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  1. Thank you so much for the positive feedback! This makes me want to do them all the more. I will try my best guys to get more topics done.
  2. Ashez & His Three Amigos!

    Total domination, hard to get that many goals with one player, let alone almost three!
  3. Anthony Martial: United's £36m Man? Introduction: After getting rid of the likes of Falcao and Van Persie and even moving Rooney into a deeper role, Van Gaal looks set to pay big for this French striker. At 19 years old, he looks set to become the most expensive ever teenager to switch clubs with a fee of £36m set to be the cost. Whether Van Gaal is panic buying, or whether he sees great potential in this young lad, I will look into it myself and determine an outcome. Martial in FMH 15: In FMH15, Anthony Martial is only 18 and looks a great young talent. However, he is not the best and definitely not worth £36m. I personally think with these stats and his age, he is worth £15m, maybe £20m at most. From this screenshot, we can see that his key attributes are shooting, movement and pace. So why does Van Gaal seem so keen to sign him? Martial is an out and out poacher, he is all too similar to Chicharito for me. He should fit in well though; feeding on Herrera, Mata and Schweinsteiger's through balls and pouncing on any loose balls in the box. But how does he compare to other United strikers in FMH15? Wayne Rooney is what I would consider the 'perfect striker' for FMH. He has brilliant attributes all over his profile, but does this mean he would get a place ahead of Martial, play deeper or will there be two up front? With Van Gaal paying so much money, he surely can't be planning for Martial to be a bench warmer, he will surely be playing week in week out! Javier Hernandez has signed for Bayer Leverkusen this summer, but how similar is he to Martial in FMH15? Well, he is a poacher and is key attributes are, again, shooting, pace and movement... Hmm... He is also valued more highly and has some other attributes that are higher than Martial's. He may be older, but he has more EPL experience and is a proven goal scorer, whereas Martial is young and inexperienced. Hernandez also has over 65 caps for Mexico, playing at multiple World Cups as well! What Do The Statistics Say? For this part I will be using a very trustworthy and accurate website, TransferMarkt. It has statistics and profiles for almost every player in the world. According to the site, Martial's highest valuation was £5.6m, from June, 2015. However, seeing as though it is last minute, I would say that there should be £5m added to this. Last season, Martial played 48 games in all competitions and scored 12 goals and got 4 assists. So far this season, Martial has played 7 games in all competitions and scored 1 goal and grabbed 2 assists. All in all, I wouldn't consider him a 'goal machine', especially seeing as though Ligue 1 isn't known for its amazing defences. With the EPL being a stronger league and more physical, I see Martial struggling to settle down. Who Could £36m Have Bought? Martial looks to be signing for a fee in the region of £36m. But whom could this much money have bought? I will be looking at confirmed transfers and rumours with estimated valuations. Firstly, Christian Benteke signed for Liverpool for £32m and I thought he was expensive... But he offers EPL experience, physicality and goals. He is a proven goal scorer and is a big guy. He holds up the ball well, wins plenty of aerial duels and is also good with his feet. Secondly, we look at Pedro. He may not be a striker, but he scores goals and plays in an attacking position. Chelsea signed him for around £21m, meaning there would be £15m left to spend on perhaps another player. Pedro offers goals, technique, Champions League and big game experience and pace. He scored on his debut and I think he was a brilliant signing. Jackson Martinez moved to Atletico from Porto for £24.5m and has also already made a good start to life in Madrid. He may be a little older, but scores goals and is strong and powerful like Benteke. He would have also been a cheaper option to Benteke. Carlos Bacca moved to AC Milan for £21m. He was awesome last season for Sevilla and is a natural finisher. Snapping up any loose balls in the box, as well as being a set piece specialist. Again, he is powerful and would be able to run onto their many playmaker's through balls. Personal Opinion: Personally, I think Martial is a hot prospect who has great potential, as can be seen in FMH15. However, he is in my opinion not worth £36m, nor £10m, but around £15-£20m. Tottenham were interested around a month ago and were looking to sign him for just over £20m but backed out. With deadline day today, I believe Van Gaal is panic buying and with the strikers bought this transfer window for other clubs, Martial for £36m looks an absolute rip off and dangerous gamble. Good luck Van Gaal...
  4. FMH15 Ultimate Team Main Thread

