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  1. Aguero is manchester city.

    Did i need to show the result or just how much i win?
  2. Aguero is manchester city.

    1st seasons Hi, guys. I'm sorry for too late review because I play football manager 15 on my PC lately. So, here it is He won it because his terrific form in this year so, my number is 530/600
  3. 4-3-2-1 make your lone striker unstoppable

    It's better to poacher because they have isco and Rodriguez
  4. Manchester City FMH16 Preview

    And add otamendi as first team too
  5. Manchester City FMH16 Preview

    I hope sterling rated as 5 star potential because that great transfer
  6. 4-3-2-1 make your lone striker unstoppable

    I try it, and I recommend cmf because he become more productive and poacher sometimes give assist to cam
  7. Hi, guys. I would like to share my tactic to make my lone striker total badass. I use man city I use 4-3-2-1 Gk Wb BPD CD wb DLM BWM DLM APM APM CmF attacking Short Commited On On Off Off I really want to give the tactic screenshot, I even have 56 game 76 goal for him in 16/17. But when I write this my fmh exit automatically and I lost both autosave and I need restart my challenge
  8. Aguero is manchester city.

    Hello guys, i am new member of fmhvibe. Now, i will make a new challange. I will try make Aguero score 600 goals on Manchester City. This challange will be harder because we know how old is aguero and 600 is big number