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  1. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 4 Last year was incredibly successful for Talent's Homegrown and the Annan boys as they win league 2 and the challenge cup. This year would be tough with the team now in league 1. Homegrown has made it known that he wishes to secure a playoff position immediately as last year's cup run proved his team can "hang with league 1 opposition". The betfred cup group stage opens the year and Annan are drawn in a group with Hamilton Academicals, St Mirren, Queen of the South and Lowland league side Spartans. As Annan dropped to 4th in the group, it seems the team have spent too long celebrating last year's successes as many players look to be struggling for fitness. Could the team pull themselves around? We will see their Scottish cup run next, they swept aside early non-league opposition to hit the fourth round where they faced old League 2 buddies Clyde. The original game ended 1-1 with Annan not looking themselves. How would they fare in the replay? Annan breathed a sigh of relief as their team, missing their unfit star man Dale Dods, managed a comprehensive 4-0 victory to go onto round 5. Round 5 threw up an interesting draw as Annan were to take on Celtic. How would the lads fare a year on from their 3-0 defeat to the bhoys? Annan played a tight, counterattacking game against the top opposition and it almost payed off as Annan held Celtic to 0-0 then took the lead on the 63rd minute. Celtic simply could not get a goal but it all changed when a penalty was awarded on the 79th minute. The game looked to be going to a replay until the 90th minute when Sam McGuigan was sent off for a rash challenge to Leigh Griffiths. The same man who broke the hearts of the Annan faithful in the final minute tapping in a rebound. The Scottish cup was eventful but could the local lads win the Challenge cup again? We join them in the 3rd round where they faced old friends Clyde. And the game went to extra time after a 1-1 draw. The team then seemed to go onto overdrive scoring 3 goals to secure the win and a ticket to round 4 where they fave Championship side Alloa Athletic. What a disappointment, Alloa dominated the game and took a 1-0 win. Annan fail to retain. Cup competitions out of the way, how did Annan do in the league? The campaign began steadily with mostly wins. Including this absolute smashing of Stranraer The team quickly picked up pole position and after 22 games the league looked like this. A nifty 6 point lead as Annan were defying all expectations. However there was a drop in form late on... Far too many draws popping up as the league table tightened 32 games in and the lead was down to 4 points when it had been as high as 11 could Annan hold on to the top spot? Yes! Outstanding. Back to back promotions send Annan up to the championship! What a season. The team managed to open that gap back upto 9 points in the end. This also won a few awards. Annan picked up all the league player and manager awards. Who were the top men this year for out heroic champs? Dale Dods again proving to be top man fighting through fitness and injury issues to score 27 in 32 games. His understudy Duthie did ok again as did a few of the defenders. What a year! What a team! Annan Athletic, your league 1 champions!
  2. KTS Does it with the locals

    Even if someone only gets 5 games it's better than 0 and I've had a couple out on loan.
  3. KTS Does it with the locals

    I have a squad of 35 right now. And almost all of them get some game time throughout the season
  4. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 4 New Prospects Last season we had some decent and one fantastic prospect called up. Let's hope this year is a good batch too. Academy Graduates There were 2 prospects this year who I saw fit to promote and one who I released (we will catch up to him in the reject corner). First we have Goalie Andy Carswell. Not so great but he's 16 and has a lot of development in him and he could come good. Next we have a guy who can play through all the CM positions in Steven Hay. He looks to have blue stats in good areas and has pace to burn, that stamina stat is a little worrying but I've no doubt it will improve with training. Decent prospect. There didn't appear to be any reserves worth promoting this year so we go on with just 2 new recruits.
  5. Getting so very very close mate, and 14-0! Wow man.
  6. Glad you're enjoying this challenge mate. And you've made a decent start on getting Blackpool up.
  7. KTS Does it with the locals

    Dods was amazing mate. Top signing of the year. Duthrie has the potential to outdo him though.
  8. KTS Does it with the locals

