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  1. Top Football Manager Cup

    Well done @Jens your tactical knowledge was clearly superior to the rest of us, and thanks to @BatiGoal for an amazing tournament was a pleasure competing while it lasted.
  2. 500 International BatiGoals

    Brilliant season again mate must of been a great feeling to get that trophy this time round. And I'm definitely predicting over 50 next year, in fact I'm saying 53
  3. Well done mate on a stellar career that's been a great read evey time, and to finally get that trophy must of been a huge weight off your mind. Them percentage statistics are pretty godly to all things considered, look forward the what you come up with next.
  4. Wow this looks like a great challenge, and a great unbeaten start to mate with plenty of goals flowing. Been working on a 433 so this could be the perfect challenge to see if it could thrive. Keep up the good work.
  5. 500 International BatiGoals

    Another great update enjoyed that, and really good to see all 5 of your men contributing as well with a nice goal spread. Unlucky in the cup final but I'm sure your Nigerian warriors won't let you down in the World Cup...
  6. Yeah mate it's genius this that you've discovered it opens up many possibilities when managing in the lower league, great update btw a very enjoyable read. Keep up the good work.
  7. Wow @scratch99 that bug you have found is amazing 😉, just tested something then mate. Stsrted with Madrid and won the euro super cup so my rep instantly went up to national. Saw Newcastle and Portsmouth jobs available before Jan so set up ten 150 million transfers for each. And applied for both jobs, Newcastle didn't want me but Pompey did. And here's the outcome and it's only January lol. Amazing that Pompey only got 600 million yet all transfers went through hmmmm.....
  8. Top Football Manager Cup

    Mate it's super enjoyable as I'm sure everyone who's took part would agree. If you've got the time to set up a league version of this in the future I'd be well up for it..
  9. Top Football Manager Cup

    Damn if only I'd of got through the last round, Vela was my pick as soon as I seen this one. Good luck to the finalists.
  10. Haha I think you mean half the team out injured 😂
  11. mcandrew003's Top 5 Transfer Tips

    Agree with everything the lads have said mate, another brilliant article @mcandrew003.
  12. Brilliant work lads looks very nice, I'm done btw should I pm you @mcandrew003.
  13. Unlucky there mate, fair play for posting even tho you failed as not many do. Best of luck next time.
  14. Tag Team Challenge

    So my adventures in Pamplona are now over I'm ready to post my results when the rest are.