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  1. 🌎My Journey🌍

    Thanks mate Atleast some1 liked it ☺
  2. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    Thanks mate ...will wait for ur PM (Tactic) .
  3. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    He retired after the wc mate .
  4. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    Of course any one can do that but we need Tactic...& he @Jhonson2017 isn't gonna share it . @BatiGoal you have the Tactic ...can u please try it ?
  5. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    Did you put him on IT ??
  6. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    7 green patches for 35 yr old ... How is this possible?? Anyways can u tell me what font you are using??
  7. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    I don't have IGE & All i know is that even if you max out all his stats you couldn't achieve those figures . Its really down to ur tactics mate .
  8. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    IGE, if used is visible in player profile section only & apart from this i don't think you can guess whether it was used or not. Even if one uses IGE scoring that much goals is not easy .. so i think its all about tactics
  9. 🌎My Journey🌍

    Season 2 - part 2 Transfer - No ×× By the end year we were leading the point table by 9 point & from beginning of new year be continued to do so . We completely dominated the leauge but we were not lucky im Taca De Portugal cup ...just like last season we were knocked out in 4th round . In Portuguese leauge cup we continued our good performance and won it by defeating Porto in Final . Premier Leauge - We won the Leauge just after 26 game similar to last season but goals scored this season were not as much as last season. Compared to last season we were not so last we didn't scored much goals (only 65) . Champions Leauge - after topping the group we were handed easy opponent in 1st Knockout round ( Galatasary) , who as expected lost (aggregate score 8-0). In next round we managed to beat arsenal both home & away leg (aggr. score3-0) In semifinal we beat PSG both home & away (aggr. Score 6-2) Finally we secured CL by beating AS Roma in final by 4-2 . 😊😊 FIXTURE LEAUGE TABLE AWARDS •POTY •YPOTY •MOTY Yet again i was not given MOTY ... its really annoying 😬😬. PLAYER STATS Leauge leading scorer Meanwhile i got so many job offers but just because i decided to stay here for 3-4 season i had to reject the good job offers . Roma Chelsea Madrid Valencia Celta .... Manager's Profile WorldCup Despite of been drawn in easy group & then winning it , Portugal was knockout out in 1st round only by USA on penalty shootout . So i offered my resignation & the FA accepted it. •Objectives Completed 1) Win UCL (√) 2)Win Leauge By No striker Formation (√) 3)Make WF Score 20+ & assist 10 ( √ ) Club Player Of The Year Shortlists Please guys choose the player you think deserves this 1. Goncalo Guedes 2.Hirvig Lozano 3.Rafa Silva 4.V.Lindelof 5.Emerson Palmieri 6.Thiago Maia I hope you guys enjoyed it .
  10. What kind of formation you use mate ??
  11. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    Its really crazy ... i mean i couldn't even dream of it . You sir are a genius...Hats Off 😵😵 added 0 minutes later I guess he used in game editor.
  12. 500 goal midfielder

    Very nice start mate & otavio is good choice 😁 Looking forward to see how he performs next season.
  13. 🌎My Journey🌍

    SEASON 2 Well after finishing an invincible season .. expectations are very high this season. Of 3 Objectives we completed 2 while Leauge title was bonus . We failed to win UCL but this season we will try to win it . New Objectives - •Win UCL •Sell All Striker & Play striker Less Formation •20 goals for wide forwards (2 Main 1 Backup) TRANSFER (In/Out) We didn't received any offers for players & as squad was already balanced there was no need of any major transfer. A backup LB was required, so bought one . Major Transfer 1) Andre Carrilo --> Lisbon (€24) 2.) Jimenez --> Valencia (€20 For new formation we needed extra midfielder. My target was Mario Lemina (BBM/DM) but transfer was not completed because be couldn't agree contract discussion , so i went for a loan player.. fortunately we got Jorginho from Barca. FIXTURES By the end of first half of season season we were at top while in UCL we are drawn alongside Villarreal . During group stage in UCL we finished 1st So i hope we get knockout round draw easier than last season . Meawhile I was offered Portugal National team job which i accepted. LEAUGE TABLE So we are ahead by 9 points . PLAYER STATS •Best Players In Leauge #So what do you guys think are we on right track to complete Objectives??
  14. 🌎My Journey🌍

    Well i've decided to stick around until next year . So no to chelsea 😎
  15. 🌎My Journey🌍

    Brief idea about whats happening in Season 2 - •2 key players injured - One for 1year & another 3 months . •Got Portugal job •Got Chelsea Job offer , what do i do ?? Accept it or reject it .