    Reject Corner Here we have a look at those poor souls who could not make it at Annan. Those who were released. And where their careers went after release. This year there were 4 releases. Steve McInnes, Rhys MacDonald, Rory Goodfellow and Simon Linton. They all found clubs, let's see where they went. Two stayed in Scotland and the other two moved to newly promoted Welsh teams. Rhys MacDonald managed to get signed up by league 1 side Peterhead. Maybe they see some potential in him? We will catch up with him in a few years and see if he's lived up to his signing. Rory Goodfellow moved to League 2 Berwick Rangers and seems to have settled at this level. Steve McInnes moved to Porthmadog hoping to revive his career in Wales. And looking at his form he may do that in the next few years. Finally, Simon Linton also hoped to prove his mettle in Wales. He appears to have played rather well and we wish him luck. Well the first set of rejects are a mixed bunch but we will catch up to them in due course.
  9. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 3 After two years of hitting the playoffs and failing to be promoted Talent's Homegrown is desperate to earn his boyhood club promotion by any means necessary. Will this year be the one? The season begins, as always with the betfred cup group phase. This year it was as tough as ever. With the draw throwing Annan in with: St Johnstone (championship) Hibs (championship) Dumbarton (League 1) Spartans (non-league) They had a difficult time with the higher league teams which immediately threw them out of the cup. Unfortunate but expected. Next up we have the Scottish cup, the big one. Annan waltzed through the first few rounds of non-league opposition and met Alloa Athletic in the 4th round. In a close and hard fought game, the better side won but Annan really showed grit here. The final cup competition is the challenge cup. The one where Annan have gotten furthest in the last two seasons. Let's follow their whole run this year. They begin in round 2 facing league 1 side stranraer. A nice rather dominant display secures them passage to the final. This team seem to do well against league 1 opposition. However this competition also includes Northern Irish and Welsh clubs. The third round throws up yet another league 1 side, Queens Park. Annan smash them, making the most of the opportunities they were given. The squad really is gelling and new call up Dods has managed 5 goals already in this cup. Onto round 4 where the opposition is a championship side, a one Annan have beaten before, St Mirren. A third win in this competition and another 2 challenge cup goals for Dods who has 7 in 3. Can both he and the team keep it up? Quarter final time and Annan are set to face Northern Irish boys Portadown. This proved to be the toughest test yet as the northern Irish lads had 2 goals disallowed and Annan only managed the one goal. It was enough though and they reach the semi finals to face another league 1 side, Queen of the South. A good display and a 1 goal win lead Annan to their first final under this manager. The fans are ecstatic at this run and all eyes are on the final. Can this little club of local lads do it? Can they win the cup? In their way is the championship side Morton FC. Will they overcome the odds? Yes! An amazing cup triumph. This team has proven they can defeat top opposition. The match was a close one with each team having opportunities but Annan took the cup home. Manager Mr. Homegrown was quoted as saying he was "Thrilled to bring silverware" to his home and "this is only the beginning". So that's the cups out of the way. Could Annan bring this mentality to the league too? They're aiming for a playoff place. The league campaign started well enough Annan opened with 8 played 5 won 1draw and 2 losses. Could they keep this form up? They did, and more....... League champions! Not only promotion but automatic promotion. Amazing stuff. Talent's Homegrown could not give an interview as he was in floods of tears having secured a cup and a league title. Annan ran away with the league having sorted their goal scoring issues. Where did these extra goals come from? New boy Dale Dods played out of his skin. 33 goals in 36 was amazing for his first season. He even spent a month injured and in this first game back came on as a 70th minute sub. And scored a hat-trick! The contribution of other new boy Jay Duthie cannot be overlooked though. He managed a goal every other game whilst mostly being a late sub. He even scored the cup winning goal. Once again the defence must be praised for their great performances too. Season 3 has been a massive success for Homegrown. However he has one complaint. Why do the press see him as having a bias towards non-domestic players when all his team are Scottish? We will leave with that mystery unsolved. There were also some awards this year.
  10. KTS Does it with the locals

    It's a shame it didn't take off mate. I'm really enjoying this myself.
  11. Tales of Viking Chief BatiGøal

    I do this to myself mate. So I'm no better than a child haha.
  12. KTS Does it with the locals

    Season 3 New Prospects So after last year's youth success (I forgot to mention how well O'Hara did) my coach believes we have a good crop this year. I promoted them all and those star ratings look half decent to brilliant. We Will start with 2.5* potential Grady Well he isn't exactly lighting my interest up here but at least he has a little pace, stamina and passing ability. He also has a few 9s there which could improve his prospects by getting into the blues. Fingers crossed on this one. Next is Robert Booth. A RB/CM guy. Definitely worse. That stamina stat! Really needs to improve a lot. A. Lot. Finally we have the high potential of Elliot Garden. Ok so this guy was listed as a "target man" maybe in a few years? As it stands he looks like he has a long way to go, but who knows how he will improve? So the academy prospects aside I again raided the reserve team. I saw 2 guys who may be the answer to my troubles up front. These guys are almost clones of each other. I am liking where those blues are and the 8s and 9s too. I particularly like the pace. As my other strikers are red in that area (except Garden). So there's the prospects for this season. You may be wondering how i have taken so many players on. Well I released a few first year prospects who didn't make the cut. I will do a follow up on them in each update to see where their careers go.
  13. Help rescue my Awful tactic

    I think that should work and if not perfect you can tinker from there
  14. Help rescue my Awful tactic

    I'd switch the IF to a winger and/or use wing backs Switch the CM to AP Make one of the CD to a BPD as you're playing short from the keeper
  15. KTS Does it with the locals

    Haha. I am but a mortal man. If you want to see my immortal phase look up my 2grey challenge from last year mate