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  1. I changed both but still it didn't worked.
  2. Basic thing is you raise someone's PA his stats automatically rise . I also tried to move a free agent to club which didn't happened.
  3. Can't understand mate If you're asking that whether there was change in players PA or CA after modifying then no
  4. Tried to modify a player PA (Team - Mérida)
  5. It doesn't seems to impact already saved game file .? Any idea why ??
  6. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    Try switching fitness to Intense and defense to medium. .. rest remain same . This fitness training has worked very well for me . Anways this career is a masterpiece . I wonder how you managed to make him score this much despite using 5 forwards upfront
  7. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    70 national team cap yet no goals how ?? @BatiGoal His stats has dropped alot what's his training regime??
  8. Gijon Tactic Help/advice Eme

    I guess that depends upon Tackling and positioning rating . Better the Tackling rating less chances of making foul. Yeah aggression do play part in it .
  9. Gijon Tactic Help/advice Eme

    Putting forward (adf & dlf) with two if also works with 3 Central midfielders.
  10. Gijon Tactic Help/advice Eme

    Well that's okay but get too many fouls. I recently have found success by Pressing with men behind ball with Balanced mentality. Any idea how they work ??
  11. Challenge Cup 2017

    I think there should be challenge based upon conceding less goals . Really???
  12. Challenge Cup 2017

    I guess after next fmm's release.
  13. Well that makes sense ... i will like to do test upon this . Thanks
  14. Gijon Tactic Help/advice Eme

    Balanced with mixed passing .no pressing as it increases the chances of conceding goals(as u are not fb)
  15. What happens when you switch your wingers flank ?? Do they score more ?? I think mixed passing with mix passing focus would suit more than direct & both flank . Its better to check Opponent's passing focus ...if they tend to play through center they using both flank is better ..vice-versa .