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  1. Like father, like son?

    Same mate it sucks. Cant wait for the update when you get a chance.
  2. Ashez Is The Lower League Rogue!

    Wow what an idea mate! I think you may of become the quickest manager to leave Grimsby lol!
  3. Like father, like son? This is a really good link if anyone was interested. Hazard brothers? Benteke brother? Ferdinand brothers and cousins....and so many more...
  4. Like father, like son?

    Theres a fair few in the game but some are not worth having a dabble with. Im certain Mancini has a son in the game?
  5. Like father, like son?

    Excellent mate chuffed you decided to take up this challenge and thanks for name dropping me you are too kind 😉 Following the shiz out of this! Cannot wait to see how he turns out!
  6. Kluivert Reborn

    Im using the IT that I saw you comment with in IT post...any advice for Kluivert mate? This season I feel Im seeing some positive displays
  7. Kluivert Reborn

    Hey mate! The training tactic I placed him on is one @BatiGoal commented. It was on an Intensive Training post I found. I sold him hakim guy as he didnt play and I played geraldes over him everytime. I also have a few APs as backup
  8. Kluivert Reborn

    What role are you playing him? Im trying to mould a striker...but playing as left or right ISF mostly. Im enjoying developing him into something special. Thanks your your comments
  9. Kluivert Reborn

    Season 3 Update As we enter season 3 remember our aims - we must improve Kluivert and we must obtain the league to make it 2/3 leagues won. Lets get the show on the road! I enter season 3 excited, the passion for the save is back, the drive to succeed never truly left me! I posted a sneak preview of my transfers. Lets go! Decided to make a move for this guy in jan. Used majorly last year and took the plunge. Offered £2m plus my backup keeper Oanna or something. Offer accepted, he joins in Jan 👊. Evidence of Results Neres is quickly becoming a fans favourite and many major clubs are circling! Geraldes one of my favs from Sporting and here he is showing what hes about! Did I even show up for this game!?? Another success to add to the CV!!! The league was won but what a great race!!! Kluivert End of Season I am happy with how he did this year. We wont get 30 goals out of him but he become one of my fav players this year! Thanks for reading! Now for Season 4!
  10. 🌎My Journey🌍

    Yeh ignore him lol
  11. Kluivert Reborn

    Lol you would think it would possibly be a bit too good this early on as its his first season on fmm...but hey ho At least he isnt going backwards lol!
  12. 🌎My Journey🌍

    Great read theres so much talent in Portugal leagues my team of choice is normally Sporting. Come in late but the talent in the B team at Benfica made me not want to sign anyone in the 1st season. I cleared out a few and promoted within. Great season, Whats next?
  13. Kluivert Reborn

    We can only hope! At this rate I could get 3 titles and be ready to move but would need to sacrifice the lack of goals.
  14. Kluivert Reborn

    Thats a very good idea! When would you recommend introducing him to the game 2nd half? Im in feb now so I can try it on going and see how he does. His stats look decent at the start of the season until an injury and they dont seem to recover! I have Intensive training on also. I sold Dolberg so im short up top atm something I am to address with either that young guy beginning with Z being promoted from reserves or a dip into the transfer market.
  15. Kluivert Reborn

    Season 2 Update So I went into Season 2 with alot of expectations placed on our young Kluivert...will this be the season he becomes a star like his dad?? Firstly lets start with the transfer business.... As you can see from above we did some business in prep for season 2. The season started and it didnt take long for Kluivert to pick up another knock and this one cost me a month of his presence on the field 😠 I made the decision to try and minimalize the presence of Dolberg in my side and even tried Kluivert as a poacher for a period of time to see it that had any improvement on his goal scoring. However in doing this, it just enabled this guy to shine even more... Although Kluivert did score a goal but not as often as I needed. End of Season Rewiew I have to hold my hands up and say this season I made a few too many mistakes with trying to change the formation. Sometimes it pays off and other times it doesnt. I conceded goals far too often in the dying minutes of the game and my only excuse is maybe I signed too many young players and neglected to have some maturity in my side. Live and learn as they say! Kluivert picked up an injury again and as you can see from the pic below he was not yet 100% As you can see he scored 3 more goals, created 5 more assists and his average rating was much improved. I therefore feel like he is improving albeit in slowly. As it stands I have obtained 1 of 3 league titles needed before I can move to Barcelona to manage them and then sign Kluivert. Season 3 Sneak Preview Season 3 was just what the doctor ordered! I decided we needed to mix things up and as you can see we moved on a fair few players. My signings are a blend of youth and experience in Maguire. The loan signings were only to add some depth to the squad. I have Matip in goal but I have signed Dragowski (however its spelt) from his current team in Italy. He was my fav keeper last year so massively excited to have him from Jan. Below is how I aim to line up. This season we must win the league!! Thank you for reading...