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  1. Dude I'm surprised your giving him another 6 months kick his worthless ass to the deepest part of hell!!!!!! Seriously though still a must read on the site KIU
  2. One for the Ages and although this will be Legen.....wait for it.....dery you two are NUTS
  3. Challenge Cup 2017

    Yeah I know what your saying and to be honest I'm struggling to come up with anything and I've started two challenges these last couple of days and I'm just not invested as it's the same old thing Did try to emulate the 1K greyed out player one from last year (forgot who's that was) but I was trying it with Wrexham and just struggled to get anything going but Might be the one that gets my juices flowing again
  4. Challenge Cup 2017

    Cheers dude, I have always thought of my self as a plug and play guy who's not to worried about the details, but I have found myself looking more closely at my squads and players making sure I have the right guys for the position and this year especially has shown me that picking teams with no budget is still fun as it forces you to look at free agents and older player (always think 30 is the cut off for most players) Although I'm still a one tactic guy who dents to stick to one thing and just let it play out, I know it's good to have other options and I might have to look closer when I start the Defender challenge along with @BatiGoal
  5. Challenge Cup 2017

    Cheers Ash just need to work harder on my skills, It's all good having a tactic that works but I'm stumped when they don't and i lack the ability to look at a game and see where needs improving but I'm still here to have fun and enjoy this awesome community that people like you @PriZe, @samhardy and @BatiGoal have worked so hard to build
  6. Challenge Cup 2017

    I agree but I'm lucky being that middle guy who does well but not exceptional
  7. The Winding Road To 1k

    D'OH OK how about......No I got nothing Maybe an ALPHABET team I.E. Keepers names with A, Defenders, B, C, D, and E, ect First or last names just to make it fair
  8. Great start to a very interesting career dude, after my short break away I've been looking for another challenge to try and I think If it's OK with you I might join you in this
  9. The Winding Road To 1k

    Another Fantastic season dude well done Can I suggest maybe a golden oldie team with nobody under 30 allowed (I know it's not that old but still)
  10. You are killing it as always dude, one more solid season and I think you'll have this wrapped up KIU
  11. Challenge Cup 2017

    I have faith that he can get it done (although I had faith in you and that didn't work ) maybe I should cheer for Sam then Prize will win
  13. Challenge Cup 2017

    Well guys I have returned just in time for a thrilling conclusion to what has been an immense CC10 Well done to both @Real_Random and @BatiGoal for making it through to the semi's and hard luck with those results but the best two managers are now fighting to the death Lets go Team Gentleman Bear
  14. Challenge Cup 2017

    I'm ok I think I'm going to take a FMM break for now. I have the week off with my daughter so it's a good time to put the game away for a bit. Good luck guys and I look forward to catching up next week
  15. Challenge Cup 2017

    Well good luck guys all I can say is thank god I didn't get through what a challenge