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  1. 3 Great Cheap Players

    Thank you! And i'm not sure why his leadership dropped...
  2. 3 Great Cheap Players

    Yes! He is magnificent, also in real life!
  3. 3 Great Cheap Players

    Thank you!! And which player did you know before? I assume it was Khune
  4. 1) Diaw Pape Djibril Diaw is valued at 180K at the beginning of a save. I was roaming through the low leagues (managing Dortmund) and I came across him. At 21 years of age, he comes with 16 Aerial, 16 Tackling, 18 Aggression. I thought he had potential so I decided to bid. They declined my first bid, which then lead to his value increasing to about 500K, I offered once more, but they declined again. His value was now almost 800K. I bid 1.2M and that is when I finally got him. Yeah, I over-payed him, but, it was worth it in the end.! Diaw quickly became a starter for me the first season I bought him. He played in two UCL finals with me and is now in his 3rd season with me. What makes him so good is him being so consistent. He rarely gets lower than a 7 rating any game. Hes is a phenomenal defender now valued at 17.5M for me! You can probably get him for a lower price than I did if you bid smart, try bidding around 100-200K more than his value. 2) Khune South African goalkeeper, Itumeleng Khune, is worth less than 1M in the start of a save. His stats are amazing for his value! Having all green in the goalkeeper area, while having leadership! He can become a great first team goalie for any side! Although his value is cheap, Kaizer Chiefs are not willing to sell him so cheap. I have not purchased him in my current save but I have in others, and he is a great keeper who strives in big matches. 3) Quique Oh man! I know hes not so "cheap" but he is a crazy forward! At the start of a save, he is valued around 8M, which yes, is not so cheap. But if you are a top team, you can probably pick him up for less than his value. Managing Dortmund (3rd season), I found him for free. I decided to give him a contract and give him a chance, as a backup for Bernardo and Gotze. Quique can play a numerous amount of positions up top, but I found that he plays best at Striker as a poacher. He has only played 11 games, and scored 8 goals, with 4 assists. For his previous team Almeria, he was even better! During my first season with him he has become a great player valued at 15M. I hope you liked this short list! Thank you!
  5. Manager rank?

    Thank you!!!
  6. If I go to my manager profile there is an area that says "manager rank". I am ranked #7 but how do I check the whole list? Which managers are in front of me? Thank you!
  7. Agent Game - No more places!

    Kingsley Coman Andre Silva William Carvalho 😀 Agent:Kumail edit: too late
  8. First Name - KumailSecond Name - Forum Name -KumailNationality -FrenchDate of Birth (Month and Day only) -8 January Preferred Position (from List on main Page) - DM/LSecondary Position (if main is taken) - Preferred Role (it may change due to the game) - Any 😊
  9. Favorite French Club?

  10. Favorite French Club?

    Ok if you'd like you can move it , I did not know there was an off topic section as I would've put it there
  11. Favorite French Club?

    I said "or to manage"
  12. Favorite French Club?

    Paris , I was born there. I hope they don't end our Dominance 😂
  13. Favorite French Club?

    Yeah they play great and are going to most likely win ligue 1
  14. Favorite French Club?

    Hello! I am a huge fan of the french leagues, I watch Ligue 1, and Ligue 2, sometimes I watch a little National! I would really like to know everyone's favorite french team in general, or to manage.
  15. What do these stand for?

    I didn't intend for that to be rude. Isn't it your job to answer people's questions? And thanks I know my french