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  1. All my strikers had a dip here but the truly great ones come back in February all guns blazing
  2. Looking good just beware the "New Years Curse"
  3. "How dare you besmirch the name of Tranmere a plague on both your houses" yours and @BatiGoal for agreeing with the board
  4. Great signing, lets hope he nails this first time around
  5. Macclesfield just Mansfield up your season dude But as you said what the hell are you suppose to do with a whole squad full of injured players, seems to be an issue as all my BG challenges had teams like this when i was looking to move, I mean come on what are the chances of 90% of your team being injured or unfit it's a joke
  6. Top Football Manager Cup

    He's been sent by the gods what a guy to have in your team, and we only made it look like we were struggling to ass to the drama, would have been boring if we'd sat in 1st place the whole season long
  7. Top Football Manager Cup

    I am usually the model of cool and calm, but as soon as @BatiGoal is involved I am as nervous as a Liverpool fan on game day
  8. Top Football Manager Cup

    Oh no it's squeaky bum time
  9. Unlucky dude, Can't believe you left the glory of Tranmere for some random team no ones ever heard of Cracking run and great results winning the league and Euro Cup, Embolo looks class, but at 32 I'd be worried, but give the guy another try, worked for Abraham Good Luck
  10. 500 International BatiGoals

    Good start dude all the lads scoring is always a bonus especially with 5 up front KIU
  11. Tag Team Challenge

    I PM'd my final league standings, transfer window and cup run to AndersJ I'll forward it to @mcandrew003 but do you really need the whole fixture list?
  12. Unlucky dude, but don't let this put you off I hope the help and support you've received here just makes you want to jump straight back on the horse and kick FMM ass
  13. looking forward to seeing the results lads taught my team a few moves that should give them the edge