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  1. That's it it was @Brenty92 who got the insane amount of goals but they were spread evenly about, but 150+ with one 35 year old striker in the Spanish league not sure anyway enough of that, keep cracking at this dude, I'm sure you'll get there my 4411 seems to have dried up (the teams doing well but depay had a slow NOV/DEC) but this always seems to happen to me
  2. yeah not sure what to make of that one, but there was someone else recently who got their striker to score a stupid amount of goals in the Vanarama conference so maybe it did happen
  3. Looks like a promising first season in NI, how did Owens do for you?? Like you said the few of us doing this challenge will tell you that getting the move to Scotland will take a while, I had to do 5 full seasons with Cliftonville before I managed a move Good luck with this dude, it's going to be one hell of a ride
  4. I changed to a 4411 and Depay has exploded all of a sudden, I don't think it's going to be anywhere near enough, I mean if the FMM gods like @BatiGoal haven't achieved it not sure what us mortals can do, but like you said "Never give up, Never surrender"
  5. good season with Rashford dude, but I think this stage is going to be a killer, I've just started my first full season with Depay and can't seem to get anything going at all
  6. Just luck and finding some decent players but I'm gonna leave this here for now and go back to my latin challenge and revisit this later on
  7. There my only options, Cardiff have done ok got them through two sets of qualifying for the past two seasons and if by some miracle i can get Nigeria to the WC 1/4 finals hopefully I'll be OK but might just have to bite the bullet @BatiGoal is going to be so disappointed if I have to start over after getting so close
  8. I'll keep plugging away for now but if I have to start over it's not the end of the world
  9. Because I loaded the Irish League as the Primary the English league only loads the Premiership and my manager stats went from 11th best in the world all the way back to regional because I chose to manage in the WPL I've taken on the Nigeria job in the hopes of boosting my stats but I think I'm out of options apart from starting over if nothing happens after another season
  10. OK might have a problem here Due to my manager ranking slipping back down to regional I'm struggling to land a PREm job, and because I loaded the leagues in order I can't do what my very clever friend @AndersJ did and take control of a league two team and move up. I'll keep trying but I think I've screwed the pooch here
  11. Cheers dude, I was hoping that my manager ranking would make it easy to grab a Prem job but none (and I mean none have come up in my second season in Wales, but your's is looking good and think you'll crack it in your next season Truthfully I was just incredibly lucky, I don't think I could repeat it in a million years but glad it's out of the way just have to wait for a Prem job now, almost through my second season in the WPL and nothing has come up Cheers for following me twice Brenty nice to feel loved Cheers Ash, hoping to land a decent team and smash this out of the park To to the Options tap and there's a big gold star with the hall of fame lets you check the manager rankings, unfortunately the job in Wales has knocked me from 11th to right off the board which is really annoying as getting a Prem job now will be seriously hard
  12. 2 goals in 3 games another decent month for my lad, the team is doing great things and I'm sue it's all down to me (and the manager of course)
  13. What in the holly hell kind of tactic could do such a thing
  14. Fantastic season dude 77 is a great total and with him only being 23 he has yet to hit his peak which could make for some interesting seasons
  15. Oh dude so gutted 3 goals shy, but I'm sure you can do it with another go