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  1. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    Your use of Armstrong is now starting to feel like DrBenjy's use of Andi Thanoj or Loki Doki's persistence with Harry Owen lol. Hopefully nothing goes wrong and you secure this 1k nice and early in the season.
  2. Tips For Managing In Italy

    Use a quick striker, certainly early on in saves. Most Italian centre backs tend to be rather slow, but obviously this is disregarded as teams turn to regens. Stretching play with wingers should increase the effectiveness of the striker.
  3. Best Regen You've Managed?

    Had Ibrahimovic's and he smashed in goals season after season, but was unfortunately often injured. I had Messi's for a brief period but he was slightly underwhelming, perhaps because I used him on the wing.
  4. Pre-season Fitness - Stuck At 80%

    I always have this, if you think about it, it's probably quite realistically. If it happened to every one, every time, SI could pass it off as intentional 😉
  5. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    I probably prefer the previous format, simply because I feel you convey more detail that way. If Keita isn't performing for you, you should just offer him out for £100 million and take any offers, you could probably do better for much cheaper. Keep up the amazing story
  6. Think Mitchell Djiks has earnt an upgrade based on his first two games for Norwich.
  7. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    Thanks for showing that. Joe Allen being worth that much at his age is quite impressive.
  8. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    Would you mind showing screenshots of some of the players you haven't highlighted recently like Butland and Allen in the next update? I'm fascinated to see what the original members of your squad look like, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. How did Brexit turn out in your save, you seem to have had few problems signing lots of foreigners? It would be easy for you to get lazy with your writing style at this point but you haven't, and this career continues to be as engaging as ever! Keep it up ?
  9. Need Help

    Don't know why you are complaining, that's very good form, and should be good enough to get you promoted. Where are you in the league?
  10. Hull was a team I had earmarked and I'm glad you mentioned them. Villa have a very pleasing squad now for an FM player so my next save will probably be one of them.
  11. I get it but football is a very simple game really, it's unnecessary to delve into it as deeply as is often the case. Unfortunately, due to the nature of FM, we often forget that.
  12. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    First treble, I sense there'll be plenty more of them to come.
  13. Discipline

    Mine stayed at about nine for a couple of years then went down to one within a few months. I haven't done anything differently.
  14. Wow football is far too stats orientated these days.
  15. Unemployed Career - Looking for work!

    This is up there with some of the best FM youtubers in terms of entertainment value. To quote an ingame news item, I'm running out of superlatives to throw at you in praise of your work! Keep it up ??? I'm going to take a stab in the dark and predict that you'll be moving on to a bigger club soon.