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  1. Challenge Cup 2017

    Ikr. Made a nooby error in picking Brandt. Should've chosen experience. Ah well. I've always shied away from challenges so I'm not completely disappointed
  2. Challenge Cup 2017

    Your working speed is like that of an ouw' bomma. You know what it means, you dutch snail.
  3. I'm sadd to see you left out Loris Karius J/k Mignolet for president.
  4. Challenge Cup 2017

    Who are you calling Mia here?
  5. Challenge Cup 2017

    I only now realised Brandt's 11 goals won't be taken into account for bonus goals O_o
  6. Challenge Cup 2017

    I just Installed the update. I hope this doesn't ruin my success.
  7. Challenge Cup 2017

    I think this is only the second time I've entered you bloody limey
  8. Challenge Cup 2017

    Honda has always been an underperformer for me...
  9. Challenge Cup 2017

    Does anyone else experience the bug that games/goals/assists aren't counted in the champions league? That'll be a lot of screenshots to prove I earn those points...
  10. Challenge Cup 2017

    Scott @BatiGoal my Milan is doing just fine, thanks.
  11. Challenge Cup 2017

    If that's the best you can dish out, you clearly have no dirt on me ?
  12. Challenge Cup 2017

    The only dead thing in group D will be me
  13. Challenge Cup 2017

    I'll be uploading later tonight. Only remembered yesterday so I've only just finished. Not very hopeful though, eto'o was injured for the final 4 months. Still got a decent amount out of him though.
  14. Challenge Cup 2017

    Since Ash is not joining, I will take it upon myself to represent the Vibe Legends.
  15. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    I'm curious: is Sevilla now Villalibre's favourite team? I once had a Spanish striker who was massive for my Tottenham side in the days of FMH PSP. At the end of his career, he changed his favourite club to Tottenham, probably because of all the succes over a good ten years. How's that for your man?