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  1. I don't know about player A but I think player B let the praise get into his head, maybe you praise him too much or maybe you should ask for more from them like praising when the get 9 and 10 and all players are not the same they would act differently depending on the personality of a player for example let's say player A is someone that is not confident in himself and he's in a poor run of form the right thing is not to criticize him because you'd end up destroying and since there's no other way to encourage him in the game than to praise him for good performance I wait till he does something good so I can tell him he has done well and he may gain confidence
  2. Please Help

    If you're on IPhone there's nothing you can do because for now you device doesn't support the UI and if you are on android you have a low capacity divide that doesn't support it
  3. Look at the progress screen and see the attributes that are going down and try to fix it. I had a striker unhappy for months so I changed his training schedule to fitness thinking he was beign overworked then I looked at screen and noticed he was going down on attacking so I tweaked it a little bit then he became happy again. It takes a while though
  4. 1. If you buy them for "nothing" then don't be too greedy seem them for a couple of millions. I've made 25M form a player I bought for free 2. Buy the young players only for the positions you use 3. I've not had success yet in Europe this year in both of my save but I think it's me doing something wrong because I've lost 2 consecutive champions league finals 4. I make the game interesting for myself by giving myself mini challenges and looking at the stats and thinking what I can do with them And I have 2 very different saves so when I get bored with one I play the other one until I regain interest
  5. I wouldn't use it anyway so do as you wish
  6. That's why I safe in a different folder after every season so I can still go back and look at things if needs be
  7. I tried it in FMM 16 and it worked 3 times then the board decided I've had enough
  8. Gijon Tactic Help/advice Eme

    I have 2 saves one with United and one with Legia in Poland. With United I don't get too much cards but with Legia i get many yellows so I don't know if it's the quality of the players or because in Legia 80% of my players are aggressive I rarely use men behind the ball but if it works I think it's because even when you press you have enough players behind covering the holes exposed by the player pressing
  9. Gijon Tactic Help/advice Eme

    I think you're doing fine. Conceding only 14 is good. Have you tried balance? Or change the TM to a DLF the wingers still has the IF and AF to cross to so there should be no problems
  10. Gijon Tactic Help/advice Eme

    I found recently that pressing and committed tackling works
  11. Match Stats Request

    I agree the stats are messed up Sometimes I play a BWM and in 90 minutes they don't even attempt a tackle which is unrealistic
  12. I meant he should play a CM with a BWM or a Cm with a B2B I've had success with both combinations
  13. Change the AP to a Cm or the B2B to a BWM and go balance
  14. Match Stats Request

    I played a Don and a Cm in the middle not 2 CMs One important stat missing in the stat screen is crossing, I think I should know how many crosses my players attempted and completed so I can be able to analyze my wingers. SI should think about it
  15. Ashley Young

    Try offering him out on loan and see if someone would come with an offer to pay at least half of his wages