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  1. We'd need to see a save from just before this happened to have any idea what's happened here. Seems very strange. Do you happen to have a save handy?
  2. will have a look into this, thanks
  3. No Friendlies Start Of Season

    We'd need a save from before you pressed 'New Season' if you have one?
  4. Can players outgrow their Potential

    The healing bug was fixed a while ago, can't really tell what's happened here tbh, could be a number of things.
  6. Return of Old Bugs

    Had a look into this and it's a case of him deciding to retire at the start of the game, but it takes one continue before he actually does it. Only happens for a handful of players in the entire DB but we have it down as something to look into at some point. Thanks for letting us know
  7. Weak Foot

    Those stats are insane, but to be honest I've seen some crazy fullbacks like that before! Grant Hanley used to get to similar levels for me and he's probably lower PA.
  8. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    No match engine changes were made in the latest update. Have to say that I tried the tactic out and it is decent, but not game-breaking. Used a maxed-out 5* Villa and healed all his injuries (he got 4/5 injuries in half a season), he scored 23 in 18, having lost 4/13 league matches. It is possible that Johnson just got extremely lucky over a long period of time I guess.. but either way I don't see anything that needs fixing. Would be interested to see if anyone else has the issue using a similar setup, if so, then please alert me with more information and saves. Otherwise i'm going to assume that this is either a freak occurrence (or something else is going on that I am not aware of that is unrelated to any ME exploits).
  9. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    These are impressive results, was the editor used for this save?
  10. Record for most goals scored EVER?

    To be honest I would have thought that this kind of goal tally is pretty much impossible in EME. If you could send us your tactics so we could investigate for any potential exploits that would be great, maybe also a save file from the middle of that career (if you have any). Of course, we wouldn't share this with anyone else.
  11. Issue! - National vs Club

    Found the save thanks.
  12. bugg or is the games rule like this?

    Have you updated to the latest version? You can check version by going to credits->view->version. Also, can you let us know what ME and whether you holidayed or not? Finally, do you have a save from before that match? Thanks
  13. Issue! - National vs Club

    I can't download any attachments that don't go through the system. Can you remind me which save you sent us?
  14. Issue! - National vs Club

    I can't download these unfortunately due to security reasons, they have to go through the system. Which save did you send us before? I might still have it.
  15. Issue! - National vs Club

    Not seeing this here to be honest. Do you have any reproduceable examples that you could send to us?