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  1. Scout Badge

    Well i think they do. When i scout a player he never tells the value or interest correct
  2. Better engine?

    Which is easier to score goals and get better results?
  3. Coach's son

    Unlocked him yesterday. Luckily I saved the game 2 days before getting him. So I loaded and quit the game till my son had a 4 star potential.
  4. FMM Save Editor

    Any ideas?
  5. Biggest win against "RIVALS"

    Nice stats man
  6. Scout Badge

    Hello everyone. I just offered Pogba the Scout post and he has a bronze bagde but there is no exam for scouts. Can I upgrade them or they'll upgrade automatically?
  7. Coach's son

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any of you unlocked Coach's Son. If yes how does it work? Im at Man United for the past 13 years and won everything here.
  8. WayneRooneyChallengeHead2Head - Tag Team

    Looks like its gonna be a good one
  9. Most goals scored by one player in a game?

    I scored 7 with Rashford ( EME )
  10. FMM Save Editor

    Its been 7 months since the game got released and still no save editor, will it come in the near future or we dont even have to wait for it?
  11. Zé Road To 1000 Goals. A 1kc

    Can you tell me the tacticts you used man? By the way you had a fantastic career
  12. Whats your biggest win over your club main rivals? Lets start with me, maybe its not the biggest but i had this screenshot in my photos so i picked it.
  13. Changes.txt

    Well i guess i have to wait for the Save Editor then. Thank you guys
  14. Changes.txt

    Can you give me some examples how to change Wayne Rooney's attributes via changes.txt on ios? I also wanna be the manager of Kosovo national team. Will the changes apply to all saved games or how does it work?
  15. FMM Save Editor

    Will the Save Editor ever be realeased or not? If not is there a way to improve player skills via PC?