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  1. Great story you got going. Ever read or seen The Last Kingdom? It's over on Netflix.
  2. Thank you for the kind words. I hope that one day, we can all together get some Yodelahihi'ing done.
  3. Can't say that I remember that tbh
  4. Why don't you go fudge yourself? But seriously, it was to be expected. You're probably the only one who gets enough seasons and playing done to pull this one off before the new decade.
  5. This career is now really starting to catch up with my current progress... I included some screenies of my career as an international manager. Yes, I've been flaky 10/4/17: Yadolahi’s season is still going good, but not as well as the beginning promised. He’s having difficulties mentally as he has been wanting to move to a bigger club for a while now. At the start of the season that didn’t stop him from banging them in, but now, with international games and all that, it seems that he’s not up to the challenge currently. Although that didn’t stop him from helping us past Liverpool in the champions league group stage (that’s right, we finally made it into the group stage). The season will probably end like last season: with around 50-ish goals. Not bad at all, but not good enough if he is to make it to 1K. He’s already 21, so he needs to start producing the goods now. I’m planning on leaving for Celtic or Portugal once I get my son, which should be 3 seasons away. Before I forget, remember that young Brazilian AMC I splurged a million on? I shipped him off someplace I can’t even remember anymore, as a part exchange deal for another player I can’t remember. He was sucking away at my soul because he simply didn’t want to live up to his potential. Bitch had got to go. When he left, I looked at his PA: 4,5 stars. That’s something I won’t be able to forget for the rest of this career...
  6. Thanks for the kind words everyone. I was so focussed on not reaching 60 that I didn't really think about the fact that I did reach 50 with a midfielder It's a good thing that you all point that out. My ego is very grateful.
  7. It says per annum, which is fancy latin for per year. It had me blinking in surprise as well the first time I saw it
  8. I've had quite some international jobs to keep me busy, but no Ireland job yet. It was on 'insecure' for a while but disappeared again Do the goals count where I didn't play him as itn manager myself?
  9. Thanks. On the one hand this is indeed something I'd never thought to be possible, but on the other hand it's ridiculously savage to get this to 1K
  10. 8/4/17: I’ve been cracking on with it and boy, has Yadolahi been cracking. Bray once again won every single domestic prize it was up for. We narrowly missed out on an unbeaten season in the competition by one loss, which hurts. My favourite Irishman ended the season on fire with a total of 53 goals. Still not enough if I’m to reach my ambitious goal, but we’re getting somewhere. I feel I’ve finally found the right formation to get my AMC as many goals as possible. In Europe we were once again quite good. We defeated Bordeaux twice, drew with AZ and lost to them and drew and beaten Sevilla. We got to the next round where we faced Wolfsburg. We drew the first game 1-1 and unfortunately lost the second one 1-0, even though we were by far the best team. A shame, but that’s how it is. Maybe it was for the best; Yadolahi was now getting plenty of recuperating between games without the added burden of Europe. He’s started the new season scorchingly. I mean, he’s been all over the place, banging them in. If he keeps up his fitness (last season he had three small injuries), he will have no trouble reaching 60. But let’s not jinx it, ey? His stats still aren’t very convincing, but as long as he’s scoring, I won’t even bother worrying about that. The only problem is that he’s starting to want to move to a bigger club. For the foreseeable future I’ve got him for at least 5 more years at Bray thanks to the new contract he recently signed. And even then I’ll be able to extend it because of our ever increasing wealth. But still, sooner or later I fear we’ll have to move him someplace else.
  11. Dude, what is wrong with you? I'm asking you as a friend...
  12. Bacause the weekend is coming up, and I'm not much of a poster on weekends, I've got an elaborate update for you all today. Enjoy and let me know how you feel. 5/4/17: I’m back with Yadolahi. He’s proven he can do it, he’s 19 so he should in theory be good enough. I’ll be posting very soon. I have no idea at all if I can pull this off, but it will nonetheless be fun to share everything with you guys. I’ll see how far I can get. My first goal will be 500 goals. Then I’ll take it one step at a time: 600 goals, 700, 800 perhaps? We’ll see what is possible and I’m looking forward to sharing everything. But first the decision: do I stick with Yadolahi or do I convert to Keane after all? My gut says Yadolahi, simply because he already had a 40 goal season… We’ll see. And if it doesn’t work out, I can always go back to try it again with Keane. I also have a third idea: use Keane as a striker and see if he can get to 1500 goals. He should be able to do it, since he’s a world class talent in a very small swimming pool. But first, my 1K AMC challenge. Let’s go. Why Yadolahi: Good PA for this league (players range from 1.5 stars to 3 stars, only few are as good as 3.5 - Yadolahi’s PA) for: Up until now he has proven to be prolific I can easily play him as an InF on the wings if his central work doesn’t play out in a game He’ll be easier to keep in Ireland than, say, Keane’s regen against: He’s had a crappy season (but so had Keane) His stats aren’t great yet (my training facilities play a role in that probably His PA is good but nothing really special 6/4/17: I managed to salvage a nice 33 goals from the previous season. By the end I was hoping to hit 30 and then Yadolahi really hit his stride and scored in almost every game he played. Excellent. We managed to win all but one domestic cup, which is nice as well. Now I’m in the new season and he has had a blistering start, scoring 6 in 4. He even managed a brace against Shaktar Donetsk, catapulting us through to the second knock out stage against Tottenham. It’s the best European campaign for us this far. Over the last two seasons we got knocked out right away by minions Rijeka. Now, however, everything seems to be clicking better than ever. I brought in some talent on the wings. One is Polish, the other one is Spanish. It feels weird to abandon my let’s-get-as-much-Irish-talent-in-here-as-we-can tactics, but at this time I don’t feel there is any experienced talent out there that we can afford. Let’s crack on. On the screenies you'll see how my team contributed to the season's disaster. Dylan Black is my star striker.
  13. That's optimistisch tbh