    Still active, might need an update on what's happening in terms of can we do transfers etc.. :D
  5. Thanks mate! Personally, I think Oxford lacks the experience the others do and needs at least a few more games to prove his worth.
  6. FMH16: Scout's Guide to the Next Generation Jordan Ibe: Age: 19 Nationality: English Current Ability (1-5): 3 Potential Ability (1-5): 4.5 Jordan has been used sparingly by Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers in the last few seasons, with a spark of great performances in 2014/15. With the departure of Raheem Sterling and signing of a long-term contract, Ibe looks set to light up the EPL in the 2015/16 season with his pace and sharpness. Be should get a big boost in FMH16 as he has matured and nicked a place in Liverpool's starting XI. Perhaps a reason as to why Rodgers sold Sterling, Ibe looks set to take Sterling's place and being only 19, he has a great future ahead of him. Jack Grealish: Age: 19 Nationality: Irish Current Ability (1-5): 2.5 Potential Ability (1-5): 4 Becoming a star overnight in Aston Villa's semi-final cup tie versus Liverpool, the Irishman unveiled a talent the Aston Villa coaching staff had been excited about for over 3 years. Playing mainly behind the striker or on the wing, Grealish has the ability to find pockets of space and pick a pass others can only dream of. The departures of big name players, Benteke and Delph, will give Grealish the opportunity to become a key player in Villa's hopes of surviving yet another season in the EPL. Brendan Galloway: Age: 19 Nationality: English Current Ability (1-5): 2.5 Potential Ability (1-5): 3.5 Galloway played in a couple of Everton's final matches of the 2014/15 season and has already impressed this season too with some composed performances. Although looking out of his depth against Man City today, he has plenty of time to progress and follow in the footsteps of Leighton Baines. Everton's young full-back definitely deserves a big upgrade in FMH16 and I look forward to using him in a few seasons. Reece Oxford: Age: 16 Nationality: English Current Ability (1-5): 1.5 Potential Ability (1-5): 3.5 By now you must all know who this lad is. Collecting his GCSE results within a week's time of tackling Arsenal's Mesut Ozil... What a life! This tough tackling centre back received his EPL debut against Arsenal and did very well. Not only did he have his results in his pocket on Thursday, but Mesut Ozil too!! Yet, he is still only 16. Therefore he will be lacking in some attributes. However there is no doubt about it that this guy will have some great stats for a 16 year old and will definitely be worth looking out for a few years into your save. Ruben Loftus-Cheek Age: 19 Nationality: English Current Ability (1-5): 3 Potential Ability (1-5): 4 The central midfielder played an integral role in Chelsea's FA Youth Cup and UEFA Youth League successes last season, with a couple of first team displays too. Strong and athletic, yet at total ease with the ball at his feet, Loftus-Cheek looks set to mould into a perfect centre mid with great passing ability and technique. However, with some poor pre-season displays, Loftus-Cheek is on Mourinho's bad side and will need to earn a place in the first team.
  7. Maybe add a rule to say that you can't concede more than 3 or 4 in a game, to make it more of a challenge. That way, the challenge will be prolonged for more seasons and you won't just be trying to concede all the time.
  8. If Teams Didn't Sell: Sevilla

    I didn't realise Sevilla had sold so much quality! Can't wait to see who's next!
  9. The Phoenix Challenge

    Just downloaded!! Will post results ASAP. :p
  10. Great work dude! Definitely heard of some, such as William Carvalho, but not Ivan Cavaleiro...
  11. Would you like FMH online? - Opinions

    I'd like to have the option to play against mates and Vibe members in modes similar to FM's Network Game option. Where you manage different teams and challenge each other, transfer players etc. However, it could be really laggy and be very buggy at first. Maybe online would be best stuck with FM, but why not give it a try?
  12. Welcome to FMHVibe 3.0

    Amazing work Dec and Putzy!
  13. Staff announcements

    Thanks a lot mate and congratulations Mike and UKFS.
  14. Hidden Nations - Part 1

    Thanks guys and yes, definitely look out for part 2!