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  1. Yes, he's had a very good breakthrough season in a pretty poor team.
  2. Everton in terms of a formation and Ireland in terms of roles (two BWMs?!)
  3. Good guide, covers all the main points really. I'm just a little confused by the tactics you posted, rather unorthodox Unfortunately international management is neglected in FMM, we need features like training and staff to be added.
  4. Favorite things in 2016-2017

    Confused. Title suggests you are asking about the game but the actual post suggests you are trying to start discussion on the 2016-17 football season. Either way, West Brom's set peice orientated assualt on the top half has been a blast from the past, Gareth McAuley has 7 goals! Love a goalscoring centre back. Burton surviving in the Championship is a pretty commendable achievement, and an unusual one given their reliance on loan players. Ordinarily loaning in half of your squad is a recipe for disaster.
  5. Goalscoring

    Pretty sure it's harder to get lots of goals with one player on the enhanced engine. 50 is very good anyway, too much more is just unrealistic.
  6. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Well this was unexpected. Must take a tremendous amount of effort and dedication to create and run a site for such a long time. We all come on here for a bit of light hearted, FMM based chat, meanwhile Dec slogs constantly to keep everything up and running for us to enjoy. Hopefully your next chapter is a good one, and so is Vibe's 👏
  7. Robbie Keane - 1 Season 30 Goals?

    Ironically I had him for a season in a save with Cardiff just before I read this! Got something like 8 goals in 25 appearances for me, most of which were from the bench.
  8. FMM17 Bug List

    With Cardiff (and I assume this is the same for Swansea and Newport), youth players promoted at the end of the season are English, not Welsh. Also, greyed out players in the reserves appear Welsh, but upon promoting them they become English.
  9. I do use them sometimes, but more just for injury news. Also, in big games I look to see who is most likely to play in certain positions so that I can select the right player on my team, to nullify the opposition's threat (for example if the opposition's only fit striker has 19 pace I will play one of my pacier centre back pairings, or if they use a good AP, I will use an intelligent DM etc.)
  10. Does Catenaccio work in game?

    Thanks for your suggestions. I thought two strikers with one sitting deeper mighty work and I'm glad to hear that you would recommend something similar. I'll definitely try and give this a go when I get a chance and maybe report back here.
  11. Does Catenaccio work in game?

    I might try and get the Italy job in a save. Enjoying a current save at the moment though, in which I've branded myself as a more attacking manager, so I probably won't be able to try an Italian system just yet. Will try and give it a go at some point soon though hopefully. Any suggestions for what to do further up the pitch? Obviously we still need some goals and I don't know what sort of attack would work best.
  12. Does Catenaccio work in game?

    I have earmarked Rodrigo Caio as a possibility, as he is one of the few youngers on the game who suits the role. Unfortunately he is very injury prone. Alternatively I could retrain a regen to play there, as I find that they are often willing to take up a new position. Regarding shots, I find that in my few experiments with more defensive setups, I often still dominate games to a certain extent, and sometimes even get more possession that when I use an attacking tactic or one that I have attempted (ordinarily in vain) to gear up towards keeping possession. Don't forget that by using a defensive tactically I'm accepting the fact that when I win it's only going to be 1 or 2 goals to nil, so I shouldn't need too many shots. The important thing is reducing the opposition to shots from range, and when the team does go forward, attacks have to be incisive and efficient.
  13. Does Catenaccio work in game?

    Seeing as there is no Libero role in the game, I'm just looking to utilise a fairly simple, yet intelligent, sweeper to clean up through balls and organise the defense. I would probably look to have atleast one of the fullbacks as a more attack minded wingback, as you've got to have an outlet somewhere. The centre backs would probably both be standard central defenders in my mind, because there is no need for a BPD if I have someone in a Pirlo role just sitting in front. I wouldn't ideally like to use LDs though because they just hoof it, when the aim should be to work play through whoever sits in front of the defense. Would you call that balanced?
  14. I've recently taken an interest in the traditional Italian way of playing, prioritising a clean sheet and utilising a sweeper. I've rarely got defensive tactics to work in FMM, and certainly not with a sweeper, so I wondered if anyone has had any success with such a style?