tim bryant here's another guy who's been good