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  1. FMH2012 ultimate search filters

    yes i have buyed one ipod and buyed FMHi 2012
  2. FMH2012 ultimate search filters

    where do I put this files? thanks
  3. Team & League Guide Request Thread

    I would like a FC Porto guide as im always terrible at FC Porto and its the team i support!! thanks
  4. Happy birthday FMHVibe
  5. FMH Live Stream UPDATE!

    Hi william when it will be the next live stream? thanks continue the great job
  6. Mateo Kovacic

    oh!! sorry patric CONGRATS to you!!
  7. Mateo Kovacic

    hi DEC you should put more of these players!!! good article
  8. Portuguese graphics pack

    thanks Dec! CONTINUE THE GREAT JOB!!!
  9. Portuguese graphics pack

    that was really good!!! make the portuguese graphics, transfers and more.... why? because im portuguese and love this site!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!