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  1. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    Well every credit for every one of them goals scored mate fair play, with the lack of penalties on ome that's 12 goals from open play with a cb or bpd as we like to call it so that it amazing. On the engine subject do you think eme is broken I'd love to know your honest thoughts? Cheers
  2. A Defender's Story: 250+ Goals

    What a great season that was mate, I tried a challenge similar but with a cb at striker position and only managed 26 in my first season so congratulations on that one. With regards to using the ome what are your thoughts to some of the score lines in your first season, some of them games were you managed over 10 goals do you think these sort of scores are possible on the eme engine? Cheers
  3. Match Stats Request

    Who are "the important people" I would love to know, surely we who all buy the game are just as important if not more so. Just saying
  4. Match Stats Request

    Well I guess there's nothing left for me to say cause I'll be wrong regardless, but just so you know I wasn't having a go and my comment wasn't arsey as you say it was an opinion which has clearly got to you.
  5. Match Stats Request

    I made a suggestion to all the whingers out there I didn't tell you anything.
  6. Match Stats Request

    Haha knew it wouldn't be long before an ashez fanboy says something but to say I'm attacking him get a grip of yourself, I'm voicing an opinion which is what this sites about. But yeah I think it's very selfish to ask people to help send screenshots etc and then not reveal.
  7. Match Stats Request

    Maybe they are, it's a 7 pound game for gods sake if your not happy do one and go play fm on pc or don't buy the game next time.
  8. Match Stats Request

    I think it must be a case of you outgrowing the game then for sure, because although we all know the eme has issues you just can't seem to get past them judging by your constant put downs of the engine. And I definitely think your in a very small minority of eme haters Maybe you should be playing Fm17 to get that full experience that you aren't getting from Fmm 17 anymore.
  9. Match Stats Request

    Fair enough if it's been confirmed but seriously you think the eme is poor, I'd say it's flawed and far from perfect but poor it is not. And also if this guy isn't willing to share his theory would anyone from SI care to shed some light.
  10. Match Stats Request

    I would love to know how your theory that you said the eme Is a fraud and all the rest is now a fact in just 3 days. How have you come to that conclusion so fast?? And also if it's true then I just sincerely hope that SI finally scraps that awful ome engine which is so outdated and concentrates on making the eme the best it can possibly be.
  11. Match Stats Request

    I think the opposite and that ome is a fraud engine which feels so scripted it's unplayable. Eme is very enjoyable compared to that joke engine imo.
  12. Tony Pulis is a quality manager I don't see how that is a bad appointment.
  13. Youth Or Superstars

    Wow that's a sick comment what were you thinking??
  14. Challenge Cup 2017

    Yeah I hear you mate there's nothing you can do about it except hope people are honest, but thanks for clearing that up for me.
  15. Challenge Cup 2017

    So in a word your saying people could potentially be doing it over and over until they have the perfect season. I am personally gunna have one attempt and post it.