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  1. Free movement goes both ways. Loss of free movement would not only make it harder to bring European players to an English club, but also potentially the other way round (depends on domestic law).
  2. League Title Bug?

    In Serie A: - Head-to-head records (results and points) - Goal difference of head-to-head games - Goal difference overall - Higher number of goals scored - Draw
  3. Ridiculous Ai Transfers

    Unfortunately it'd need to be a save from before this happened, let us know if it happens the following season aswell.
  4. Ridiculous Ai Transfers

    Woa, do you happen to have a save from before all these deals happened?
  5. Ai Team Condition Management

    I probably can't disclose that kind of information. Try a few games and see how it goes!
  6. Ai Team Condition Management

    There's no difference in the performance of low condition players for the AI and for human players. People don't like to use players at <80% fitness for obvious reasons, but you can do it and have the player perform well (I've done it plenty of times when I need my star players for a big game). If you have any examples where you get 'instant injuries' when using players at similar condition levels, please send us a save from just before that match so we can look into it.
  7. Reserve Team Fines

    Not seeing this here, could you send a save to with some info on how to reproduce and ask them to forward it to Alari? Thanks.
  8. And this has only happened after update 1?
  9. Need Help

    You'd need the right player, but yes. Work rate + stamina are very important in the lower leagues and most midfielders are expected to be able to both attack and defend instead of being specialists. There should be plenty of options to sign if Concord don't already have someone.
  10. Need Help

    They're one of my local teams, and they're rubbish! I don't like the idea of having two playmakers in the conference south, your players won't have the quality to consistently pull that off. I would suggest changing the DLP to BWM and change one of the CM's to be a box-to-box to give more attacking support (a lone poacher is likely to be easily isolated against teams that sit back). When struggling against poor teams, press them harder and play more directly. Try to unsettle them and force them in to mistakes. Of course, also be aware of the realities of the situation, your record with Concord is far better than they would expect in real life...
  11. Need Big Help!!!!

    If you have a legitimate copy of the game then contact SEGA support:
  12. Match Stats Request

    As Dec says, we'd like to hear about any potential issues. Send me a PM on here if you don't want to post it in this thread.
  13. Player Retrained Till Natural

    This is intended behaviour (this is also possible on FM PC). Retraining has been reworked in the latest update.
  14. You don't need to start a new game.
  15. This wasn't a data update so wouldn't have stadium changes, that will come after the window closes. Also the incorrect capacity issue should be logged in the data issues forum (it's not something our end).