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  1. Armstrong shooting for 1000 goals

    I thought this was a lost cause in first half of the career but now i'm downright astounded at your progress. Come on Adam, don't retire!
  2. Challenge Cup 2017

    Darn it! I Knew i should have reloaded a couple of those losses...
  3. Challenge Cup 2017

    I'm all done, just gotta take the pics. Should be able to send this arvo.
  4. I think this may be over quickly! Hogan has some really solid striker stats, I don't think I've ever particularly taken much notice of him before. On a side note...
  5. Challenge Cup 2017

    Can I sell more than the players listed?
  6. Challenge Cup 2017

    That's my train ride home sorted
  7. Challenge Cup 2017

    Chuck me in if there is still room!
  8. I'm loving this challenge. I really like seeing players I've not really heard of before. Good working doing Italy in 2 seasons, would have been frustrating to go over a season and get the 100 a few games in. Now you can do a full preseason with your next team and hit the ground running!
  9. Very interesting read. I don’t think I’ve ever had a game where he has fulfilled even a smidge of his potential. I tried him out as a potential 50-50 candidate last year before stumbling across Guedes and he just didn’t cut the mustered despite a probable PA of at least >170.
  10. Season 6 It has been a while since my last update – I am struggling to find the time to post full updates so this will be a quick one so I don’t get too behind. Same tactics and a settled team – I’ve played ahead a little bit so I can’t get any more screenshots other than those I have here but this is most of the squad. Along with Dembele, De Bryune, Kane, Griezman and Sane and Ronaldo are all so lethal – each one gets double figures for both goals and assists. He was absolutely flying up until the new year… But then a little injury And his form was never quite the same – the two weeks turned into a month out by the time he was back to 100% For the season Goals – 57 Assists – 34 Total so far Goals – 250 Assists – 145
  11. Fantastic work mate. I'm doubly impressed as I've never got anything out of Niang!
  12. I say they should only count under your management - when i attempted this with Luis Henrique last year i found that around Jan - Feb his int caps and goals would suddenly jump by 5 or 6 without ever being away on int duty. They were basically free goals that i played no part in achieving. The feat of achieving a 1k is greater when all the goals only count when you are in charge.
  13. BG's 1000 goals - Villalibre

    Smashing stuff - just caught up with about 6 seasons. Bring it home BatiGoal, bring it home.