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  1. Need some help

    But if you win one or two trophy (that depends upon reputation trophy) your managerial reputation boost upto national or continental.
  2. DLP in central midfield position will act as creator and will do less defensive work as it is paired with a BWM who's job is to act as a shield . Did u tried the tactics i shared??
  3. Player roles on EME depends pretty much on opposition's role . Placing a player against their BWM will work fine instead of placing them against their DLP/AP. A balanced 3-man midfield should have a DLP who sit b/w midfield & defense to intercept opposition's through ball and sometimes disposses them as well as play through balls when ever possible. a bwm paired with AP or CM to do tireless work (tackling & running at opposition player). AP will act as creator .
  4. 500 International BatiGoals

    That's very unique concept. It looks hard but i know you can do it. I'm looking forward to see this. Good luck mate😃
  5. This post just for fun . I just wanted to know the best talented young forwards(less know/slightly known) that my fellow vibers have used during their career . So i expect them to post few forwards pic that they used. Mostly i like to use Samuel Eto's regen who appears around (may30 ,2017) or Zalatan's regen. Here are few talented players whom i used or intended to use during my career.Some of them are cheap while some aren't but one thing is sure that they develop into the beast . 1)ADALBERTO PENARANDA (Granada/Watford) Initial After IT (1½years) 2.)KUKI (Malaga FC) 3)FABIAN REECE (schalke 04) 4)MAXIMILANO ROMERO (Velez) 5)Andre Ribeiro (Zurich) 6)JOHANNES EGGESTIAN (WERDER BREMEN) 7)VICTOR OSIMHEM (FREE) Looking forward to read your comments . 😃
  6. Mate try this tactics fm_tactic2.tac Sure , i'll post my results .
  7. Better engine?

    Eme . Ome on fmm17 is bit hard .
  8. Tiki Takaaa

    What match engine you wish to play on??
  9. Tactics look good mate , will try it definitely . I think replacing DLP with BWM and BBM with DLP will balance the formation . TBH i've used a formation with CA, pressing and offside trap enabled... I hope it work well.
  10. Hi mate it's good to be back here & reading this amazing post. One of my favorite player from this post is talisca , a beast, i often use him as BBM or DLF . Kasper dolberg is sensational this season so is his team mate Justin Kluivert (he deserved spot in this list). Sandro's performance against my beloved Barca left me wondering why club let him leave on free transfer when they needed a striker & loaning Munir was mistake considering that Valencia can have him for only €13m.
  11. I'm Leaving - Thanks & New Owner

    Thank you @Dec for this wonderful website. Although i've been here only since 2014 , @Jens comment made me realize the amount of hard work you put on this site. Every time i seeked for help you were there & so were other members @BatiGoal @mcandrew003 @kts365 @Kun Aguero So once again i thank you @Dec for creating this wonderful community & all the best for you future mate . @StamWelcome to the community . looking forward to the changes you will be making in coming days.
  12. Well thanks mate. I'm playing this save to learn a bit about eme as i started getting annoyed with ome (& felt like im loosing interest in fmm )where my Tactic every season was getting countered by AI by December and we start loosing games.
  13. Is tomas tevez's regen??
  14. Wow ! You got such a good start to your new season. Sergi Gourdiola is really playing good. One thing that bothers me is tiny backroom team.Its really good to see trabzonspor and Fenerbahce struggling & small sides rising up. I hope you'll qualify for europa/champions Leauge this season. What type of game do you play (attack balanced or CA or Defensive)?? I've started my own EME save with Leicester city & i hope i can succeed on this engine. Mate, Shall i post it as a new career ?? This is how i've started.
  15. Roberto Rosales [ MALAGA ]

    @danieljp mario Fernandez is real quality player mate . Callum looks good but haven't used him so far . Jao cancelo too is quality rb but costly. added 0 minutes later I'll check him mate.